GCSE Edexcel Unit 16 Marks Gospel Revision Summaries w/Exam Practice (endorsed) (ZigZag Education)

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GCSE Edexcel Unit 16 Marks Gospel Revision Summaries w/Exam Practice (endorsed)
44 topic summaries with exam practice in 2 formats, with 90-page answer booklet
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GCSE Edexcel Unit 16 Marks Gospel Revision Summaries w/Exam Practice (endorsed)

A wonderful short-hand version for them to use at revision times throughout the course. J Van-Ebo, Head of RS & Independent Reviewer
Endorsed for Edexcel

Complete and versatile bank of revision material!

  • 44 topic summaries covering every story on the spec!
  • 264 practice exam-style questions – 6 per topic
  • 90-page detailed answer booklet

Each story covered in specification order, with concise notes on what students need to know (side A) and 6 exam-style questions for perfect practice (side B).

Versatile Formats
  • Simple A4 ‘topic-on-a-page’ format
  • Photocopiable A5 revision booklets (optional: Simply guillotine the booklets and you have 44 A5 Revision Cards for students to revise one topic at a time)

Teaching and Progress Tracking

  • Hand out the summaries after you teach each story
  • Use the exam questions as ongoing pupil assessment

Student Revision

  • Concise, bite-size format makes revision manageable and achievable
  • Can be used independently, either as a Revision Booklet or as Revision Cards
  • Motivating Revision Checklist helps them schedule revision & ensure they’ve covered everything

Topic Summaries
  • Key people and words explained
  • Bullet-point summary of each relevant passage
  • Notes relate the stories to the topic, and show ‘why this is important for Christians today’
Exam-Style Questions
  • 264 practice exam-style questions with student-friendly answers!
  • Includes spelling, punctuation and grammar questions – new for 2013 exams!

What do teachers have to say about this resource? (4820)
'This resource will enhance the quality of learning and teaching and can be used in several different ways by a creative teacher both in the class-room, for homework or as a revision resource... I was impressed by the way the author has followed the order of the Edexcel specification so the resource could be easily understood by teachers and pupils. I felt the material and questions were at the right depth for G.C.S.E. and reflected the style used in the examination... The resources enhances learning by consolidating what has been learnt in class and dovetailing this material with the style and content of typical examination questions. The resources enhances the pupils confidence and understanding of the syllabus in an easily digestible and paced format... The style and format allows pupils and teachers to use these resources with or independently of the endorsed text-book... it will enhance the quality of teaching and learning. It also lends itself for use as an occasional resource or handout, as a homework supplement or indeed as a revision booklet... Some of the author's definitions are easier to understand and more comprehensive that the ones defined in the specification.'J Duffy, Head of Department, Examiner and Independent Reviewer
"We have had A Level revision cards for quite some time now and it is exciting to see that someone has managed to find the time to write some for St. Marks Gospel. This course can be very challenging for students who may not have a background in which the stories of New Testament have become familiar. This resource is a concise reproduction of the stories covered in the Edexcel syllabus and is therefore very well suited to the GCSE course... This resource follows the Edexcel scheme of work and student textbook exactly ensuring easy access for the students. They quickly realise that keywords are exactly what they mean - key. The brief resum of each story enables students to ensure that main points and highlights are easily identifiable. Relating the stories to present-day can be a challenge for many students and this resource gives them ideas and suggestions which go beyond the textbook , which in turn encourages the students to think of yet further ideas...this is really a wonderful short-hand version for them to use at revision times throughout the course... I spend much of my time encouraging students to read the questions and answer them in the way expected by the examination board; this resource underpins all of this, continuing the training of accurate reading AND answering techniques... an easy-to-use resource in a very appealing layout." — J Van-Ebo, Head of RS & Independent Reviewer
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