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BUSS4 End-of-Topic Reviews
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BUSS4 End-of-Topic Reviews

Super overall summary of the BUSS4 specification. The up-to-date references to business and examples are refreshing to see and definitely inspire the reader to apply their knowledge" S Trueman, Lecturer & Independent Reviewer

20 concise revision summaries – each perfectly matched to a different BUSS4 specification topic. Brilliantly structured notes and engaging diagrams show students how to analyse thoroughly and assess critically.

  • Analysis of opportunities, threats and strategies apply specification theory to real businesses
  • Questions and research activities engage students – targeting knowledge and understanding
  • ‘Evaluation Challenges’ and essays prepare them for the exam – targeting analysis and evaluation

  • Written by an experienced teacher and examiner
  • Hand out at the end of each topic – or issue as a revision guide for BUSS4 theory

20 topic reviews: Corporate Aims; Corporate Objectives and Strategies; Economic Growth; Business Cycle; Inflation; Interest Rates; Exchange Rates; Unemployment; Globalisation; Emerging Markets; Political and Legal Environment; Social Environment; Technology; Competitive Environment; Size of Firms; Corporate Planning; Leadership; Making Strategic Decisions; Organisational Culture; Implementing and Managing Change

What do teachers have to say about this resource? (5270)
'It is a useful resource and is closely linked to the AQA specification... Liked the use of suggested essay titles and good examples to be used to approach essays on the different areas of the specification... It covers the theory side of the course such a 'Ansoffs' Matrix' and talks clearly about examination technique - particularly the need to make evaluative statements throughout the essay; rather than just at the end of the essay.'S O'Connor, Head of Business Studies & Independent Reviewer
'Very comprehensive... clearly outlines all the areas being covered and breaks it down in easy to read points... I particularly like the business examples used throughout which brings the theory into an applied context. The use of activities at the end of each section is invaluable, especially the essays... this makes life so much easier. The suggested answers are of course excellent with thorough detail given... As a teacher I feel it offers me the opportunity to use some up to date statistics and information on businesses that would take a long time to collect if I was to have to get it myself. Also I can dip in and out and be selective in the bits I use. The resource gives me greater confidence in delivering the content to my students... the materials provided are a good interpretation of the specification. The research theme requires you to link to specific businesses and managers; there are plenty of good examples used throughout in order to aid students. I also think there is a clear linkage to the specification with the use of bold fonts in order to emphasise the key words that are directly taken from the specification.'G Nocher, Business Studies Teacher & Independent Reviewer
'This is a comprehensive resource that should help both practioners and students alike. The breadth of coverage and the uptodate case study material provide lots of stimulus. I liked the variety of examples. The simplistic delivery of key messages. The questioning for application... There is enough theoretical material in this resource to support revision activities and enough application to ensure breadth for applying evaluation and justification techniques... It is hard to cover so much material, yet this resource manages to write in a succinct style that maintains interest yet conveys all the key messages... the author has been meticulous in addressing all of the amplification needed to deliver this syllabus successfully.' Mr S Trueman, Business Studies Lecturer & Independent Reviewer
'Very comprehensive resource. Super overall summary against the full BUS4 specification.The up-to-date references to business and examples are refreshing to see and definitely inspire the reader to apply their knowledge, which is key in business studies. The resource applies knowledge and expects the reader to evaluate using their knowledge and understanding which is a key examination requirement. The questioning provides stimulus. The answers are high level and indicative - which should help students, giving them just enough support to identify gaps and seek further advice/guidance if needed.Excellent interpretation of the specification, a resource to support BUS4 students and case study materials at your fingertips for teachers.'S Trueman, Lecturer and Independent Reviewer

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