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CREW3: From Reading to Writing Ultimate Teaching Pack (AQA)
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CREW3: From Reading to Writing Ultimate Teaching Pack (AQA)

All you need to teach the unit and so much more!

The ultimate teaching pack for AQA Creative Writing: CREW3 From Reading to Writing Question 1. It includes activities for all four genres (prose fiction, poetry, script, prose non-fiction) plus two sample practice exam papers, glossary and reading list.

Each key feature within a genre has its own hand-out, which include key information, a suitable extract, discussion questions and creative writing tasks based on the extract.

Absolutely matches CREW3 and will certainly be the 'go to' resource for me. I will recommend this on any forum on which teachers/lecturers share their experiences of teaching creative writing. R Hill, Creative Writing Lecturer & Independent Reviewer
Explore prose: over 28 handouts covering:
  • Point of view and other forms of narrative
  • Characterisation
  • Imagery and metaphor
  • Speech and dialogue
  • Style, voice and genre conventions
Novels chosen include: The Old Man and the Sea, The Kite Runner, The Colour Purple, Tess of the d’Urbervilles, The Go-Between, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Monsignor Quixote, Brideshead Revisited and many more!

Explore poetry: over 33 handouts covering:
  • Structure, rhyme, rhythm and grammatical devices
  • Choice of language and other poetic devices
  • Presentation of ideas and themes
  • Point of view / voice
  • Imagery
  • Style and tone
Poetry chosen includes: WH Auden, Shakespeare, Tennyson, Rupert Brooke, Frost, Philip Larkin, Wilfred Owen, Benjamin Zephaniah, John Milton, WB Yeats, Sylvia Plath and many more!

Explore script: over 30 handouts covering:
  • Point of view, structure and theatrical techniques
  • Characterisation
  • Metaphor and imagery
  • Language choice, speech and dialogue
  • Genre conventions and style
Scripts chosen include: I Have Been Here Before, Arcadia, Goodbyeee! Blackadder Goes Forth, Death of a Salesman, Waiting for Godot, A Streetcar Named Desire, Macbeth, Miss Julia, Othello and many more!

Explore prose non-fiction: over 37 handouts covering:
  • Biography
  • Memoir
  • Feature writing
  • Editorial
  • Reviews
  • Specialist writing for a non-specialist readership
  • Blogging
  • Travel writing
Sources include: Nelson, Britannia’s God of War, Solzhenitsyn, a Soul in Exile, A Testament of Youth, The Diary of Anne Frank, Darkness Visible, BBC and newspaper articles, Pole to Pole, Clandestine in Chile and many more!

What do teachers have to say about this resource? (5263)
"The extracts were well chosen, and the writer clearly conveys the idea that a good writer is made by being a good reader." R Smart, English Teacher
"There is an excellent range of texts in order to spark inspiration and explore key skills. I like how it covers all of the forms (prose, poetry, script etc.)" E Gasan, English Teacher and Ind. Reviewer
"The pack offers a wide range of activities and covers each area of the course in great depth. In addition, modern and classical literature sit alongside a range of genres from comedy to metaphor, so all students' interests are catered for." T McGivney, English Teacher and Ind. Reviewer
"It is an excellent and thorough resource which will be very useful to teachers. The range of texts studied takes students through time from classical literature to the present day and gives a variety of forms to choose from. It would suit students of all capabilities, and includes some excellent techniques for those who are looking for A/A* grades in creative writing, as well as for students who may be taking the course to enhance their analysis skills for English literature A level." S Turner, English Teacher and Ind. Reviewer
"Absolutely matches CREW3 and will certainly be the go to resource for me. It covers the four forms of writing as defined by AQA and certainly related to the mark scheme and AOs as set out in the AQA spec. and as discussed in AQA meetings and CPD events that I have attended. I thought it was excellent. It really appealed to me as a lecturer and as a writer. I was very impressed with the choices of text. The authors of this resource have clearly placed intelligence and and great writing over and above any desire to mollycoddle or patronise the student writers who will use this. It really helps the student to understand literature from a writer's point of view rather than from the point of view of the English Lit. student. The tasks and exercises are designed to stretch the student as a writer and will certainly act as excellent exercises to inspire creativity. I will definitely recommend this on any forum on which teachers/lecturers share their experiences of teaching creative writing." R Hill, Creative Writing Lecturer and Ind. Reviewer
"Fabulous: very, very thorough. Students are gently steered into' writerly' habits by the combination of the discussion prompts and tasks. This will allow them to approach the exam with confidence. It is very clear that the author is familiar with teaching Creative Writing as well as with the demands of the specification and, in particular, Unit 3. The discussion points and tasks are wide and varied: they are unlikely to straitjacket teachers and students into a particular way of thinking, or indeed writing." N S Timmis, Creative Writing Lecturer and Ind. Reviewer
"An excellent resource, highly comprehensive with a good selection of texts to explore. The tasks set are pertinent and clear and will make a very inviting purchase to those who intend to teach this course from September." A Nedjat, Creative Writing Teacher and Ind. Reviewer
"Tasks are empowering and chosen with an empathetic eye for the needs of students. The re-writing tasks in particular lend ownership and independence to the students without forcing them to imitate. In fact this is a thorough and useful tool for teaching prose form at A-Level Language or Lit too- equipping students with accurate terms and close-reading skills that were not always present in the last cohort I examined. This would be highly useful if teaching AQA A Lit in preparation for Love Through the Ages (unseen extracts practice). I will purchase it as soon as I can afford it!" B Coulthard, Head of A Level English and Ind. Reviewer

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