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2016 Revision and Exam Prep Guide for Edexcel - Both AS Units
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2016 Revision and Exam Prep Guide for Edexcel Unit 1: People and Politics 2nd Ed
87 photocopiable A4 pages
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2016 Revision and Exam Prep Guide for Edexcel Unit 2: Governing the UK
99 A4 photocopiable pages
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2016 Revision and Exam Prep Guide for Edexcel

Fully up to date following the 2015 General Election.

Ensure students are fully prepared with this comprehensive pack. For every Edexcel topic, the fantastic dual focus supports effective revision:

All key facts and concepts condensed into concise, student-friendly bullet points.

  • Engaging revision – photos, diagrams and revised up-to-the-minute examples
  • Varied activities break up revision – including AfL tasks
  • Encourages analysis and evaluation with 'pros and cons' to learn

Broken-down practice questions build the exam skills students need to achieve high grades in their AS exam, and prepare for A2.

  • 'Exam Owl' clearly outlines key technique points – specific to the 5-, 10- and 25-mark Edexcel questions
  • Regular exam-style questions with model answers and examiner commentary

2016 Edition Unit 1 includes:
  1. Fully revised with updated facts, figures including the 2015 General Election and 2014 MEP Elections
  2. Fresh analysis on key issues in the UK and Europe – including the Scottish Referendum, austerity politics, and Labour, from Miliband to Corbyn

2016 Edition Unit 2 includes:
  1. The mayoral elections and referendums, police crime commissioners, and the impact of the EU from 2011–2016
  2. More on devolution, not only in Scotland but the proposal of 'English votes for English laws'
  3. Proposed changes to the constitution including House of Lords reform, MP select committees and the Boundary Commission
  4. New thinking on replacing the Human Rights Act with a British 'Bill of Rights'.

Praise for previous edition:
'The up-to-date issues and events help students to obtain the higher grades at AS level.'

R Baker, Politics Teacher & Happy Customer

'It cuts straight to the key ideas and detail... it offers a very clear set of revision notes – good for weaker candidates and those who have missed work... Good mix of prose, tables, diagrams... It covers all of the key information candidates need to approach questions for this unit.'

R Lawton, Politics Teacher & Independent Reviewer
Praise for Previous Editions (4887:2012 Edition)
'I liked the way this was laid out - I liked the used of symbols through out to guide the activities the students school be doing and I liked the fact it was an Edexcel specific resource rather than a general one that tries to cover unit 2 for AQA and edexcel which is regularly done... I think this a useful revision tool to give to students... I would purchase this resource to help students drill down what they really need to revise content wise.'– H Connellan, Politics Teacher & Independent Reviewer
'Mixes both revision of key topics and exam preparation together in order to boost skills... I like the exam practice section which is interspersed across the revision guide... With the exam prep and advice, this helps students to hone their skills in time for the exam... some formulated exam guides don't perhaps paint the full picture of what is expected exactly of the students - this guide is well written in this respect... In terms of exam prep, this guide is very important as it gives excellent advice on how to structure exam answers and what is important to include.' – D Taborda, Learning Manager & Independent Reviewer
'I thought it was well laid out and used a number of images to keep the students engaged... I particularly liked the key terms reminders and the practice exam questions built into the booklet... Works well as a form of teacher check for quick audits of content covered. Love the fact it has clear 25 mark answers and like the use of the 'examiner comments' to clarify how secure the mark is.' – H Connellan, Government and Politics Teacher, Examiner & Independent Reviewer
'A resource that covers the spec and contains lots of information... Student knowledge & understanding would be enhanced... exam technique is included - always handy.' – A Lawrence, Teacher & Independent Reviewer
'This is an excellent resource and I can't find fault with it – Really well pitched and written...I liked the interaction between the exam practice and the content as well as the opportunities for pupils to have fairly regular exams practice as they go through the booklet...Very well presented and explained. This has been designed to make this clear to pupils and be accessible to all abilities...This matches the spec perfectly and gives very good up to date examples to show pupils some good information to use in their exam his demonstrating a good understanding of the UK Political Arena.' – D Taborda, History teacher, Independent Reviewer

What do teachers have to say about this resource? (6585)
This resource perfectly matches the specification and covers everything that they have covered this year.The tasks chosen have been selected carefully and with the updated knowledge and information included, this should serve the needs of classroom teachers of UK Politics well in the coming year especially with the updated political landscape.This resource is a good accompaniment for the resources given to students in their lessons and would be excellent for the students to look at and revise at home, as well as bringing it into class to use during both revision and essay planning lessons.- D Taborda, Teacher and Independent Reviewer
I think this is a solid revision aid. The author has done a good job condensing a substantial amount of information into a (relatively) short revision pack.... It provides useful examples and discusses how to answer questions in a way which is not covered by the standard textbook so it should be useful backup for students preparing for their exams. - G Welch, Teacher and Independent Reviewer
What do teachers have to say about this resource? (6660)
On the whole it is a good and comprehensive resource. I liked the useful tables such as the codified vs uncodified list on p.12. The up to date examples such as the Scottish Referendum. The model answers for the 40 mark questions.
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