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A Level WJEC MS4 Industries Resource Pack: Computer Games 2nd edition
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A Level WJEC MS4 Industries Resource Pack: Film Industry 2nd Edition
77 photocopiable A4 pages with support files on CD-ROM
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A Level WJEC MS4 Industry Resource Packs: Computer Games and Film Industry
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WJEC MS4 Industries Resource Packs

Quickly cover 3 contrasting texts for MS4! Structured resources covering all 5 key concepts.

  • Handouts, presentations & activity worksheets
  • Superb ‘key concept’-based revision worksheets & PowerPoints
  • Glossary of key terms
  • Practice exam questions
  • Detailed teacher’s notes

Analyses each industry at all levels   Encourages & supports independent learning   'Stretch & Challenge’ tasks for most able

3 contrasting texts to fully meet the specification requirements, each examined in detail with worksheets & illustrated presentations.

Film Industry 2nd Edition

  • Skyfall (2012, UK high concept film)
  • Les Miserables (2012, US/UK, musical adaptation, global issues)
  • Tyrannosaur (2011, British cottage industry)

Computer Games Industry 2nd Edition

New case studies on mobile, motion and traditional gaming. Covers all 5 key concepts: Genre – traditional genre theory applied to games; Narrative – narratologists vs ludologists; Representation – women in games; Audience – gamer demographics • impact of games; Industry – convergence • regulation • piracy

'Encompasses all the key areas of the specification in a detailed and thought-provoking way with considered links to the case study texts chosen.' Miss R Clarke, Teacher of Media Studies and English, Customer
What do teachers have to say about this resource? (Computer Games 1st Edition)
'Encompasses all the key areas of the specification in a detailed and thought-provoking way with considered links to the case study texts chosen.' – Miss R Clarke, Teacher of Media Studies and English, Customer
'A good intro to videogames... Links to the AOs... Makes video games accessible for students who have no knowledge at all.' – K Khan, Media Teacher & Customer
"An excellent resource for those delivering computer gaming. It introduces students to the notion of genre, narrative and representation, some of which they may have not realised existed within electronic gaming... I like the games used show the students real world examples. I like the the work sheets that accompany some of the slides, they help to reinforce the slides... This resource will help students to understand which concepts are essential to the gaming industry... This resource will allow them to see gaming beyond the idea of just a form of entertainment... It matches and interprets the specification really well." — J Hubbard, Media Studies Teacher & Independent Reviewer
"A good resource with some excellent potential... The material and ideas provided are effective with a good range of tasks for both group/paired and individual tasks... A good variety of case studies is used that will engage candidates appropriately." — H Jackson, Head of Media Studies & Independent Reviewer
"A culturally popular medium, this aspect of A2 Media Studies under WJEC has definitely struggled alongside [other] well-resourced areas... this [resource pack] will help rectify that disparity and perhaps make it easier to study and teach." — P Holmes, Media Studies Teacher & Independent Reviewer
"This resource shows an excellent understanding of the demands of the specification. The pack covers all the key areas within the Text, Audience and Industry aspects of the paper and will allow students to use the case studies to answer any of the 7 questions on this synoptic unit... I particularly like the range of student activities, especially those on the case studies. They offer students the chance to both immerse themselves in the texts in a truly interactive way and to take an analytical approach and apply those key concepts, a good understanding of which is central to success on this paper. I also like the extensive lists of examination questions covering all the possible areas within Section A Text and Section B Audience and Industry... This resource enhances learning by having clear objectives throughout, a range of student activities and a really systematic approach to conceptual study. It makes theory accessible to A2 students and includes activities and questions to extend and inspire the most able. The edcational value will be clear to teachers of this specification, many of whom find it a challenge to select a range of appropriate case studies to give their students the best possible opportunity to achieve their potential in the subject... It gives a real insight into how to approach this synoptic unit." — S Leonard, Media Studies Teacher & Independent Reviewer
What do teachers have to say about this resource? (4579)
"Constructive layout and easily followed to progress through the level of knowledge required. Informative and some well thought out student activities... Particularly liked section 1.3 - the Production game. An excellent way to analyse distribution, exhibition, etc without the typical 'chalk and talk'. An interesting activity that I think students would enjoy... There is a focus on the student actively researching. Some of the activities make this appropriately challenging for the level of student and should encourage low and high level learners... the coverage of the key areas of study is comprehensive."S Wallace, Lecturer & Independent Reviewer
"The support material for each of the chosen film texts were well thought out and appropriate in getting students to think about the relevant areas (eg: narrative, genre etc.)... The case studies are great and the worksheets for them are well thought-out... I liked the way the worksheets progressed learning, especially 1.2-1.5." — G Scarfe, Curriculum Leader & Independent Reviewer
"There are a good range of A4L activities... There is very much an emphasis on independence amongst the students... good use of revision/mop up time at the end of the scheme of work... a good range of activities based around the films to engage students and to get them thinking and working independently... I like the stretch and challenge activities - I think students would actually undertake these... I like the comparison activities between the fims - early on in the scheme it shows students what is expected of them in the exam... the essay writing worksheet activities are good, clear and will help develop students' writing... I like the fact that it develops independent learning and thinking amongst the students which is hard to pull off well at A2... the production game for instance is a good activity to develop their independence." — E Smyth, Head of Media Studies & Independent Reviewer

What do teachers have to say about this resource? (5280)
'Really well presented and detailed, with a great mix of interactivity for students... I like the having pupils write a review of a game they had played recently... Some interesting case studies, really establishes the media element of games, that its not just teenage boys, brings in institutions (such as PEGI) that pupils will probably be aware of but not sure what they are.'– K Mason, Media Teacher & Independent Reviewer
What do teachers have to say about this resource? (5397)
'A well-researched detailed resource that takes into account higher level questioning as well as lower level recollection of facts. Good suggestions for how resources can be used by teachers. Well planned schemes of work that plan for progression. Good range of activities for individual and group work... Very detailed case studies with very useful factual information. Interesting pedagogical thinking behind the creation of the resource... Links well with the specification with the inclusion of marks schemes, essay writing exercises and exemplar questions. Aids in both factual knowledge and challenges in terms of higher level questioning, evaluation and application of knowledge... Matches and interprets the specification well and uses marks schemes and exemplar questions. Covers the key areas and offers three case studies as per the requirements of the specification. Clearly offers challenge for A Level students.'– E Hughes, Lead Teacher of Film Studies, Independent Reviewer
'It has very practical resources for teachers and students and is very well informed. It meets the demands of the specification well and the material is well presented, accurate and up-to-date... I particularly like the choice of 3 contemporary British film texts in this resource. This not only meets WJEC specifications but also encourages to make links and learn about the film industry, an often neglected area with media teachers from a more 'textual' English teaching background. The activity sheets and how they progress to compare 2, then all 3 texts, are particularly useful and could easily be adapted for other texts. The resource clearly recognises the synoptic nature of MS4 and covers all the key concepts that feature in Sections A and B of the exam... This resource enhances learning through its creative approach to handling texts in relation to the key concepts. The student sheets encourage a wide range of activities including engaging collaborative tasks and valuable peer assessment activities. The latter show an understanding of the need to share assessment criteria, and do so in a student-friendly way. The idea of 'flipped-learning' is well applied and enhances learning by encouraging independent learning, essential for A2 students... The resource interprets the specification both accurately and creatively. It interprets the weighting towards industry and audience questions appropriately and as such will be a valuable source of information and resources on these aspects of the specification... a valuable resource which I would buy and recommend.'– S Leonard, Head of Media Studies, Examiner and Independent Reviewer

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