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WJEC GCSE 2016 topic: Practice Papers for Film Trailers and Posters
83 photocopiable A4 pages plus CD with PDF of sample answers provided in colour
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WJEC GCSE 2017 topic: Practice Papers for Newspaper and Radio News
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WJEC GCSE 2015 topic: 3 Practice Papers for Print & TV Advertising
108 photocopiable A4 pages plus CD with PDF of storyboards in colour
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GCSE WJEC Practice Papers for the Annual Topic

Practice Papers for the exam topic

Fully prepare your students to succeed in the exam!
  • Varied questions test all key concepts
  • Variety of creative planning tasks: front cover, double-page feature article, promotional pull-out magazine
  • 3 original papers in exam style – not available from WJEC

Everything you need:
  • Design sheets and write-on papers provided
  • Student-friendly mark schemes for all 3 papers – great for self-assessment!
  • Sample answers, great for AfL: Paper 1 has C-grade answers so students can identify improvements, Paper 2 has exemplar A* answers to show them how to aim high
  • Paper 3 is an extension paper to challenge your most able with the rarer types of exam questions
Excellent examiner-style comments to allow students a detailed insight into what they are looking for in the response to questions. E Richardson, Media Teacher & Independent Reviewer
Last year we used ZigZag and eRevision - 94% A*-C GCSE results. Best ever. P Knowles, Head of Media & Customer, 2014
Feedback on previous editions
'I was impressed with the resource. The questions selected were appropriate and I thought that the example answers were really useful... It interprets the specification accurately... The wording of the questions was spot on, as were the elements included... I particulary liked the sample answers... I thought that this resource would be perfect for revision in Year 11. Classes could use the resource for practice exams. They could also take it away for independent study... A carefully thought out anticipation of WJEC exam!'S Morgans, Media and Film Teacher & Independent Reviewer
'Because the topics for study change yearly resources are pretty thin on the ground - particularly if you're managing two year groups.'C Aucherlonie, Media Teacher & Independent Reviewer
'Well put together and reflected exactly the structure of the WJEC exam. The model answers were very good and would provide some useful work with the students on how to structure the answers. The mark schemes were useful... Preparing mock exams for media takes time and if you were pushed it would be a way to ensure that the students were well prepared. I always feel that working with exam papers and teaching students how the exam papers work is a useful activity. Presentation was exactly as I would expect a WJEC exam paper to look and the questions were spot on in terms of expected rubric... The subject matter matches the specification exactly and does provide an accurate version of the marking scheme.'K Chanter, Head of Department & Independent Reviewer
'Thorough - authentic... has the structure and feel of an exam paper, and the emphasis on convergence is particularly authentic for nowadays... some good questions out of the comfort zone: eg: questions on end sequence & nationality will really challenge candidates...The answers are within the range of all abilities: lower ability pupils can aspire to these answers without being put off... presentation and layout is outstanding.'M Turiansky, Head of Drama & Media Studies, Independent Reviewer

