GCSE AQA A Geographical Skills (ZigZag Education)

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GCSE AQA A Geographical Skills
161 A4 photocopiable pages with 3 A5 booklets and 101 slide powerpoint presentation
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GCSE AQA A Geographical Skills

Students learn how to create and interpret every type of map, graph, diagram and photograph needed for the GCSE AQA A exams and fieldwork!

  • Every skill is explained clearly and concisely, with examples
  • ‘Technique Tips’ and ‘Exam Hints’ help students avoid common mistakes
  • Practice Exercises to put skills into practice
  • Exam-Style Questions (Higher and Foundation) prepare your students for the exam!
Three comprehensive sections covering the entire GCSE AQA A Skills Checklist:
  1. Graphical Skills
  2. Line & Bar Graphs (Simple, Comparative, Divided, Divergent), Pie Diagrams, Located Diagrams, Scattergraphs
  3. Mapping Skills
  4. OS Maps, Scales, Grid References, Contour Lines, Distances & Directions, Valley Cross Sections, River Cross Profiles, Long Profile of a River, Flow & Desire Lines, Choropleth Maps, Isoline Maps
  5. Enquiry, Photographic and ICT Skills
  6. Investigation, Methodology, Data Collection (Primary & Secondary), Mean, Median, Dispersion, Interquartile Range, Mode, Aerial & Ground-Level Photographs, Sketches from Photos / in the Field, Satellite Photographs, GIS

  • Detailed answers included
  • A5 – provided in A4 & A5 formats
  • CD PowerPoints support your delivery with all maps & diagrams in colour

What do teachers have to say about this resource? (4974)
'Geographical Skills is a substantial folder of worksheets covering all the graphical, mapping, ICT and fieldwork investigation skills needed for the AQA A specification. As well as clear explanations of the various skills and practice exercises, there are exam-style questions and exam hints, and answers to all the questions are included. Copies of the figures from the worksheets are all available in a PowerPoint file on the accompanying CD, together with colour copies of the OS maps in PDF format... well-written, carefully matched to the specification and accessible to students across the ability range – a worthwhile investment in my view.'– Teaching Geography, Summer 2014
'I thought this was an excellent resource. Well written and with the right balance of theory and practical activities to motivate and stretch the students... I liked the way it was spilt into the three sections, and that it had the answers available as well (so often there is an excellent book, with activities, and the answers are nowhere to be seen)... it clearly references the exam specification, so both teachers and students can see the bigger picture and how the skills fit into the specification... I love the Mapping skills section and the fact that the maps have been included - using past papers, often the maps are not included if you download the insets from the exam board - so this is excellent... I think splitting the skills into three works really well. I like the boxes in the top right hand corner - as this really draws the skills being assessed to attention. The examples given are clear, well drawn and also relevant to the specification... All of the key skills referenced in the specification have been covered here.'– P Hunt, Head of Geography & Independent Reviewer
'This is an excellent and useful resource that helps students and teachers with one of the more challenging aspects of the specification... well researched and presented and vey comprehensive... I liked that fact that all skills are covered in the resource. This makes it extremely useful for exam and controlled assessment preparation... I liked the activities integrated throughout the resource to check students understanding of the skills and the practice exam questions to help students practice exam technique... The little summary showing where students may need to use the individual skills is also useful as to is the extension skills. This makes it useful for both foundation and higher tier students... The resource will help students learn what skills they need for different elements of the specification and help them understand how to apply these skills. This will help improve exam technique and their controlled assessment... The resource is an excellent match to the specification. It covers the range of skills that students are expected to be able to use and demonstrate in their controlled assessment and in the terminal exam.'H Cook, Head of Geography & Independent Reviewer
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