Enrichment Pack - from Twitter to a Speaker

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Enrichment Pack - from Twitter to a Speaker's Club!
31 photocopiable A4 pages with support files on CD-ROM
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Enrichment Pack - from Twitter to a Speaker's Club!

Well pitched guidance to students and increased opportunities for constructive learning... Such enrichment activities are inevitably suitable for any politics class. J Hite, Politics Teacher & Independent Reviewer
Includes activities on:
  • Twitter: How to use it effectively and efficiently
  • News reviews: Ensure your students get in the habit of being in touch with the latest political developments and can link them to the course
  • Writing to an MP: A different approach to essay-writing: get your students to structure their argument as a letter to their MP – Sit back and watch the responses enthuse them!
  • Classroom debates: Turn your classroom into mock PMQs!
  • Organising a speakers’ club: Get MPs and important political figures into your school

Easy-to-use, stimulating ‘enrichment activities’ for AS Politics, perfect to inspire your students and prepare them for A2 and university.

Through fun, exciting and varied tasks, students learn to love and engage with politics. They are put in control of their own learning.

Teachers can be confident that all the knowledge students’ gain is relevant and helps develop skills, from research and essay-writing to debating and speaking.

  • Activities for both classroom and homework use
  • Each activity is supported by clear, step-by-step guides and worksheets
  • Tried and tested for effortless delivery

What do teachers have to say about this resource? (5290)
'It contained some good ideas and has useful sheets that can easily be used. I liked the tone of enthusiasm within the pack and the useful hints and tips that were contained throughout. It will help to enrich the educational experience that the pupils have.'A Lawrence, Politics Teacher & Independent Reviewer
'On the whole this resource is quite interesting and quite unlike any other I have reviewed to encountered. Essentially, it puts the bulk of the work in the hands of the student and requires them to take their learning into their own hands and develop their skills of independent thought and study. Most tasks are clearly laid out and well explained and this can really offer some good opportunities for pupils to shine in class and be respected by their peers and their teachers. I particularly liked the following points:a. I am a big fan of this news-review task and will be adapting this to use with my students - it is an excellent and easy way for pupils and teachers to get up-to-date with the news for the week and subsequently build up examples which are up-to-date to use in their exams. This also puts the onus on the pupils to ensure that their review is done properly in order to build up an excellent bank of resources.b. The section on getting Political Speakers into schools is excellent and is a very good template in getting speakers in to talk to Politics students c. I like the whole feel of the resource - the emphasis is on the pupil which builds up their abilities and skills to independently work which is crucial at this stage of their learning and educational developmentd. I also like the fact these have been tried and tested by the writer before they have been put into a resource - this isn't guesswork. Therefore, confidence is built by those who use this resource as these ideas have already been put into practice and done with some degrees of success. e. The resources can also be adapted to be used in groups as well as individuals so there is a great degree of flexibility within the resourcesThese activities can be divided into group pieces as well as individual allowing for the perfect conditions for such an activity based on the class the Teacher has. Some of the tasks included in this can be developed for pupils to use later in life in University and beyond so whilst tailored towards Politics can actually be applied to most disciplines by changing the relevant details and tasks. This is a very good resource which allows ALL pupils to achieve a fair degree of advancement of knowledge regardless of their ability.'D Taborda, Politics Teacher & Independent Reviewer
'The detailed advice makes it potentially attractive to a wide range of Politics teachers, eg from the keen IT-literate novice to the IT-phobic old hand! Some interesting angles on how to approach activities... will focus student on both broader issues in politics and exam requirements... Well pitched guidance to students increased opportunities for constructive learning... Such enrichment activities are inevitably suitable for any politics class, and thus equally suitable for all specifications.'J Hite, Former Head of Politics & Independent Reviewer

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