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GCSE AQA Unit 2 Controlled Assessment: Assignment 1 Scheme of Work: Moving Image
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GCSE AQA Unit 2 Controlled Assessment: Assignment 2 Scheme of Work: Magazines
120 A4 photocopiable pages
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GCSE AQA Unit 2 Controlled Assessment: Assignment 3 Scheme of Work: Advertising
91 A4 photocopiable pages
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AQA GCSE Media Studies

Unit 2 Controlled Assessments Schemes of Work

Ensure your students achieve their best in the Controlled Assessment!

Highly organised schemes of work with engaging worksheets.

  • Specific to current AQA briefs
  • All handouts and worksheets included
  • All elements of analysis and planning tackled in logical order

For every lesson…
  • Learning objectives clearly identified
  • Class tasks & homeworks set out in detail
  • Ready-made worksheets introduce key terms, concepts & theories
Assignment 1: Introduction to the Media: Moving Image: Film Opening Sequences Assignment 2: Cross-Media Study: Print - Magazines (print advert & script) Assignment 3: Practical Production and Evaluation: Advertising and Marketing (print)
  • Focus on thrillers & The Usual Suspects
  • Inc. exemplar synopsis, script & storyboard for a thriller opening sequence – ideal complement to the 2012 Crime Drama topic
  • Templates guide your students – encouraging creativity in context of the brief
  • Enables a detailed study of the magazine form and online equivalents
  • Allows students choice of genre
  • Detailed and differentiated analysis writing guides
  • Options for TV or radio script development, including exemplar script
  • 10 lessons on advertising codes, conventions and key concepts
  • 10 lessons on planning and evaluation
  • Sample evaluations for student assessment

