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BTEC L3 in Business Teaching Packs: Unit 28: Project Management
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BTEC L3 in Business Teaching Packs: Unit 39: International Business
63 photocopiable A4 pages plus PowerPoint presentations on CD-ROM
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BTEC L3 in Business Teaching Packs

For the 2010 specification

Detailed schemes of work your planning done for you!

  • Clear lesson-by-lesson structure
  • Includes presentations to vary your classroom delivery
  • Seamlessly assess your students with built-in assignments

Student-friendly workbooks

  • Concise notes give them the facts & explore the issues
  • Accompanying worksheets provide structured learning
  • Original, engaging assignments clearly broken down to match the Edexcel 2010 criteria

What do teachers have to say about this resource? (4661)
"The theory of the unit is explained well with many useful diagrams and glossaries for key terms... There are some very useful resources in the scheme to use eg. activity cards which could be used for groups work, possibly on posters and extended to peer observations. Also clear answers - useful for teachers! Glossaries of terms are also very helpful for students and teachers. Useful documentation to guide students e.g. example of minutes of meetings and observation records... The resource enhances learning well enabling experiential learning to occur." — S Evans, Head of Business, ZigZag BTEC Course Companion writer & Independent Reviewer
"Good quality resource... very detailed, well written and concise, good layout and excellent diagrams and handouts. Liked the worksheets incorporated in the handbooks... the SOW could be ammended for department or teaching - good basis - very practical and hands on resource... Very clear and easy-to-follow; student-centred and easy to moniter where a student is working. Good value... the teacher notes are excellent." — C McBain, Business Teacher & Independent Reviewer
What do teachers have to say about this resource? (4342)
"I really liked this resource. International business can be a difficult subject for students to understand and I felt that with the aid of this resource the students would gain a greater understanding... I really liked that the resource, from a lecturer perspective came with a scheme of work, the SOW was packed full of additional resources that the students could use and gave a great breakdown of what to teach, when to teach and in the order to teach... I liked that the pack was up to date, containing statistics and graphical diagrams that were less than a year old... includes worksheets which are a very good tool especially for a lecturer... The assignments give a good breakdown of what is required from the student in terms of what they need to produce to meet the criteria... an excellent addition." — J Harrison, Business and Management Lecturer & Independent Reviewer
"Excellent very detailled and professionally put together... Good level of theory work with pairs, group and individual tasks... I liked the teacher section at the beginning which gave a good outline to the resource and how to use it including the website lists... Worksheets were easy to follow... I like the way the worksheets are integrated in the resource... Very good section on PESTLE providing the prompts to students on the worksheet gives more depth to investigation... Assignments were broken down and explained... Good range of businesses used as case studies or to investigate which students could identify with... the worksheets/books enable students to progress through a unit at their own pace... encourages independent learning and is centred around the student and gives them more responsibility for their work." — C McBain, Business Teacher & Independent Reviewer
"Some useful worksheets with websites identified which will help students with their research... useful sheets of definitions of key terms... tasks help students towards their coursework." — S Evans, Head of Business & Independent Reviewer

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