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Getting to Know... El Laberinto del Fauno

Useful for:
AQA Cultural Topics
Edexcel Research-based Essay
WJEC Guided Studies Options

The complete resource for studying El Laberino Del Fauno, specifically tailored to A Level Spanish. Ready-to-use research tasks, worksheets, analysis and practice exam questions cover the key areas of characters, genre, directors’ techniques & influences and the film’s socio-cultural context. Students will know the film inside out and be fully prepared for the speaking and writing exams.

  • Includes detailed answers
  • Exam-style essay and oral questions provide perfect exam preparation.
    Plus: Includes a comprehensive, student-friendly guide to writing good exam answers, with model student responses.
  • Stimulating, imaginative activities covering translation, comprehension, vocabulary, grammar and written & oral language. By studying grammar and vocabulary in the context of the film, students develop language skills directly relevant to the exam.

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