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SketchUp Tasks
CD containing 10 exercises in both PowerPoint & PDF format, accessed through a HTML menu. Exercises also printed in A5 booklet format.
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SketchUp Tutorials for GCSE CAD Work
CD containing three tutorials in both PowerPoint & PDF format, accessed through a HTML menu. Tutorials also printed in A4 handout format.
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SketchUp CAD Tasks and Tutorials

Tried-and-tested exercises for use with the SketchUp modelling software.

Step-by-step instructions and clear colour screenshots enable all students to work independently at their own speed. For each exercise, the difficulty level, approximate timings and objectives/ skills summaries are given to aid your planning.

All exercises are provided as PowerPoints and PDF so that they can be followed on-screen, accessible by an intuitive HTML front end. The completed SketchUp (skp) files for each exercise are also provided on CD.

❶ SketchUp Tasks

Ten standalone tasks, providing a solid grounding in SketchUp. As students progress through the tasks, they develop the essential skills they need for their own future CAD projects.

  • Includes a range of themes which appeal to boys and girls: chocolate bar, perfume bottle, personalised mug, toy boat, iPod, toy tank, hairdryer, art deco clock, calculator, building
  • Extension tasks challenge more able students
It is the most comprehensive guide of its kind that I have seen... The extension tasks are interesting and challenging and give students the chance to be more creative. S Wray, DT Teacher & Independent Reviewer

❷ SketchUp Tutorials for GCSE Design Work

Two comprehensive tutorials develop the skills that students need for their GCSE coursework. With a particular focus on Resistant Materials, Product Design and Graphic Products.

  • Tutorial 1: Storage unit covers: carcass design; shelves and dividers; opening doors, lids and drawers; legs and basic ironmongery; rendering and assembly.
  • Tutorial 2: Model buildings covers: pitched roof and flat roof designs; round and polygonal towers; doors and windows; components; rendering.
  • Plus: worked example of how to produce accurate orthographic drawings from CAD designs
Easy to follow, very clear and precise in showing students how to produce products and buildings. This resource will support GCSE and A Level students in producing design ideas and final designs. C Johnson, DT Teacher & Independent Reviewer

What do teachers have to say about this resource? (5149)
"Excellent resources - easy to follow...[Students] are in control of their learning and I can pick up problems." - A Hallet, DT teacher, customer
"Easy to use with the ability to select tasks suitable for age and interests of group... Very well presented. Good clear instructions and extension tasks to help enhance drawings. The extension tasks give the ability to challenge higher learners... Allows students to gain new skills through progressive tasks. Could also be used as a standalone guide for students to follow." - J Dover, HoD, Independent Reviewer
"A very clearly presented resource which shows a good set of features for designing using Sketchup. I can now create a good selection of shapes including more complex shapes...This can be used as a standalone course for teaching Sketchup 3d graphics, but also as a method of getting students to visualise shapes quickly as part of their design work." - I Roulson, DT Teacher, independent reviewer
"I like this resource. It is the most comprehensive guide of its kind that I have seen.... It will be extremely useful in teaching the CAD element of GCSE Product Design. The instructions are clear and the tasks graduated from easy to difficult which will suit all abilities. I am particularly pleased with the clear success criteria and the fact that timings are given...I really like the easy to understand graphic images and the arrows linking them to the text. Also, the extra tips and notes that are given are a good idea. I like the way that the text is written as if the teacher is talking to the student...Students can work fully independently as everything they need is in the tutorial. This will give them ownership of the learning and a greater sense of achievement upon completion. The skills list at the start of each exercise clearly shows them what they will learn to do and how to they can enhance their skills level. The extension tasks are interesting and challenging and give students the chance to be more creative." - S Wray, DT Teacher, Independent Reviewer
"A good clear introduction to the software that is being increasingly used as the preferred CAD tool by students as part of their GCSE controlled assessments (and encouraged by exam boards). The level (of difficulty and language used) is pitched such that it is appropriate for KS3 students and exam level...Identifying each task with levels of difficulty and time approximations is very useful as a guide to assist teachers to plan an activity for a class and the learning objectives provided also reduce some of the teacher planning workload...It is structured in such a way as to allow the resource to be used as stand alone exercises or as a whole teaching programme to develop CAD skills. It is clearly presented and will promote independent learning requiring minimal teacher input allowing students to progress at their own pace... Very clear with excellent use of screenshots and accessible language making it easy to follow." - J Jordan, DT Teacher, Independent Reviewer
What do teachers have to say about this resource? (5559)
"An excellent resource that has been well thought and concisely constructed. It also addresses a real need that most of my students face; the need to learn how to successfully develop capability in using Google SketchUp... I really liked the logical order that the resource worked through. I also found that there was a good balance between written content and visual communication, this made the resource easy to understand and easy to follow... Nice presentation and well structured layout. Images used really did tie in with the content and created a learning journey... I tested this resource with my GCSE Product Design. They found it very easy to follow and rapidly developed capability in Sketchup. They also required very little support making this a very valuable resource as it empowered my learners to be very independent... This resource really does enable my students to successfully and rapidly learn the basic skills to be able to progress at a great pace." - S Bright, DT Teacher, independent reviewer
"I found the instructions clear and easy to follow... The resource quickly enables students to explore the possibilities of the Sketchup program - It takes them through step by step in a steady manner setting tasks of appropriate detail. I think it applies an appropriate level of sophistication, and would provide pupils with a useful skill set for their own design work... The finished drawings look good, can be used for all manner of product and architectural design challenges, and really enhance students visual communication at this level. Very useful skills for GCSE DT students." - L Ciotti, University Lecturer, Independent Reviewer
"The resource was easy to follow, very clear and precise in its process of showing students how to produce products and buildings. This resource will be able to support GCSE and A level students in producing design ideas and final designs... I particularly liked the showing of the tools for each area. The visuals were very strong and easy to follow. The layout was very simple to follow and clear in the information given. In the designing simple buildings I found the different shaped buildings very informative and would support design ideas... This resource will enhance the teacher and students development in using CAD. It will provide an excellent guide in how to produce storage units, orthographic drawings and buildings. This resource will support the criteria within GCSE product design... The resource is suitable for GCSE students in Product design. It is very detailed and would support the student in their design ideas and final design. The orthographic drawings are quick and detailed and would save time during coursework." - C Johnson, DT teacher, independent reviewer

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