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GCSE AQA The Essential Key Concepts Resource Pack
104 A4 photocopiable pages
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'What a fabulous introduction to the key concepts of Media Studies... The worksheets are absolutely brilliant… Everything that is needed to teach key concepts has been included... Fantastic!'
Sue Crawte, HoD, Independent Reviewer


AQA GCSE Essential Key Concepts:

Resource Pack

The ultimate introductory scheme for GCSE AQA Media Studies! You'll be amazed at how many key concepts, issues and media forms are packed into this comprehensive resource. From media forms to narrative theories, these lessons will give your students a firm grounding in all the theory they need for GCSE.

All the basics covered, and then some!

  • Terminology and theory introduced at a steady pace
  • Covers media forms, key concepts, technical codes, textual analysis
  • Ready-made lessons can be adapted to your choice of text

Your planning done for you!

  • Structured and focused approach
  • All 19 lessons include lesson plans, starters & plenaries, main, independent & homework tasks
  • Culminates in a terminology test and textual analysis exam

  • What do teachers have to say about this resource? (4319)
    "I have started using this resource last week with my new year 10s. Having not taught this course before, it is a godsend for planning and organisation." — S Crawte, Head of Media & Independent Reviewer
    "I really liked this... ideal for newbies... the experienced individual can adapt it to fit their own needs... Handout 7a was particularly good... I really like the simplicity and detail of Handout 13 on Narrative Theories and Handout 13 on Genre Definitions... It is visual pleasing and would definitely enhance learning." — P Holmes, Media Studies teacher & Independent Reviewer
    "It is a clear and easy to use resource; the lesson plans are well written and structured. The objectives are made very clear and are linked to the AQA course well. The list of required resources on page 7 is very handy as media teachers often spend a long time searching for clips and images that are appropriate so this is very helpful... get across all of the key concepts and background knowledge well to enable students to reach the higher grades. Worksheets and handouts for students are very much in student language so they can access meanings easily - callouts and arrows on many worksheets make the examples quite visual. There is a nice tone to the worksheets and handouts, even a bit of humour at times. I particularly liked things like the FAIR and MIGRAIN acronyms; the A* paragraph advice on pages 29-30 is really good as is use of key word connective on worksheet 18 - all focussed on improving writing skills and useful for coursework and exam; the shots of super-monkey on page 22 and the breakdown of audience structures (worksheets on pages 80-83.)... A good range of genres, print and moving image texts addressed giving students a broad knowledge of key concepts... As a teacher I think I could also use the scheme to inform my own knowledge well and make key word displays for classroom walls using the simple definitions given... The layout of lesson plans is very user friendly for teachers... objectives of scheme are clear and linked to wording from AQA spec... Lots of relevant tasks and resources listed to aid student understanding." — L Bird, Head of Media & Independent Reviewer
    "What a fabulous introduction to the key concepts of Media Studies... For anyone teaching key concepts for any exam board - this is a huge time saver. The worksheets are absolutely brilliant and again a huge time saver for any busy teacher. Everything that is needed to teach key concepts has been included, together with a lesson plan, work sheets, homework and handouts. There are detailed explanations of technical terms, in a handy easy to understand format. Examplar answers provided for textual analysis. There is much more information in this resource than you can find in any Media studies book you can buy. It is all nicely presented, easy to follow... What I particularly like about this resource is the Additional Resource Planner and the very detailed lesson plans... opportunities are clearly planned for in the lesson plans... I cannot fault it! Fantastic! I would definitely purchase it." — S Crawte, Head of Media Studies & Independent Reviewer
    "Excellent accompaniment for all schemes of work... Would slot in, and improve, many introductory units for GCSE Media Studies. Easy to teach from, and a thorough way to introduce, the Key Concepts to your class... The lesson plan description was very clear... Excellent worksheets... very user friendly... 'Editing' in particular is helpful, as that can be tricky to teach. The worksheets on 'Ideology' were very comprehensive... It covers all the basics of key concepts and is a handy pack for all media studies teachers of Key Stage 3 and 4." — N Ponsford, AST in Media Studies, Independent Reviewer

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