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WJEC Literature Unit 3 Controlled Assessment: Definitive Guide
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WJEC GCSE English Literature

Unit 3 'Relationships' Controlled Assessment: Definitive Guide

Well-structured, engaging worksheets provide all you need to tackle the ‘Relationships’ Controlled Assessment task.

  • Fully differentiated: scaffolding for weaker learners and extension for ‘Stretch and Challenge’
  • Supports 13 key poems: encouraging ‘language, form and structure’ analysis for AO2
  • Comparison tables encourage links between poems and play: carefully chosen extracts included
  • Focused CA support: with suggested titles

  • Sample essays, with explorative tasks and student-friendly mark scheme
  • Fully supports A Midsummer Night’s Dream using the full version and The Animated Tales
  • 'Poetbook’ poet biographies - “a lovely, engaging way of presenting the background of poets”, N Fleming, Independent Reviewer
  • Ready-to-go with all answers included

What do teachers have to say about this resource? (4382)
'This is an excellent resource, comprehensively addressing requirements for the WJEC Literature Male/Female Relationships Controlled Assessment. I liked the systematic way the teaching had been planned and the range of activities supplied - catering for a range of learning styles. This resource enhances learning by facilitating pupils' independent learning through key, probing questioning and activities stimulating thinking skills. Simultaneously it directs them towards a response addressing AOs required by the board. This is a very good resource which will be enormously helpful to teachers dealing with the new specification.'E Hewitt, English HoD, Independent Reviewer
'This resource is extremely comprehensive and covers a wide range of material to suit different classes and abilities. The worksheets can be used as they are in the pack, or adapted by teachers in many ways, which makes the resource more useful as the tasks are not prescriptive and allow for adaptation. The differentiation also helps, along with the 'teacher friendly' notes, obviously cutting the workload down for teachers using this resource, which always helps! The questions on each text are generally thorough and focused, helping to guide students (and teachers). On the whole, I think the resource is very useful as a teaching tool as it has a range of material to be utilised by teachers. I don't think I'd use the worksheets for students, but rather would adapt them to suit group tasks etc. I like the range of poems and the fact that the key scenes to compare have been identified, as this can often be the most arduous task when deciding on an essay title. I also think the facebook-style poet info is engaging for students and relevant. The mark scheme is also useful, in student friendly language, to help students understand how they need to progress.'L Kinnair, Second in English, Independent Reviewer
'I thought the resource was well-structured, differentiated, fun and thought-provoking. It was clearly written with the WJEC specification in mind and resources could easily be adapted for centres who are teaching another Shakespeare play. Clear instructions are given about how the resource has been designed to work, whilst at the same time offering flexibility for teachers to make resources their own.The Facebook format for the poets biographies is an excellent idea and I am sure the students will really respond to see the information presented in a way they are so keen on. The general questions, specific questions, suggested extracts for comparison and use of tables all offer approaches that will maintain everyones interest and stop analysis from becoming boring.I was pleased to see PEE being emphasised alongside linking comments to the question. I think the selection of essay plans is very useful and allows the student to be critical and make choices for themselves. The self-assessment sheet is fantastic and it is super that it is so tightly linked to the mark scheme. The unit finishes with some lovely, really entertaining sounding ideas that I only hope we have time to incorporate.I would definitely purchase this! It has been extremely useful to see it and has given me lots of ideas about how to approach the teaching of this very important task.A big thank you for the massive amount of work that has obviously been done!'T Tough, English HoD, Independent Reviewer
'A substantial resource that would provide good support for carrying out this unit of work. It was helpful to be provided with differentiated comparison tables. I liked the differentiation and the questions were good for embedding the understanding of the main events and some of the techniques employed by the writer. The writer obviously has a good subject knowledge and it is obvious that a large amount of thought and work has gone into compiling this resource.'C McConnell, Assistant Head & English Teacher, Independent Reviewer
'A really useful resource. I particularly love the 'Poetbook' profiles of poets. I think this is a lovely, engaging way of presenting the background of poets, which can be very dry. The links between aspects of the play (right down to specific extracts) would be very useful in helping pupils to focus their ideas. The resources are linked to specific WJEC exam criteria which is very helpful. I also think the tasks at the end are lovely ideas which help to engage a wider range of learners. I would definitely purchase this resource. 'N Fleming, Assistant Subject Leader in English, Independent Reviewer
'The resource adopts a common style of approach with each poem or scene from the play, providing well chosen extracts that make links easy to achieve. It would certainly make you feel more confident about what to teach. It promotes deeper thinking about the poems and play and prompts students to start making the comparisons that are essential for the controlled assessment. Students of all abilities can be challenged and having extracts and poems which can be written on during discussion is good particularly for the Shakespeare.The resource also makes it clear what needs to be achieved and what is being marked. Although the resource uses A Midsummer Nights Dream as the Shakespeare text, it is easy to see how to apply the principles at work to another Shakespeare text. The generic sections about Shakespeare would be transferable.'N Chyba, English Teacher, Independent Reviewer
'I thought this resource was very good. It is detailed and thorough, matches the specification well, and is useful for teachers new to the texts, the task or the specification.I liked the suggestions for using the resource, i.e. suggesting some of the tasks as homework tasks. I also like the way it is differentiated and suggests using the animated tales version of the Shakespeare text. I like the Facebook Style profiles of the poets as these will make the information more interesting to students. I think the comparison charts are useful, and the suggestions for completing them will be useful to teachers unfamiliar with the poems. I thought that including the poems in the resource was a good idea; students will have the poems in the WJEC anthology, but teachers may want to keep these clean for the Controlled Assessment, and it is useful for students to have a copy they can annotate in class, and take away for homework.It explains the CA and suggests a range of questions that teachers could use. It supports teaching and learning for this unit in a straightforward way, with a nicely differentiated resource.'J Coe, English Teacher, Independent Reviewer

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