Feminine Gospels by Carol Ann Duffy: Teaching Notes and Activities for A Level (ZigZag Education)

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Feminine Gospels by Carol Ann Duffy: Teaching Notes and Activities for A Level
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Feminine Gospels by Carol Ann Duffy: Teaching Notes and Activities for A Level

“… these poems were about trying to find truth about particularly female issues, but doing it within tall stories." - Carol Ann Duffy

Absolutely spot on. This is an essential guide to teaching this new choice of text.

M Ellen, Head of English and Independent Reviewer

An exceptional collection of teaching notes and student activities for all 21 poems. It has been written specifically to support AQA A Lit and as such is explicitly linked to AOs throughout, targeting student’s studying and comprehension.

For all poems:
  1. debate questions
  2. teaching notes
  3. comprehension questions
  4. worksheets and activities

Also includes fantastic AQA A Lit exam preparation including planning tables and worksheets, practice questions and sample essay and sample essay plan.

This is an excellent resource, first class educational value throughout.
It is sufficiently high level in terms of its understanding and explanation of Duffy’s ideas, language and overall structure of the text.

M Ellen, Head of English and Independent Reviewer

What do teachers have to say about this resource? (4827)
"It's the best teaching pack I've ever owned. Not only is it obviously an excellent teaching tool (saving literally thousands of pounds in time), but I'm really enjoying the way in which it's opened up my mind to Duffy's work. I can honestly say I enjoy reading the resources each week in my pre lesson prep." D Owen, English Teacher
"Excellent! It took all the worry away of teaching a new text which no one in the department had studied or taught before. It is well worth the money because it supports the planning of lessons very effectively." Y Lever, Head of English and Ind. Reviewer
"Very good: full and detailed with good contextual info re Duffy as well as attitudes and concepts; useful teacher notes and question sheets. It is better than other resources because of the range offered teachers notes, question sheets, worksheets, suggestions for further reading (e.g. p13), practice questions. Saves lots of prep time, but also very adaptable for specific needs of students and purpose." V Gunn, Head of English and Satisfied Customer
"Useful and succinct. It is better than other resources because it is tailored to focus on text." S Riley, Head of English and Satisfied Customer
"I liked the linking poem activities and exam questions as well as the detailed examination of each poem and also the relevance of the activities to the AOs. This resource has come at the right time." P Ault, English Teacher and Ind. Reviewer
"This is an excellent resource. It has grouped the poems together very well and has a very sharp focus on the examination and the skills/techniques the students will need to work on in preparation for it. " S Evans, Head of English, AQA A Lit teacher and Ind. Reviewer
"I thought it was an excellent resource, which thoroughly meets the requirements of AS level students and their teachers. The resource leads students through the process of preparing for essays and examinations at AS level on Duffy's Feminine Gospels at specific and wider reading. It provides an introduction to the poet, with detailed study of the poems themselves and in relation to themes and terminology. It encourages independent learning and research and prepares students and teachers thoroughly by providing advice, information and examples of essay and examination practice. The author has obviously undergone extensive research and puts this to good use in the resource." D Massey, Private Tutor and Ind. Reviewer
"I love it! This is an amazing resource that is incredibly detailed, well planned, thorough and completely suitable for AQA A. The level is incredibly high... and would certainly challenge students and get them prepared for higher education too. I like the way that the resource has been organised around thematic links. I feel that students would have an excellent understanding of all of the poems after using this. It has exceptional links to the AOs and would ensure that students are preparing for the exam from day one. Activities are all scaffolded incredibly well with examples, suggestions and answers provided throughout. The possible essay questions offer endless revision opportunities and the phraseology echoes the exam questions used by AQA perfectly. Comparison is embedded throughout and students are encouraged to make links constantly." R Marshall, AQA A English Teacher and Ind. Reviewer
AS, a1741, Literature, teaching guide

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