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Go! Talk: The Spoken Language Skills Toolkit
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Go! Talk: The Spoken Language Skills Toolkit

Do some of your students struggle to deliver presentations, speeches, debates and interviews with confidence and clarity? Go! Talk is a collection of flexible and practical activities to encourage confident spoken language skills for Key Stages 3, 4 and 5. Each practical activity can stand alone as one lesson, part of a lesson or students can work through each stage independently at their own level. Go! Talk is the complete package to support English and Drama classes and is also brilliant for debate clubs, Young Enterprise and career development.

An excellent resource that fills a huge gap in the educational market. J Sallabank, English Teacher & Independent Reviewer
Activities focus on:
  • Overcoming nerves
  • Building successful, engaging speeches and presentations with an awareness of audience
  • Using body language and intonation for effective communication
  • Developing successful debating skills
  • The importance of first impressions
  • Interview techniques

Emphasis has been placed on peer assessments and practical activities to ensure that students have the maximum practice in each skill. Each activity needs very little preparation and is versatile and flexible in terms of the environment and context in which it might be used.

In association with Your Voice Limited, the pack also comes with nine professionally produced videos and voice-over clips which can take you step by step through the Go! Talk toolkit or can be shown to students directly. The videos feature Jane Shepherd-Miller, director of Your Voice Limited and a specialist in spoken language skills.

Watch one of the videos from this pack below.

What do teachers have to say about this resource? (5097)
"Public speaking skills have been introduced across the school as part of the school curriculum in Drama. I like the idea of having ready prepared resources and handouts that the students can take away as most of the preparation work is done outside lessons with the presentations performed in class." B Calland, Drama Teacher and Ind. Reviewer
"A good resource.The fact these units are linked to GCSE attainment objectives, especially in terms of the support for the Speaking and Listening Skills GCSE component (20% of overall marks), not only nurtures self esteem and public speaking and helps with job and university interviews but gives students a substantial opportunity to move toward achieving their GCSE by completing a reasonably informal but highly structured set of units. The emphasis on effort, enthusiasm and the speaking voice and the collaborative nature of each unit in which students are encouraged to work together and support each other provides participants with a series of recognisably enjoyable but challenging tasks and roles and this is laudable." J Robinson, English Teacher and Ind. Reviewer
"This resource is excellent. It will have a variety of uses throughout all key stages and as a cross and extra-curriculum tool. It deals with many of the issues young people sometimes have with speaking and listening and provides detailed suggestions for preparation for speaking and listening; an essential part of the GCSE course which is often overlooked. I particularly liked the inclusion of the videos, which seem to be clear and detailed. Many of the ideas in this resource can be slotted in to lessons, but it could also be tackled as a specific unit of work with a class that lack confidence." F Marshall, Head of KS4 and Ind. Reviewer
"An excellent resource! I really enjoyed it! I loved the video and its content was particularly interesting." V Kondou, English Teacher and Ind. Reviewer
"It is an excellent resource that fills a huge gap in the educational market. I liked all the confidence building techniques. There are a lot of drama techniques and activities that a standard English teacher (like me) would not know. I found these particularly useful: Nerve Busters and Tips to get Started. It would definitely help pupils to achieve the best grade that they could in their Speaking and Listening assessments." J Sallabank, English Teacher and Ind. Reviewer
"The first thing that caught my eye about the debate skills was the use of the official terms - this is important for students to understand but isn't taught as explicitly as we'd like." Penglais English Department

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