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Essential Skills: Access 2010 (for R002/R004)
43 printed A4 pages plus PDF eBook and HTML menu on CD
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Essential Skills: Excel 2010 (for R002/R003)
49 printed A4 pages plus PDF eBook and HTML menu on CD
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Essential Skills: Fireworks (for R006)
41 printed A4 pages plus PDF eBook and HTML menu on CD
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Essential Skills PDF eBooks

supporting Level 1/2 Cambridge Nationals in ICT

Comprehensive training guide takes students through all the practical skills needed for the new L1/2 Cambridge Nationals specification.

Attractive training sheets feature clear explanations and examples, step-by-step instructions and screenshots with hints and tips throughout. Perfect for learning the required skills, and as a reference guide during assignment work.

Includes a CD containing all the data files needed to work though the tasks.

Provided in PDF eBook format

  • for easy distribution on a network/VLE
  • for easy access via the provided HTML web interface
  • for easy navigation via hyperlinks; with colour-coded unit mapping throughout
  • for easy printing; in booklet format or as standalone help sheets

What do teachers have to say about this resource? (4854)
"An excellent resource for Microsoft Excel 2010... makes good use of colour, heading, sub heading, screenshot illustrations and contained a range of practical exercises. Furthermore the topics are referenced to the Cambridge Nationals Learning Outcomes and dealt with in a logical order as you would expect for a computer spreadsheet application guideThe full contents list is useful for the teacher and students so that the resource can be used as a quick reference manual as well as a step-by-step guide. This resource is written in a style that is suitable for students aged 14-16 and above and I thought that the examples and questions would also be understandable for this age group. This resource contains all the essentials for spreadsheet application guide." - P Chapman, Head of ICT, Independent Reviewer
"It ties in and links directly to the KUS for the Cambridge Nationals... Students can refer to it for self-study or as required. Teachers can dip into the resource as and when required. It enhances learning by giving the opportunity for self-directed learning." - J Knox, Learning Manager for ICT, Independent Reviewer
"Excellent... A well written clear and eay to follow introduction to spreadsheets... Clear, good use of colour easy to follow." - M Mackay, Head of ICT, Independent Reviewer
"An excellent resource that will greatly aid the development of appropriate Excel skills to enable students to meet the criteria set in the specification...I like the fact that the there is a detailed outline of the learning objectives, identifying all the functions and features that link to each learning objective. Features like Trouble shooting VLOOKUP common mistakes is a godsend for the inexperience student and teacher alike, as it will save hours of non-productive time trying to solve what is in fact a very simple mistake...The resource will allow student to work independently, at their own pace, to learn and more importantly practise all the necessary skills needed to meet the criteria for this course...I like the fact that the tutorials are in chronological order staring from the learning objectives onwards. This not only makes logical sense but enables ease of use as the students can work through the resource as they complete each task. The combination of illustrative screen shots and instructions really help the visual learner. Using screen shots also means that the user can then to confirm that they are on the right track...The resource is well-placed to be used as the only tool for skills building before the onset of the actual assignment. There is more than enough material to cover all aspects of the specification and provide students with an excellent grounding in the software." - A Akuffo-Kelly, Head of ICT, Independent Reviewer
"Well presented by being systematically and logically laid out throughout the pages...Uses pupil-speak language and will be easily grasped by this age group of learners and beyond...It covers all avenues of the specification and gives the learner a holistic experience of what could be done using Excel." - P Ramnarain, Head of ICT, Independent Reviewer
What do teachers have to say about this resource? (4924)
"A useful resource that seemed to cover the technicalities of R006 Creating Digital Images using Adobe Fireworks in detail... Brief and to-the-point and contains all the main features of Fireworks needed to produce images for Cambridge Nationals." - P Chapman, Head of ICT, Independent Reviewer
"A great companion guide for [using] Fireworks. It can be applied to different versions of Fireworks and lays out each of the steps in a coherent manner... What I liked was the way in which activities consolidate the learning of a a particular aspect of Fireworks. The instructions and guidance provided are clear and toolbars are annotated well to show the different functions... I believe this resource is a good independent learning tool for pupils who wish to explore the product independently. This would e great for high ability learners who wish to learn independently and to help lower ability pupils consolidate their learning." G Singh, ICT Teacher, Independent Reviewer
"Interesting. Clear detailed screen shots with explanations on different aspects of Fireworks... Pupils will benefit from a clear understanding of how to produce individual pieces of work." C Colgan, ICT Teacher, Independent Reviewer

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