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Scratch Programming v1.4+ (Desktop)
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Scratch Programming v2.0 (Cloud)
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Scratch Programming

Ten varied and engaging exercises, each designed to last a single lesson. As students progress through the exercises, they will gain the skills and knowledge needed to develop their own projects with confidence.

  1. Game Basics
  2. Pac-man Game
  3. Underwater Game
  4. Monkey Game
  5. Creating Graphics
  6. Co-ordinates, Subroutines, Variables and User Input
  7. Traffic Lights
  8. Noughts and Crosses
  9. Calculator
  10. Lists and Sorting

Takes students on a journey from basic introduction through to more complex applications making it suitable for KS3 and KS4.

The exercises:

  • feature clear, step-by-step instructions and code explanations
  • include extension ideas for differentiation and challenge
  • are provided as colour PDFs so that they can be placed on a network and followed on screen (includes HTML menu)
  • include difficulty level, learning objectives and prior knowledge to aid planning


Feedback for Scratch v1.4 resources:
"Excellent! It introduces the basics of Scratch Programming in small, bitesized chunks. Clearly explains what is happening and what to do with clear screen shots of all programming scripts to allow students to progress with a minimum level of help from the teacher... It allows pupils to progress at their own rate and makes programming fun and accessible to all ability levels... You have to work through the booklets themselves to see how good it is. This is probably the best resource I have got from ZigZag!" - S Timothy, Head of ICT, customer
"A well designed piece of work...Sets out to teach students how to use scratch and it satisifies this criteria very well. It is a step by step guide on how to use the software but is not too detailed (text wise) and ba followed by almost all students...It was well set out and easy for students to use. It was colourful and had good graphics on it to help to illustrate the work. This helps with differentiation within lessons" B Houghton, ICT Teacher & Independent Reviewer
"A good resource that shows the basics of scratch programming. The examples are accurate and illustrate the fundamentals of how to program using scratch." G Huxtable, Head of ICT & Independent Reviewer
"The resource provides a good starting point for learning key programming concepts. It is of particular benefit to younger pupils learning a method of simple programming for the first time, as the Scratch environment enhances interest and the resource introduces some powerful ideas." E Jones, Head of ICT & Independent Reviewer
"Comprehenisive notes for using Scratch which is well aimed at KS3. Step by step instructions which enable the student to follow to final completion of a game." R McGeagh, ICT Teacher & Independent Reviewer
"Great quality with clear step by step instructions...Highly enjoyable, teaches about sequences in programming and also problem solving...Shows pupils that they have to work through in a logical manner to achieve the end result."M Williams, ICT Teacher & Independent Reviewer
"I liked the layout and the ease of reading. This will greatly help students to work at their own pace. It teaches them planning as well as programming" D Astall, Head of ICT & Independent Reviewer
"A good introduction to the program" K Hale, ICT Teacher & Independent Reviewer
"A very good resource, very well laid out with screen shots to guide students, easy to follow and would definatley help the students learn basic scratch skills and therefore they would be able to use this understanding to create more complex scratch animations." J Hawkins, Head of ICT & Independent Reviewer
"I find this resource both useful and interesting...Through the easy to follow instructions it allows the user to organise the objects in a sequential order to achieve the desired solution.The exercises teaches you all the building blocks of programming." B Necat, ICT Lecturer & Independent Reviewer

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