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Unit 1 A: 9 Topical Articles for AS Edexcel Philosophy of Religion with Podcasts
40 photocopiable A4 pages with podcasts on CD
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Unit 1 B: 10 Topical Articles for AS Edexcel Ethics with Podcasts
51 photocopiable pages with podcast recordings on CD-ROM.
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Unit 1: All 19 Topical Articles for AS Edexcel: Philosophy and Ethics
Discounted price for both AS Philosophy and Ethics resources - 19 articles with 2 CDs
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Topical Articles with Podcasts

Bring Religious Studies to life!

9 exam-relevant articles for AS Edexcel Philosophy of Religion!
God is in control: miracle on the football pitch?
Copernicus and Cosmology
God and the Higgs Boson
The Syrian conflict – moral evil
Earthquake in Christchurch – natural evil
Cosmology and the Cosmological Argument
Popular anti-Christian antagonist who will be sorely missed
Clash of the Titans: Dawkins vs the Archbishop of Canterbury
Discovery of the oldest light in the sky

10 exam-relevant articles for AS Edexcel Ethics!
Altruism: what’s in it for me?
Joseph Fletcher, Terry Pratchett & the right to die
Money: immoral or amoral?
Hacking and happiness
What makes a conflict just?
Does religious morality protect girls?
Redefining marriage
Law of the land or law of love?
Ethical approaches to the MPs’ expenses scandal
Football and friendship: agape love in action

Exam-relevant issues explored with up-to-date case studies – in student-friendly language. Complete with tasks and exam-style questions – use them as stimulus for class discussion, self-contained homeworks, or springboards for students’ independent learning.

  • Key tasks ensure students get to grips with the issue
  • Discussion questions stimulate class debate
  • Exam-style questions help students to apply ethical theories to real-life scenarios
  • Detailed answers provided
  • Explanation of key terms in every article

Plus! All articles recorded as ‘podcasts’ – ideal for auditory learners!

  • Play them to the class or give to students for iPod revision.
  • Provided both as an audio CD and MP3 files.

Listen to Ethics Article 2 right now for free!
Sample discussion questions are provided at the end - see the printed resource for more detailed questions.

You can also view an inspection copy of the printed articles.

What do teachers have to say about this resource? (5148)
Brilliant idea for a resource as students often are concerned with using everyday examples in their own exam answer. Well-presented and clearly laid out, the resource also includes key terms with each article that could help students who use this resource when writing essays. It provides a good insight into applying knowledge to contemporary issues that could be transferred into essay writing. I like the inclusion of activities at the end of every article. - V Austin, Teacher and Independent Reviewer
What do teachers have to say about this resource? (4652)
'It is a good, clear resource, easy to read for a range of abilities. Excellent links between real situations and the ethical theories on the specification. Good variety of tasks. Clear glossary and readable style of each article... It clearly achieves the aim of helping students relate their studies to broader areas of human experience... It covers the main ethical theories at AS level, as well as the debate about religion and morality and war and peace... The teachers guide at the beginning gives a comprehensive breakdown of how the spec is covered by the resource, which is excellent.... I think it would be particularly useful for homework activities and revision.'S Shieber, Head of RS & Independent Reviewer
'I was really pleased to see this style of resource being made available as textbooks often focus on theories and thinkers without applying them to the modern world which is what students actually have to do in their exams... the issues covered are bang up to date - MPs' expenses and hacking scandals... I like the clear language used to explain them. It has tasks that will stretch students whilst also starting from basics so it caters for all abilities.The resource provides good relevant examples that students can include in their answers. It can be used alongside other textbooks that focus solely on ethical theories / applied ethics to assist students in their understanding. It contains particularly useful key term definition boxes, discussion points, short answer tasks and exam style questions. It focuses on knowledge and understanding as well as evaluation. It has a detailed answers section so that teachers can check that students have the required knowledge... Page 4 gives a useful breakdown of the topics covered and how they relate to the specification.'B Knibbs, Co-ordinator & Lecturer of Religious Studies & Independent Reviewer

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