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AQA ICT How to Get Full Marks in Essay Questions for A2
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AQA ICT How to Get Full Marks in Essay Questions for AS
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How to Get Full Marks in Essay Questions

for AQA AS and A2 ICT

Essential guidance and support raises student performance in essay-style exam questions. Offers expert advice on how to tackle essay questions in exam conditions. Practice questions with full exemplar answers allow students to apply this knowledge and compare their answers.

  • Written specifically for AQA ICT by senior ICT examiners
  • Designed to address common mistakes in candidates' essay answers
  • Plenty of exemplar answers so students can see what examiners are looking for

Exam Theory:
  • Tips for ensuring effective examination technique
  • Insightful examiner commentary and analysis, showing students:
    (1) How to understand the question through command words
    (2) A step-by-step guide to essay writing, from planning through to conclusion

Exam Practice:
  • Exam-style essay questions covering every A Level AQA topic (50 for AS, 32 for A2)
  • Exemplar essay plans and full answers for every question

What do teachers have to say about this resource? (4616)
"Really good resource for focusing on exam technique [which] has helped my students a great deal...Matches [the specification] perfectly." - Miss Collins, ICT Teacher, happy customer
"Thoroughly comprehensive... The resource is not simply a list of possible questions with how you can answer them. It actually goes into the theory behind the practice so students and teachers can not only know how to answer the question but why they should answer the question in a particular way. This gives them a deeper understanding of essay questions and means that students can have the depth of knowledge to answer any essay question posed... The harder skills to teach are how to interpret an essay question and to use the appropriate knowledge to form a coherent and concise answer. It is only this higher order thinking that can lead to top marks...The resource meets the criteria for the specification as it covers the major themes in each of the examined units. It also follows the question structure used in the examinations and provides and explanation of the key words and mark band and how to interpret them and use that knowledge to gain higher marks." Akuffo-Kelly Head of ICT & Independent Reviewer
"A great resource, well written and well laid out... Put together in a logical order, that will support the students in developing their skills in writing essays...It gives students the opportunity to experience extra questions other than past papers which we do in class, and they can go away and put the essay techniques that are covered into practices with some guidance on good answers... Matches the spec well and covers a range of possible topics that can be covered in the higher mark questions...I am looking forward to using this with my students." L Murphy, ICT Teacher & Independent Reviewer
"A very useful resource to use in class as could set example questions in class and then provide students with the completed example essay afterwards to compare with their peers." K Dearing, Head of ICT & Independent Reviewer
"Gives students a much better understanding of how to tackle longer examination questions. Furthermore, students enjoyed using the materials and found it beneficial to compare their attempts with the exemplar answers." S Barron, HoD & Independent Reviewer

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