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18 Audio Dialogues for Unit 4: Philosophy and the Ultimate Questions
Dialogues recorded on CD with full scripts, questions and activities, 68 a4 photocopiable pages with 2 cds with audio and mp3 files
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18 Topical Articles with Podcasts for Unit 3: Religion and Morality
61 photocopiable pages with podcast recordings on CD-ROM.
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GCSE AQA B Topical Articles and Dialogues with Audio

Bring Religious Studies to life!

Exciting teaching method specifically for GCSE AQA B. Students read and/or listen to the articles/dialogues, then complete tasks and exam-style questions – thoroughly preparing them for the exam.

Unit 3: 18 exam-relevant articles provided both on audio CD and as a booklet. Religious responses from all 6 major religions discussed.

Unit 4: 18 lively dialogues provided both on audio CD and as scripts.

  • Comprehension tasks ensure students get to grips with the issue or debate answers included
  • Exam-style questions allow them to practise applying the issue
  • Includes mark schemes and key advice on each question type

  • Reinforce key issues for the less able
  • ‘Taking it Further’ activities provide extension work for the more able

  • Ideal for auditory learners!
  • Give to students for iPod revision
  • Great for cover lessons & self-contained homework

Unit 3: Listen to an article right now for free!
Sample discussion questions are provided at the end - see the printed resource for more detailed questions.

You can also view an inspection copy of the printed articles.

3 articles per topic – full specification coverage!

Matters of Life:'Babies for Everyone?', 'Unlocking the Mysteries of Human Life?', 'Kidneys for Sale?'
The Elderly and Death:'Old and Lonely?', 'Right To Die?', 'Are Hospices Just For Religious People?'
Drugs:'Drink and Teenagers', 'Drug Misuse: A Crime or a Health Problem?', 'Buddhism and Recovery from Addiction'
Crime and Punishment'My Gang, My Family', 'Is a Jail Sentence Enough?', 'I Was In Prison And You Visited Me'
Rich and Poor in British Society‘Does Belief Make You Rich?’, ‘No Christmas for Katie?’, ‘Religion and the Lottery’
World Poverty'I Wish For Rain', 'You Will Always Have the Poor among You', 'My Shopping Basket Can Change the World’

Unit 4: Listen to a dialogue right now for free!

You can also view an inspection copy of the printed dialogues.

Atheist, Theist and Agnostic views - full specification coverage!

The Existence of God:'The Cosmological Argument', 'The Teleological (Design) Argument?', 'The Argument for God’s Existence from the Occurrence of Miracles', 'The Argument from Religious Experience', 'The Argument from Morality'
Revelation:'General and Special Revelation', 'What is Learned about God through Revelation', 'Is Revelation Real?'
The Problem of Evil and Suffering:'Evil and Suffering', 'Responses to Suffering and Evil'
Immortality'What Happens When We Die', 'Can We Prove Immortality?', 'Dualism and Monism'
Miracles‘Do Miracles Really Happen?’, ‘Arguments Against Miracles: David Hume’
Science and Religion'What is Truth?', 'Origins of the Universe and Life on Earth', 'Can Science and Religion Agree on Anything?’

What do teachers have to say about this resource? (5099)
'This is a clear well set out resource which will enable students to fully explore the topics... The dialogues are simply set out and this makes it easy for students to grasp issues being addressed... This resource expresses arguments in such a way as to make them more easily accessible for students which helps them to fully explore their own responses to the issues raised. It would be useful in the group I am working with at present helping them to see some of the issues in a more practical way... use it selectively to keep [the] approach fresh and keep the students' interest.'– M Mawn, RS Teacher & Independent Reviewer
'Good use of dialogue to highlight key philosophical concepts. Good use of atheist, theist,and aganostic views in the dialogue. Good use of differenctiation in the exercises after each dialogue + good homework/research/independent study activities... Good use of learning in the dialogues that can lead to group work discussion/deep level thinking skills.'– D Brodowska, Philosophy and Ethics Teacher & Independent Reviewer
What do teachers have to say about this resource? (4740)
'As a concept I think the resource is a really good idea. Students often respond far better to scenarios as it allows them to relate the content better... An interesting way to deal with the topics... The article on Kidney Donation is really interesting and stretching, particularly because it deals with the idea of selling organs... The article on the legalisation of drugs is very interesting and stretch and will really engage students as it is a debate that in my experience they enjoy... The link on certain articles to multimedia resources was a good idea... the educational value seems to be in cementing and stretching students in what they already know. The benefits of this are twofold. On the one hand it makes difficult topics clearer for weaker students... whilst at the same time stretching and causing more able to students to consider the ideas of the course in new and different ways... The content of the resource is very well matched to the specification.'– C Burrows, Head of RE & Independent Reviewer
'A very useful resource which goes beyond mere explanations of the issues from the points of view of various religions (an approach that some textbooks have a tendency to take). This resource encourages students to consider the issues from different points of view and think for themselves... I like the variety of texts, covering a wide range of topics from the specification (3 sub-topics for each of the 6 topics in the spec)... I love the inclusion of websites for further (independent) study, and the suggestions for group discussion activities... This resource gives pupils the opportunity to view issues in real-life contexts. The texts are of varying length and are suitable for less-able students and those with weaker literacy (these types of texts can be difficult for teachers to source), and the comprehension questions (although not relevant to the exam) ensure that students have a firm grasp of the issues being discussed before moving onto deeper discussion and exam-style questioning.'– C Williams, RS Teacher & Independent Reviewer
'Excellent! Very good detail/worksheets/lesson plans. Podcasts very thoughtful... Lots of ideas to do with the lessons and good differentiation ideas within the plans... Makes the topics more interesting for both myself and the students. Good resources for multi-sensory tasks to make it interesting... It has more ideas for tasks within the lesson, different ways of looking at topics... interesting tasks for the students to engage with the subject matter and encourage interaction within the classroom.'– A Musgrove, RS Teacher & Independent Reviewer
"Encourages students to look further at issues allowing them to research real life examples... This is a good resource and would help students gain an insight into the issues." — M Mawn, RS Teacher & Independent Reviewer
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