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Romeo and Juliet Activity Pack
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Romeo and Juliet Activity Pack

“Two households, both alike in dignity, In fair Verona, where we lay our scene”

Engaging and differentiated activities for the whole play, interspersed with thought-provoking discussion points. All cross-referenced to the new Assessment Objectives for GCSE Literature.

Activities really stimulate a range of abilities and learning styles through:

  • Group, pair and solo tasks
  • Creative writing exercises
  • Exploring modern adaptations
  • Close reading exercises
  • Role play / drama activities
  • Extension activities created for A/A* students

Further discussion points on themes, characters and ideas help to spark off the students’ own interpretations of the play.

A strong focus on language analysis and dramatic techniques help reinforce the students’ understanding and guide their practical application for assessments.

The focus on language and imagery is impressive… Complex literary and dramatic terminology is taught systematically with a small number of terms dealt with in each section.

E Hewitt, Head of English, Independent Reviewer

Essential essay guidance and exam preparation (Higher and Foundation):

  • Quick guide to what the exam board expects from the controlled assessment (OCR, Edexcel, WJEC and AQA)
  • Sample exam questions and planning practice exercises for AQA and Edexcel

What do teachers have to say about this resource? (4625)
'The introductory activities were very good with some ideas that seemed particularly suited to engaging the students. I also liked the variety of tasks. The tasks were all accessible. The brief summaries of each section will also help students with their understanding. Interprets the spec very clearly with excellent guidance for students. Very well organised.'C Webb, English Teacher, Independent Reviewer
'Excellent! Well written, well laid out, with really strong student activities. A great resource, which will make the teaching of this play very straightforward, whilst still allowing teachers and students to come to their own conclusions, according to students' abilities.'J Churchill, English Teacher, Independent Reviewer
'Well-differentiated within the target grade boundary audience i.e. extension tasks aimed at A/A*. A very comprehensive and useful, insightful guide. I have learned things myself from merely reviewing it! Excellent. Very informative and useful.'C McDonough, English Teacher, Independent Reviewer
'This is an excellent resource, of obvious practical use in the classroom. The emphasis on the development of analytical skills specific to 'Romeo and Juliet' makes this a very valuable resource. Challenging activities are provided, developing students' thinking skills and their understanding of the play. The focus on language and imagery is impressive. Complex literary and dramatic terminology is taught systematically with a small number of terms dealt with in each section. The advice on controlled assessment — addressing each board's different specifications is of considerable value. A very interesting, practical resource.' E Hewitt, HoD and Independent Reviewer
This was a well organised resource with some interesting activities for students. It matches and interprets the spec well it is very useful in terms of covering all the assessment objectives and great for teachers who are all just getting to grips with the new specs anyway. P Ault, English Teacher and Ind. Reviewer

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