Getting to Know Bend It Like Beckham for GCSE WJEC Film Studies Paper 2 (ZigZag Education)

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Getting to Know Bend It Like Beckham for GCSE WJEC Film Studies Paper 2
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Getting to Know Bend It Like Beckham for GCSE WJEC Film Studies Paper 2

Comprehensive summaries, analysis and student activities exploring Bend it Like Beckham for GCSE WJEC Film Studies: Paper 2.

Includes everything your students need to know using detailed key scene and sequence analyses; analyses of characters, representation, themes and issues; putting the film in context.

  • Blend of information, activities and analysis covering the whole film
  • Detailed analysis of 4 key scenes, plus opening and closing sequences
  • WJEC-style questions with model answers
There is enough information to allow any teacher to deliver the unit and also for any student to catch up if lessons are missed. E Richardson, Film Studies Teacher & Independent Reviewer
Gives a full range of issues for students to explore, helping students to unpack the film thoroughly. M Mawn, Film Studies Teacher & Independent Reviewer

What do teachers have to say about this resource? (4449)
'I thought that this was an extremely detailed resource. Clearly a great deal of work and research had been put into it. This could be used quite easily by a non specialist teacher and the student wouldn’t suffer as the publisher has done all the work required... I particularly liked the scene analysis activities. I thought they were comprehensively laid out. They included reminders of terminology needed which students are prone to omitting. There were opportunities for students to make their own notes which would be useful for revision... This resource could be used to support all the teaching for the Paper 2 Film Studies exam. It covers all the possible angles for the questions asked. Different aspects of representation are considered as well as narrative structure. A great tool for anyone teaching GCSE Film Studies... I liked the use of tables that the students could use to make their own notes on various aspects of the film... I was impressed with the work that had gone into it... This resource has really made me think about my own approach to the case studies.'– S&Nbsp;Morgans, Teacher and Examiner of Film Studies, Independent Reviewer
'Great resource for students to work through in the classroom or if they need to they can complete this at home... Great use of activities and points from the film... This resource enables the students to work independently through the unit. This will help when they come to the exam.'– J Parri, Teacher & Independent Reviewer
'A useful guide for classroom film studies teachersLots of information. Detailed scene analysis section... I liked the glossary which had some terms which were suitably challenging for GCSE... Good character summaries which will be useful for students to revise from. Good identification of themes and useful table. Scene summaries had detailed descriptions-good for revision. The exemplar answers would be useful for peer assessment. The section on writing a review was useful with well chosen examples... There is lots of educational value to this resource. The text is both informative, whilst allowing students opportunity to respond, reflect and organise their thoughts. The resource is well researched and has lots of information about the film and its wider context.'– E Hughes, Lead Teacher of Film Studies & Independent Reviewer
'This is a very in-depth and easy to use resource... there is a good balance of tasks throughout this resource that are easily incorporated into a scheme for students, including initial tasks, revision and exam practice. There is enough information in this resource to allow any teacher to deliver the unit and also any student to 'pick up' if lessons are missed. I particularly like the amount of additional information included about the film, putting the the film into context and providing background information on a film that many students will have limited knowledge on due to being so young on its release... There is a wide variety of scene analysis, and i particularly like the inclusion of the script for the scene... the inclusion of a scene quiz adds a light heartedness to exam revision... the resource covers all key concepts required adequately.'E Richardson, Film Teacher & Independent Reviewer
'Good review clearly written with a range of activities to engage the students... Clearly set out and really gives full range of issues for students to explore... This resource will ehance the students understanding of Bend it like Beckham and the issues explored in it. It gives students a good grounding of the topic... This resource supports well the needs of the course and will help students to unpack the film throughly.'M Mawn, Film Studies Teacher & Independent Reviewer
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