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GCSE AQA Applied Business (4136) Unit 1 Topic Tests: Setting Up a Business
86 photocopiable A4 pages
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GCSE AQA Business Studies (4133) Topic Tests: Unit 1 Setting Up a Business
86 A4 photocopiable pages
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GCSE AQA Business Studies (4133) Topic Tests: Unit 2 Growing a Business
99 photocopiable A4 pages
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GCSE AQA Business Studies (4133) Topic Tests: Units 1 & 2
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Topic Tests for GCSE AQA Business

For AQA Applied Business (4136) and AQA Business Studies (4133)

Expose your students to exam-style tests from the beginning of the course.


  • Exam-style case studies
  • Detailed mark schemes
  • Write-on versions

15 topic tests per unit covering every specification subtopic.
Clearly cross-referenced to the specification, with extensive mark schemes matched to the AOs.

  • Covers every topic in detail, in exam style
  • Provided in both write-on practice exam and concise topic test format
  • Increases the chance of meeting questions that will appear on the exam!

What do teachers have to say about this resource? (4604)
"A very thorough resource, a valuable companion for anyone teaching this course... Very easy to follow... Very detailed coverage of spec... Liked the 'guide to answerig questions' table - page 7 is great for teachers, but pages 8-11 also really useful to give pupils, especially g&t pupils... Loved the structured answers after the exam which would be excellent to let pupils see where they went wrong and saves teachers a lot of time... Great for exam prep." — D Duguid, Head of Business Studies & Independent Reviewer
"Really useful to aid student independent revision... It matched all areas of the specification well and would help students to practice examination technique... a good preparation tool for the Unit 1 examination... It could help to improve confidence, as students will become aware of the type of questions that will be asked in their final examination... The resource clearly covers all areas of the specification such as marketing and finance." — S Oconnor, Head of Business Education & Independent Reviewer
"I liked the fact that his resource matched the specification very closely. You could see that care and attention had been taken when formulating questions to elicit pupil knowledge of all the relevant topics... ensures all areas are covered... There is also a lot of information for teachers on how to mark the subsequent answers and links with the mark scheme are present throughout... I particularly liked the suggested outline answers framework page, which could be given to pupils as well as used by teachers. This is just one examples of the student friendly material in this resource... The guideline for the amount of writing in order to adequately answer the different tiers of questions were also very helpful... This information is very useful to pupils who often need exactly this sort of specific guidance... the page on common mistakes is also invaluable to show pupils... This resource enhances learning through giving pupils a good variety of questions to answer and plenty of exam practice, which is invaluable. It would be ideal for use as a starter or plenary activity as well as home work." — T Miller, Curriculum Lead for KS4 Business Studies & Independent Reviewer
"It provides the opportunity to assess theoretical understanding... I like the structured suggested answers that are detailed." — A Bennett, Head of Business Studies & Independent Reviewer
What do teachers have to say about this resource? (5327)
"A useful teaching and learning resource. The resource is easily accessible to both the teacher and student to help practice and work on examination technique... I particularly liked the strong focus on the three assessment objectives and how this was clearly brought through in the mark scheme. I liked the fact that the mark schemes provided suggested answers but also suggested formats. This is something I would share with students to aid discussion and planning of particularly evaluative type responses... The resource clearly highlights the importance of understanding the degree of response required to demonstrate the assessment objectives. The resource could be used for in class assessments or for independent homework activities. I feel that the mark scheme is student friendly and could be used to self assess or peer assess... I like the fact that extension activities include independent research, which will help students' prepare for the 'Unit 3' controlled assessment part of this GCSE examination... The mark schemes are really user friendly for both the learners and teachers. Unlike the mark schemes provided by the examination boards it gives learners advice on how to structure their answers, which I feel is an essential skill to learn, to enhance performance in the external examination."– S&Nbsp;O'Connor, Head of Department & Independent Reviewer
'very comprehensive, I liked the mark structure information and the definitions of the command words... There is a lot of information contained in the resource and it does develop students approach to exam technique.'– J Tozer, Business Teacher & Independent Reviewer
'Very useful teaching resource. Lots of questions that could be uploaded to a moodle for students to work through on coputer or given out as homeworks. Could also be divided into team or individual tasks - a very flexible resource for teachers who are time-poor... The standard and wording of the questions is excellent and follows the examiner writing style of past paper questions... The sections are well crafted to follow the spec and the content of the exams. A really well thought through well written resource.'– S Hilton, Business teacher, examiner, independent reviewer
'Comprehensive and asks students to work through scenarios across the full specification. Applying their knowledge to case studies, which is imperative. This resource covers the entire specification line by line. It tests students abilities to apply their knowledge covering all aspects of the specification... Tips and mistakes in exams are always good to include... Questions were very clear, commands and requirements were obvious to the reader and would help the students... Use of diagrams helped in the answers.This is a solid resource covering all aspects of the specification and very clearly documenting which areas are being tested and what is expected to obtain marks. This is often a challenge for many students.'S Trueman, Business Studies Teacher & Independent Reviewer

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