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AS AQA Philosophy

PHIL2: Free Will and Determinism Scheme of Work

17 lesson scheme with all resources included your planning done for you!

  • Contemporary examples (e.g. Gattaca, The Matrix) actively engage students
  • Great for cover lessons or delivering the whole topic
  • Stimulates students with innovative and focused activities

  • Structured & accessible lesson plans with objectives, introduction, main body, plenary, & homework
  • Varied activities and well-focused resources
  • 17 lesson plans, 24 resource sheets and 7 PowerPoints

Includes: Types of determinism; Determinism and human action nature-nurture debate; Free will as an illusion; Sartre; Compatibilism defined and Kant; Determinism as undermining moral responsibility, Ought implies can; Praise, blame and punishment; Determinism as undermining rationality; Action and bodily movement; Revision; Exam practice

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