What do teachers have to say about this resource? (4408)
'It considered both assessment and the scheme of work, plus the lesson by lesson plan was highly useful... assignment criteria with grade marked placed on them was really good... The resource covers teaching film well, with detailed use of terminology for the media language analysis assignment. Useful exemplars and the fact the assignment is completed by lesson 7 shows that time is considered.This is particularly something we struggle with and highlight it is achievable... Use of differentiation in resources is also particularly helpful, with options of planning and research tasks... Matches the criteria well, covers the assessment objectives an develops a range of skills such as scripting and storyboarding.'C Walters, Media Coordinator & Independent Reviewer
"Very clear SOW, which allows for the big picture showing the overall expectation of the Unit of work. I also very much like the Lesson overview, which shows the components to be taught, together with learning objectives, tasks, assessment opportunities and particularly the Resources. The resources column allows you to plan ahead with the resources you will need. This is everything a Department would need to please Senior Managers and Ofsted, as they clearly show how assessment is to take place... step by step lessons and guidance are provided as a framework to take the students to the point of researching and planning their own coursework. Differentiation is provided in the form of Higher and Foundation guidance frameworks... Lesson 1 allows for the students to write in their own words what is required of them. It helps to reinforce the requirements for them and allows them to self assess and set themselves clear targets based on the assessment criteria... The key concept of audience is covered in depth... would stretch the students... An example paragraph assessment allowing the student to assess and give the piece a mark and level from the criteria is very useful in allowing the student to understand how they can meet their targets... I really like the exercise of Writing a Synopsis for a Film, page 26 onwards, together with the inclusion of a Screenplay, written in the correct format for Script writing... very relevant to Industry skills. This really helps with Storyboarding and allows the student to be able to give very clear ideas about their film and allow it to be taken into production... Both parts of the resource are laid out very clearly, are easy to follow and clearly will stretch the students. I would definitely buy this and I may even change my planning for this Unit, and use this resource instead! Saves me a lot of planning!" — S Crawte, Head of Media Studies & Independent Reviewer
"Well laid out and comprehensive in coverage of moving image unit... It is a good preparatory piece for students doing a film piece - enabling the practical and theoretical element... I liked the storybarding and script particularly and the layout was very clear. I liked the choice of thriller as this is adaptable for the detective genre and could be tweaked to use as exam material... clear and engaging presentation." — P Ault, Media Teacher & Independent Reviewer
What do teachers have to say about this resource? (4409)
"A clear overview with learning expectations, forms of assessment and assessed learning objectives is provided, which is ideal for scrutiny by SLT/Ofsted... I particularly like the way learning has been linked cross curricular, and in particular literacy and numeracy... It covers analysis of magazine covers and magazine websites, allows for drafting and designing own magazine cover and website, together with a radio script and TV script for advertising the new magazine. Together with the analytical task, students need only cover two mediums, 4 have been provided, which gives students ample choice... This scheme leaves it for the teacher to to cover it all in 50 lessons, or just cover two mediums in 20 - i.e. Magazine or Website design and TV or radio script... Audience theories has been introduced... enabling higher students to be stretched... Guidance is provided to help students write their essays, together with lots of peer assessment and opportunity to improve... a well produced booklet, which actually would allow for the student to work independently through it... Everything, including the theory with examples has been provided with very clear explanation. It is easy to follow and gives students lots of opportunities to improve their grades." — S Crawte, Head of Media Studies & Independent Reviewer
What do teachers have to say about this resource? (4410)
"An accomplished piece of planning... well thought out, covers all the assessment objectives in detail and educates on a scale that has very high expectations for the learner... I particularly liked the way that there is a logical chronological structure to the scheme of work, building on layer after layer of understanding. The topic of advertising is covered thoroughly and comprehensively and a reflective pause is taken before the six-lesson production period. I also liked that the students had to summarise all of the assessment objectives at the beginning of the scheme... The worksheets are designed for the learners to gain knowledge and understanding in the classroom and then compound their learning with independent work to be completed at home. Also, by mapping the scheme of work to the key concepts of media studies (i.e. Media Language, Genre, Institutions, and Ideologies), the learners can see how other knowledge that they have gained during their study is transferable... I would have no problem taking this resource, walking straight into a classroom and teaching from it... The first third of the scheme of work and resources established a firm grasp on all the advertising language techniques employed in the industry and the institutional and ideological processes that go on behind them. There is a checklist for tasks to be completed and a set of worksheets to provide structure for those that need it for both the research, planning, production and evaluation assessment objectives. Also the three exemplars provided for the evaluation are an excellent AfL resource that every teacher would love to produce but very few would have the time to create... The mark scheme for each assessment objectives and how each band is split into four sections is both enlightening and according to a friend who had an INSET with an AQA examiner just last week, exactly how the exam will be marked even though that level of detail is not in the specification. It makes marking the much clearer and easier." — J Toppin, Lecturer & Independent Reviewer
"The scheme of work covers all the requirements of the examination board." — C Walters, Media Coordinator and Independent Reviewer
"Very helpful... very accessible... an excellent resource filled with lots of great activities, there was very comprehensive coverage of each aspect of this task and also a strong use of terminology and theory... I liked the fact it used media language very well and enabled more able students to be challenged. I also liked that it was so helpful in step by step preparation from "reading" adverts down to the evaluation in stages itself... It matches and interprets the spec extremely well." — P Ault, Media Teacher & Independent Reviewer
"The Scheme of Work provides a thorough overview of what is going to be covered in this assignment... What I like particularly are the AFL strategies that are provided and the thorough reference to the ECM, SEAL and PLT criteria. There are clear homework tasks set and there is plenty of work here to stretch students... The emphasis is on Advertising and all required knowledge seems to have been covered... I like the way Lesson 1 shows the key concepts and relates them to advertising... Throughout the author has provided clear and relevant theory, which relates to the key concepts and is consistent with the other two Assignments. Students are able to use the knowledge they already have and build upon it, with a different medium/platform... The Brief itself is very guided and there are some good choices of brief on page 38, giving students lots of choice relevant to either gender... Foundation and Higher evaluation frameworks are provided together with exemplars... very well presented, the author is extremely knowledgeable and I have learnt some new things... They are easy to follow and I have no doubt that a student could follow this independently." — S Crawte, Head of Media Studies & Independent Reviewer

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