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BUSS4 Comparative Case Studies: Takeovers & Mergers (for Jun 2012/Jan 2013)
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AQA BUSS4 'Takeovers and Mergers' Comparative Case Studies

for A Level AQA Business Studies 2012/13 Research Theme

logos of takeover and merger case studies firms

40 different companies discussed

20 takeovers + mergers to analyse + evaluate

10 Comparative Case Study Articles

One Amazing BUSS4 Resource!

AQA BUSS4 Comparative Case Studies with Model Essays: Takeovers & Mergers

10 comparative case study articles for the new BUSS4 research theme - each focusing on different aspects of the 2012 research theme.

  • Detailed articles include case study discussion & background business information
  • Additional research links and pointers to encourage research
  • Plenty of Comprehension & Discussion Questions ensure students get the most out of the case studies
  • Essay Questions in AQA style
  • Model A-Grade Essays show students how to compete in the exam!
  • Specifically designed to extend knowledge & practise essay-writing skills.  Perfect preparation for the 2012 exam!

All specifically written for AQA 2012 Research Theme for BUSS4 - Takeovers and Mergers!

What do teachers have to say about this resource? (4636)
'Students did not have to waste lots of time finding examples of mergers/acquisitions. We used the resource to enrich teaching... Increased knowledge of real world and exam technique clarified... Detailed examples, lots of practice answers... Buy it... Matches the specification 100%.'F Beran, Subject Leader, Customer
'Very useful. The breadth of research is impressive... I like the number of examples and the fact they come from different industries... as a condensed summary of examples needed to be used in the exam essay it works well.'I Avroutine, Business Teacher & Independent Reviewer
"Very useful in preparing students in essay writing technique. Analysis of model answers and reference to assessment criteria is good."C Broadhurt, Business Studies Teacher & Customer
"Very comprehensive and good quality throughout... I like the fact that it covers so many aspects and potential class exercises - from simply getting the class to write the essay and having an exemplar of the standard to mark to on one hand to group exercises and marking exercises. Then it also covers discussions - the research itself could be done individually or communally. So all-in-all it is a very versatile resource and could suit a number of teaching styles and presentations and a wide range of learning styles with something to appeal to all student learning styles... Variety of approach and delivery is the clear strength here... The examples of essay responses are good stimulus material for learning essay writing... I like the fact that there is overlap between the bullet points in the comparison as clearly the examiners could set combined questions so it benefits students to deal with the bullets in this way rather than in discreet topics... Very well, indeed - can't fault the coverage which is comprehensive in my view." — S Haynes, Head of Business & Independent Reviewer
"An excellent resource crammed full of good practice and advice on criteria with worked examples and all areas addressed thoroughly... the resource is designed to flow through the stages of what the students need to do in Buss 4 step by step. It is easy to follow and would be ideal to encourage independent learning... I liked the fact that a whole section (case study) could be extracted per lesson - dip in and out as required. The planning framework was also good as it could be followed with the essays... promotes independent learning and demonstrates pure application as is required for Buss 4 and leads the students and the teachers through how to research effectively which is a skill students do find hard with the sheer volume of information they can have access to... it could be used on an ongoing basis as a resource in its own right on Mergers... It matches the specification with reference to the criteria and what is required for Buss 4... A2 students will benefit greatly from this resource." — C McBain, Business Studies Teacher & Independent Reviewer
"Excellent ..a breathtaking array of informative take-overs and mergers with lots of follow-up activities as well as exam practice hints... The sheer breadth of material on offer, with copious references to websites to go further and deeper into the topic concerned. Intelligently used, the thinking student can derive considerable benefit from this material... By providing sufficient detail so that students of all ability ranges can benefit. The material also contains excellent revision hints and practice exercises, plus some suggested answers." — L Todd, Head of Business Studies & Independent Reviewer
"An extremely thorough group of case studies, with excellent coverage of the Research Theme... This will save both students and teachers time which will help to concentrate on the key areas... The focus on the bullet points within the Research Theme was excellent and asked questions that allow students to carry out thorough research... the material is so relevant." — G Nocher, Head of Business & Independent Reviewer
"This is an excellent resource, packed full of information that is vital to the pre seen case study. the resource will enable all students to gain a better understanding of the 6 bullet points required... I like the fact that the resource contains vast amounts of information and real life case studies on each of the bullet pointed areas of the pre seen case study. The resource has excellent research tasks and the exam questions and model answers are vital in the development of the students' understanding of the topic and the exam as a whole... This resource is packed with in-depth information that can only enhance the students' learning further. One would be silly not to use this resource as it is sure to aid the student in their exams... meets the required pre seen case study to a tee."J Harrison, Business and Management Lecturer & Independent Reviewer

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