OCR Lit (first teaching Sept 2011): Robert Browning Study Guide w/audio  (ZigZag Education)

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OCR Lit (first teaching Sept 2011): Robert Browning Study Guide w/audio
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OCR Lit (first teaching Sept 2011): Robert Browning Study Guide w/audio

Student-friendly study notes interspersed with thought-provoking questions and tasks for all 15 Robert Browning poems specified for OCR Unit F661. Also comes with professional readings recorded by West End and Globe theatre actors to bring the poetry to life!

For all poems:

  • Understand the language with mini glossaries
  • C – Understand the influence and significance of context
  • L – Analyse Browning’s use of language
  • I – Explore the effect of imagery
  • F – Evaluate the use of form
  • S – Identify the importance of structure
  • Respond to each poem with stimulating questions and tasks

Bonus material includes:

  • Useful context notes on Browning and the Victorian era
  • Nine practice exam-style questions
  • Advice on how to analyse poetry, the dramatic monologue, poetic metre and poetic terms

What do teachers have to say about this resource? (4757)
"The pack is invaluable in saving you time - it does everything except the actual teaching. There is so much variety on offer. This allows every pupil to be engaged and means you can vary each lesson and avoid too much sameness! It is aimed at OCR but I'm doing WJEC. I had free choice of Browning poems but have now largely opted to stick with the OCR ones because of your pack." H Binks, English Teacher and Satisfied Customer
"The resource was well structured. I liked how different aspects of each poem was divided. I also liked the glossary particularly as references to mythology are explained e.g. Bacchus." K Paruk, NQT and Ind. Reviewer
"I thought that the quality of analysis was excellent and it matches the OCR specification very well. It will certainly enhance learning and helps to make some quite difficult (some quite obscure) poems accessible. I would recommend this resource." E Kirby, English Teacher and Ind. Reviewer
"Thoughtfully constructed and accessible for students and teachers alike. The acronym shows a level of care, and in fact makes me think that this was written by a very caring teacher, because there is a sense of empathy for the students' needs in dealing with the Victorian period.It is particularly rich on dealing with Browning's context and those he explores in the poems." B Coulthard, Director of KS5 English and Ind. Reviewer
An interesting introduction on how to analyse Browning's poetry and a very accessible tone for students throughout.There are some really useful things included here - timelines, charts, hyperlinks - which make the reading of the text all the more accessible It always encourages students to do things independently. Although this isn't tailored for this specification, I think it could be quite successfully adapted for use for AQA. S Alsop, English Teacher and Ind. Reviewer
Well researched and extremely informative. I particularly liked the CLIFS revision technique. It will enhance learning dramatically especially with reference to social historical context or general historicist readings. J Selwood, English Teacher and Ind. Reviewer
F661, OCR Anthology

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