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Spontaneous Activities for GCSE AQA Media Studies: Institutions
30 activities
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Spontaneous Activities for GCSE AQA: Media Forms (Language, Narrative, Genre)
30 activities; 78 A4 photocopiable pages
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Spontaneous Activities for GCSE AQA Media Studies

Inject new energy and pace into your lessons with 30 fun and varied activities for each topic!

I don't just like this resource pack - I love it!

E De, Media/English Teacher & Independent Reviewer
  • Minimal preparation
  • Paper-based activities - no ICT needed!
  • Suggestions for differentiation throughout

  • All resources and full instructions provided
  • Answers included
  • Great for non-specialists

Varied activities including:
Media Venn Diagram, Top N Tail, Caption Competition, Connections, Diamonding, Loopcards, You Say We Pay, Misspelled Words, Connect6, Radio Pictogram Exercise

What do teachers have to say about this resource? (4856)
'Thoroughly engaging and entertaining approach to what can be a very dry subject area. Allows all to achieve whilst challenging able students... many of the exercises are outstanding... I like: the range of activities, their originality, how enjoyable they are and how nearly all of them require students to think independently without directly asking them to. I don't just like this resource pack - I love it. Exercise 1 is fun - easier to learn when you're enjoying yourself. Exercise 2 has really interesting and thought provoking statements that relate to key issues to do with institutions. An excellent debate could come out of this exercise, so I wonder if it could be a main rather than a starter. Exercise 3 implicitly gets students to think about WHY pre-production procedures are followed as well as WHAT. Exercise 5 is intriguing, fun and challenging. Exercise 7 is fantastic must have taken ages to prep. Exercise 8 offers creative thinking opportunities to students. Very well differentiated in that they can come up with simple questions that link to the answers or very difficult ones. Exercise 11 offers a genuine insight into music industry roles and practices. Exercise 13 is a quick, efficient exercise to get students focussed. Exercise 14 offers an approach to reviews that I have never come across before. It really gets students to think about the purpose of the text and gets them thinking both in terms of media terminology and in terms of language. Like the reference to previous paper 1s to keep students focussed. Exercise 15 (top and tail) - 17 offer opportunities for movement and tactile engagement that increases excitement and makes learners more competitive so more likely to excel. They are also wide-ranging and differentiated. Exercise 19 extends the debate concept to make it more engaging to young people (esp if they get to dress up and/or act their roles) and enables them to perceive from other perspectives that they understand. Great way to discuss media issues and also opportunity for life learning in the sense that students are forced to consider and to some extent respect through expression opinions that may be totally alien to. Exercise 20 offers opportunity for in depth learning through a card game - can't go wrong with this. Exercise 23 is fantastic - fun, tactile, differentiated with healthy level of competition. Exercise 25 uses an excellent tool (loop cards) in a relevant way. This resource maps well to unit 3: Exploring Media Industries... and it is very applicable to Assignment 2: Cross-Media study... all the exercises would go down a storm with students... It's really inspiring to see such thoughtful and clever exercises written by an author and teacher who totally understands how to engage young people.'E De, Media and English Teacher, Independent Reviewer
'Very good - a good variety of tasks and activities which would stretch the students' knowledge of media institutions.. some tasks which i would never have thought of, such as the analyse a logo; others that I would never have had time to prepare such as the top trump cards... The resource manages to deliver a lot of factual information about media institutions in an entertaining way. Knowledge of institutions is really important for GCSE media, and students often fail to engage with this, as it can seem like just a lot of boring facts to remember. However, this resource makes engaging with the information enjoyable and active... There are lots of activities here that are well-researched and that my students would enjoy. I really liked the top trumps!'S Mills, Media Studies Teacher & Independent Reviewer
'Great resource! Really good variety of 'paper-based' starters; ideal for schools where the ICT facilities are poor or just when you need a 'quick task' to get students started. Really useful! I enjoyed the variety and depth of starter activities which could be adapted and delivered over a number of weeks in a unit. They are a great springboard for specialists and non-specialists alike... This resource provides the tools for getting the students into thinking about the concept of Institution and its influence on the creation of Media Products... matches the needs and requirements for developing knowledge and understanding of Institutions well.'D Thomson, Head of Drama, Media and Digital Technologies, and Independent Reviewer
'A great collection of starters concentrating on Institutions, which reinforces different aspects of the key concept of Institution to students. They cover a wide range of topics from Media Organisations to job roles and name that ident tune! Also included are activities relating to the different platforms, broadcasting, emedia, print and music. All of the activities use a range of techniques, ranging from practical design, denotation and connotation and also application of the relevant terminology. A great insight and obviously a lot of work was put into this to provide a very informative collection of activities.I like the resource and I think it will provide lots of fun opportunities for students to understand the 'boring' concept of Institutions. The whole booklet contains so much interesting information. It matches the requirements of the specification and there are plenty of exercises to choose from... I can't fault it.'S Crawte, Head of Media Studies & Independent Reviewer
What do teachers have to say about this resource? (4496)
"All test the application of terminology, together with thinking skills and problem solving... a really good collection of starters and plenaries which provide fun and informative activities to reinforce learning. It would work really well with and support the AQA GCSE Key Concepts resource that ZigZag publish... I look forward to using these starters and plenaries... Instructions are easy to follow... I would definitely buy this resource." — S Crawte, Head of Media Studies & Independent Reviewer
"Well thought out... provides a good starting point for planning starter activities in media studies that are easily adaptable to suit both ability and topic... I particularly like the variety of starter activities given... can be used successfully to test knowledge of prior learning and to confirm acquired learning in plenary form... Some of the starters natural lead into a debate which would work well with higher ability students ... I think that several of the resources could be used with A level and BTEC courses as well... it covers all key concepts... it would be highly beneficial to those new to delivering the subject... a fantastic resource, especially for non specialist teaching staff." — E Richardson, Media Studies Teacher & Independent Reviewer
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