WJEC GCSE 2013 topic: Revision Guide for TV and Web-based Drama  (ZigZag Education)

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WJEC GCSE 2013 topic: Revision Guide for TV and Web-based Drama
76-page photocopiable Revision Guide in A4 and A5 formats, plus 13-page answer booklet and 15-page extension material
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WJEC GCSE 2013 topic: Revision Guide for TV and Web-based Drama

Ensure students are fully prepared for the exam, from key terms to analysis and pre-production skills.

  • Key terms activities give students the language they need to discuss the exam topics
  • Step-by-step analysis of TV dramas, focusing on key aspects of genre, narrative, audience and representation
  • Key information on web-based dramas from the first in 1995 to the present day plus plenty of design practice

Essential Practice

  • Exam-style questions & pre-production tasks
  • Annotated sample answers help them to recognise what makes a good answer

Specifically written for the GCSE WJEC 2013 exam every page is relevant!

Praise for ZigZag's Annual Revision Guides...

It really helped me get my head around web-based drama - before this I had no idea idea where to start.

T Wilkes, Head of Expressive Arts, Fakenham High School, Customer

FANTASTIC! Buy it we do every year and it has really impacted on our teaching & results.

N Ayres, Head of Media Studies & Customer

Motivates and encourages students to revise independently.

R Logue, HoD & Customer

What do teachers have to say about this resource? (4830)
'An outstanding resource that covers the course requirements and exam structure... It helps learners learn terms and theory in different ways.'– P Knowles, Head of Media & Independent Reviewer
'As usual it was clearly focused on the exam topics with excellent modelled answers... It focused students on the assessment objectives and examination practice and so enabled them to understand how to incorporate important terminology fluently... I wouldn't be happy or confident with students sitting the examination without it.'– C King, English and Media Teacher, Independent Reviewer
'Excellent, really well structured and easy for the students to follow... It really helped me get my head around web-based drama - before this I had no idea idea where to start... It represents great value for money, a resource we can use at school and students can use it at home to reinforce their learning... No-one else produces materials specifically for each years exam topic. The revision guide is the first thing on my list of resources each year.'T Wilkes, Head of Expressive Arts, Customer
'I particularly like the balance between recall tasks and exam technique tasks... The sample answers are hugely beneficial, especially for the production tasks where students often struggle... I like the recommended aims for higher/foundation students on pg24... Students can use the mark scheme and example answers to help them develop their own ideas and understand the requirements of tasks to gain their desired grade... works well in conjunction with the Scheme of work resource for this unit.' E Richardson, Media Teacher & Independent Reviewer
'There is a logical learning process to it: the concepts are introduced gently, and feed sensibly into the tasks; pupils need to do a lot of independent thinking this isnt just a piece of spoon-feeding as some resources are... The resource stresses very successfully the need to understand and explain concepts of media convergence, especially in the section B material... it engenders a sprit of independence, and it isn't intimidating at all its accessible to a broad ability range. Pupils are guided as to how to construct answers that score the maximum marks, and most importantly to evaluate their own and peers responses... layout is clear and accessible... Matches the specification very well indeed: especially in web based drama section there are some excellent concepts explored that will enable fertile discussion and demanding tasks in a theme with whose delivery some teachers will no doubt be struggling... An excellent example of joined-up thinking for pupil & teacher alike.'M Turiansky, Head of Drama & Media Studies, Independent Reviewer
'Very well tailored to the WJEC exam specification and will work well to help students understand what will be expected of them in the exam... very student friendly and breaks down the information students need to know into manageable and organised sections... I particularly like the extension material on channel identity. I can see how this would work to stretch more able pupils and enhance their answers to the wider questions on the exam... This resource promotes independent learning... I think that the layout is excellent as it works through the theory, exam and mock questions. This structure will help students learn the information they need in an organised manner. The work also seems to increase in its challenge and this seems like a logical way to introduce new concepts and ideas to students who are learning new material... this resource seems to fulfil the exam criteria extremely well. It states exactly what is expected of students... this is a particular strength of the resource as students know what they are working towards and what is expected of them from the beginning of the course... The sample answers work well to give students examples... the fact it is so student friendly and promotes independent learning would make this a good purchase for my media department.'E Iles, English and Media Studies Teacher, Independent Reviewer
'Invaluable... this takes the pupils through the process of taking the exam in a very methodical way. It's exam-centric and allows the teacher to have done the preamble and background teaching and provides the perfect opportunity to revise - so many guides try to cover the teaching, rather than practice the exam but this one enables them to actually see the reasoning behind what the questions are asking for. I think the practical nature of this guide enables pupils to work through this in a guided or independent way and they will be able to track their progress because of the constant opportunities for self-assessment. I really like page 7 - the tweaking of grades to see what pupils need to do to get where they want to be - excellent AFL Love the scheduling tasks - actually making the students schedule thoughtfully after having looked at how this is done is brilliant and will enable them to engage with the concept closely. The concept of raising the grade of the first sample answer is excellent, often kids think what they read by other people is perfect, but getting them to engage with raising the marks based on the scheme will help them to engage with the assessment objectives. The way this links into representation follows the structure of the exam really well, and will enable pupils to link their own ideas together. Distilling the sample answers into what they actually do to achieve the marks is really useful, it will help pupils to distil their revision into instructions for what to do in the exam. I love the tasks with the printed storyboards - the kids will be able to engage with the still image and decode it. The exploration of Benidorm is really thorough and the scaffolding is removed effectively to facilitate the pupils achieving for themselves. Page 38 is brilliant and provides a useful framework for class based sharing activities and revision posters - I think this is an all-encompassing user-friendly resource. The sets of sample questions are excellent - one thing I always struggle with as a teacher is coming up with these questions so it is so useful as it's all the kids want!! Gap fill on P47 is excellent - web-based drama is a new concept for all so having this is really useful as the kids will get used to talking about it. The labelling of the websites is excellent and will enable pupils to engage with new terminology practically. The modelled storyboard is brilliant - the kids seem to think they need to be Van Gogh and this shows them a top grade without the fancy stuff they all think they need to do. I'm no good at drawing so this illustrates this in a way that I can't! When coupled with the extension tasks and the teacher guide you really would have everything that you need for the teaching of the exam. The writer has done their homework in terms of what is to come up this year and what the exam board genuinely expect from their candidates! Matches WJEC perfectly... It is geared for the exam entirely and enables pupils to know what the examiner is looking for and how to get the marks... Having the answer booklet is a fab idea as so often they answers aren't clear in student guides but this one is! I think the extension materials are wonderful and target the organisational issues which are hard for the kids to grapple with but it provides a really good resource here to use with the high end pupils. I think this would give a teacher their life back... this does the job with bells on! Takes the kids through the exam exactly as I would like them to... This revision guide has got better and better as the years go by... kids take a methodical approach to their answers. It's exam-centric, and no stone is left unturned. A top-class resource where pupils are learning for themselves.'K Chanter, Head of English and Media, Independent Reviewer
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