GCSE OCR Unit A292 Business and People: 4 Practice Exam Papers (ZigZag Education)

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GCSE OCR Unit A292 Business and People: 4 Practice Exam Papers
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GCSE OCR Unit A292 Business and People: 4 Practice Exam Papers

4 original exam-style papers for Unit A292: Business and People. Give your students the best practice to achieve their highest possible marks!

Practice Makes Perfect

  • Exam-style write-on papers for realistic mocks!
  • Full range of question types included so students can perfect their exam technique from multiple-choice and simple AO1 questions, to calculation and evaluation questions
  • Written by an experienced examiner

Put students in the place of the examiner!
Clear student-friendly mark schemes include answer content and marking guidance.
- Students see how marks are awarded, improving exam technique.


  • Specification cross-reference helps you target areas to improve
  • Clear command word advice helps students recognise the AOs being targeted

What do teachers have to say about this resource? (4643)
"This is one of the most useful resources I have reviewed yet. The layout is very user friendly. The overview is straightforward and helpful. The document then goes on to explainhow to get the best out of the resources through some useful suggestions... The section on what the examiner is looking for is useful for both teachers delivering for the first time and pupils. This will help teachers get the best out of the resource and help pupils get the best results. The matrix of phrases and words for both analysis and evaluation is incredibly helpful and done in a way that is pupil friendly. The page on command words is also of huge benefit to teachers and their classes, as is the section on the six mark questions... the introductory section on how to use the resource and the exam technique was very strong, and clearly written by en experienced teacher and examiner. The way the exam style papers are split up is also helpful and they can be used in a variety of ways, as class activities, as mock, as homework, broken up further into plenaries etc. This is a very flexible resource that will aid lesson planning and pupil learning.The questions were a close match to the past papers we have had from OCR and would be very helpful in preparing pupils for their exams... This resource enhances learning by preparing pupils for the format and type of questions they will face in their actual exam. This also allows pupils to learn how to self assess, which is an important part of becoming a successful independent learner. Due to the mark scheme being included, with possible answers, this resource can allow pupils to learn what sort of answer makes a good answer so they can check their own work more carefully and in an informed way... The educational value of this resource is that it reinforced prior learning and allows the less able pupils to access the material through repetition. This can also be used to further stretch the more able by giving them the extra question on the random topics that occasionally crop up....Matches and interprets the specification very closely, with question on all topics from the A292 specification, from the need for business activity through to changes in patterns of work, including working from home. This resource comprehensively covers the specification and therefore would be of great value to teachers...This is just the sort of resource that teachers hope to find. Someone else has done the hard work for us and it is ready to use. Pupils will benefit enormously from repeated practice and learning to mark their own work, but the teacher did not have to spend the hours and hours creating the questions and mark schemes!" - T Miller, Curriculum Leader for GCSE Business & Independent Reviewer
"Excellent resource... It is more than just 'more sample papers'. The part on command words and level responses will be very useful for students... [The introductory sections] allow students to gain a better understanding of the unit is about and what they need to do to achieve their grades... It matches the specification really well. Links well to past issues around 'rogue topics'." —  Casey, Head of Vocational Business & Independent Reviewer
"Very well researched and written, it followed a logical pathway that was easy to follow and use without too much prior preparation... I thought that the word grids where very useful as was the checklist to complete... The exam tips and revision advice was also very good... an excellent tool to use for revision and enhancing the students understanding of what is required to access higher marks... It also enables the students to work on their own or in groups." — C McBain, Business Studies Teacher & Independent Reviewer
"I liked the range and variation of questions being asked of students and the mark scheme which was clear... Students learn by finding out what they do not know by answering questions and checking their answers against a correct standard answer... Matches the specification very accurately." — F Beran, Business Education Subject Leader & Independent Reviewer

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