What do teachers have to say about this resource? (6018)
"Closely follows the expectations of the exam board... The sample answers are well-considered, and the highlighting, comments and tabs are very useful for both teacher and pupil. As a resource, it ticks all of the necessary boxes... The student friendly mark scheme was useful... The resource desensitizes the pupils to the exam, and allows them to visualise the format... For weaker pupils, seeing example answers is imperative to them knowing what is expected of them... Each section, A and B is laid out appropriately and follows the exact expectations of WJEC and A01-A03 are all clearly taken into account."– T Hutchinson, Head of Media Studies & Independent Reviewer
"An excellent set of resources that fit with the WJEC spec. The layout is quite familiar and the questions in keeping with the spec. The mark schemes are quite easy to understand and would be more pupil friendly if maybe there were more examples of grades in the model answers. The sections are easily identified and there is enough variety of essay questions for pupils to plan and practice... there are no past papers to use as the topics change annually."– R Owens, Head of Media & Independent Reviewer
"I particularly like the comments about what the examiner was thinking when awarding marks... a useful tool for formal assessment, i.e mock examinations in Year 11... also a useful teaching tool as it can be used to show pupils what to aim for and how the paper works in terms of the mark scheme. Additionally it could be a useful tool for peer and self assessment. Pupils could easily use it to assess their own responses."– S Morgans, Head of Media & Independent Reviewer
"It clearly demonstrates to students how they should respond to the exam questions with clear examples which would achieve an A* and what would receive a borderline C to be able to measure their own responses against. It also helps as it gives them a chance to be the examiner first and mark the response before seeing the examiner’s comment and thoughts about the response... a comprehensive resource, which would be useful for use by teachers as well as students in flexible ways: for revision purposes, mocks, classroom activities, homework tasks or revision tasks. The examples of student responses and then examples of examiners comments are also helpful and will give students an insight to an exam. The explanation of how the resource has been designed with the different elements of it at the beginning is helpful as it informs the planning of using this resource to its most effective."– J Forth, Media Teacher & Independent Reviewer
What do teachers have to say about this resource? (7134)
'Very clearly structured and informative. It includes a good range of resource materials that will help students prepare effectively for the 2017 examination... The ‘What is the examiner thinking?’ sections are also very useful and clear – they give excellent guidance and pointers for students on how to structure their answers, and what kind of points to include, in order to achieve highly in the examination... It is a detailed and comprehensive resource that covers many of the requirements of both the specification as a whole and the examination in particular. It will be useful to the current Year 11 cohorts as exemplar material to use as a basis for classroom discussions, and also as a ready-made resource for teachers to use as a rehearsal examination in a more formal setting... I feel that the resource matches and interprets the specification very well. The range of tasks is comprehensive and the mark schemes are thorough and detailed.'– S Backhouse, Teacher, Examiner and Independent Reviewer
'Everything a student would need to know about how to structure their exam answers is in this resource, and the examiner commentaries are useful directly to the students as well as to teacher to help inform their teaching and their marking, meaning more accurate grade predictions can be made... It is well structured and has a range of interesting questions for students which are suitable for a range of abilities. It covers a wide range of the types of questions which students will come up against in the exam and therefore tests a wide range of knowledge and understanding... The resource directly targets the exam and so the way it enhances learning and its educational value is clear. The sample questions and answers follows the standard format for a WJEC GCSE Media exam with the right number of marks allocated per question etc. The mark schemes are appropriate and follow the conventions of a WJEC GCSE mark scheme.'– V Carter-Bland, Director of Learning & Independent Reviewer
What do teachers have to say about this resource? (5655)
"I liked the way it was easy to understand and the techniques were reinforced... They are current, something the students can relate to and it allows a sense of awareness in the students to recognise the importance of media and advertising, especially with theories like Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs... I think the resource interprets the specification well and the examiner's comments section was very thorough."– D Mistry, Media Teacher & Independent Reviewer
'Very helpful in informing the pupil the structure of the exam. It has some excellent top end answers... it will stretch and challenge most pupils... I liked the way is laid out like the actual exam, especially the questions on section A. Also, the candidate answers will help my pupils to structure a discussion and be able to answer the question properly and access that higher grades... the questions are worded appropriately and the section left for answers will help pupils navigate through the exam... The questions are rigorous and the sample answers are good at covering the exam spec. It seems very detailed and the use of terminology is quite sophisticated which should ensure all students access the higher grades.'– R Owens, Head of Media & Independent Reviewer
'Excellent resource! The focus on exam mark scheme, example questions and sample answers gives all students a clear understanding of what is required in the exam. Moreover, the examiner's comments broaden the scope for AFL activities. A* and C grade answers allows for differentiation... Excellent advice given. It will help to guide inexperience Media Studies teachers or remind more experienced teachers... Limited artistic skills and limited use of colours shows students that you don’t need to be excellent at drawing to gain the highest grades. Brilliant! I used ZigZag practice papers for the 2014 exam. They worked wonderfully with the students (fingers crossed for the results). This resource is of the same quality.'– M Thompson, Media Teacher & Independent Reviewer
'Flexible and can be used in a number of ways as classroom activities, homework and revision activities in preparation for exams etc. The examples of student responses and then examples of examiners comments are also helpful and will give students an insight to an exam.• It has clear explanations of what the resource aims to do and how it can be used.• Student friendly mark schemes• What the examiner’s thinking and responses• Examples of exam responses alongside a mark scheme• Clear student examplesThe resource makes an effective enhancement for learning as students have examples of exam responses and exam papers prior to entering the exam. It clearly demonstrates to students how they should apply their classroom knowledge to an exam scenario. The educational value of this resource is large as it encourages students to look at the exam from the examiners' perspective and recognise what an examiner is looking for judging by the mark scheme.This is tailored clearly to the WJEC specification by following the exam layout and question style. The papers created are appropriate in style and topic which matches the topic given for this academic year’s exam. The student friendly interpretation of the exam mark scheme corresponds to the mark schemes which accompany past papers available on the WJEC secure website... This is a well-crafted resource which would suit my students and help them for the up and coming exam.'– J Forth, Media Teacher & Independent Reviewer
'The resources is detailed, thoughtful and in line with the specification. It provided teachers with a comprehensive pack of mock questions for the course as well as mark schemes which will aid teachers in developing students' understanding of the exam. It is produced in an easy to follow format; the contents page and subsequent organisation is effective and easy to find a specific section. The mark scheme is good as it breaks it down even further for both teachers and students. The tick boxes allow teachers/students to explicitly see what they have achieve and what they need to include to progress. It will also enable students to see if they have done specific sections better than others; it might be the case that a student has half of one band and half in another band. This will enable students and teachers to be fully prepared for the exam. The variety of questions ensures the specification is met; the questions clearly follow the format of previous media exams, in line with the specification. The exemplar material enables you to see how you can improve your own work and what is expected of you. This can be used alongside the student friendly mark scheme so that students can see fully how the marks have been awarded and what you need to produce in order to receive a certain mark... it follows the format of previous GCSE exams and builds on the mark scheme provided by the exam board. The mark scheme is broken down further and translated into student friendly language so that it is easily accessible. The questions interpret the specification effectively; they focus on each aspect of the unit and offer a variety of questions to suit them.'– L Richards, Media Teacher & Independent Reviewer
'Well thought out and has merit with the case studies chosen with care and obvious classroom knowledge of mixed ability teaching... I liked the case studies on ‘Tears’ as it was powerful and would have some resonance with a multi gendered audience... The resource would be ideal for a new or inexperienced teacher of media studies as a stand alone resource to cover the exam board bases and aim to begin to prepare pupils for the exam ahead. For more experienced teachers it is an ideal mock and a good way of starting to revise and think about the format of the examination... the resource clearly hits the WJEC Specification in terms of coverage of the key concepts.'– S Richardson, Media Studies Teacher & Independent Reviewer
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