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Revision Activities: Unit 1: Religion & Life (Christianity & 1 other religion)
38 photocopiable A4 pages, with a focus on Christianity with Judaism and Islam
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Revision Activities: Unit 2: Religion & Life (Christianity)
42 photocopiable A4 pages
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Revision Activities: Unit 3: Religion & Life (Roman Catholic Christianity)
42 photocopiable A4 pages
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Revision Activities: Unit 4: Religion & Life (Islam)
41 A4 photocopiable pages
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Revision Activities: Unit 10: Roman Catholic Christianity
34 photocopiable pages.
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Revision Activities for GCSE Edexcel Religious Studies

Engage your students with innovative classroom revision activities covering the whole unit. Over 20 stand-alone activities for each unit with clear instructions.

  • Ideal for classwork or homework
  • Retention and interest guaranteed!
  • Range of engaging approaches, including visual & kinaesthetic activities
  • Innovative keyword activities for each topic
  • Written specifically for the new GCSE Edexcel spec.
Covered the whole range of the exam material… my pupils would respond well to it... the variety of tasks helped break up the monotony of revision... Kate Coleclough, Head of RS & Independent Reviewer

What do teachers have to say about this resource? (4318)
'Excellent, well laid out for all abilities and has accessible, clear, concise information. I particularly like the breakdown of activities for all the topics. It is accessible for learning by students of all abilities clear and concise information and layout. Excellent revision recap material to revise from using activities. It is suitable for all learners to access, word association. Excellent way of remembering key words. An excellent and innovative way of revising GCSE topics. 'K Wilkins, Curriculum Area Leader & Customer
"I like this resource. It gives teachers activities that they can just pick up and use but they can then use the ideas presented to create their own resources for other topics... the activities are great. I like them as a stimulus to make other things and the fact that they are a way of learning rather than regurgitated content... It makes students have to apply their learning and by using a range of different activities things are more likely to stick in their mind than just reading over and over things." — K Patterson, Director of Humanities & Independent Reviewer
"A concise resource which covered the whole range of the exam material. It was appealing to me as a practitioner and could see that my pupils would respond well to it... I liked the different activities, all too often revision consists of past papers and exam questions but the variety of tasks helped break up the monotony... I think it would challenge the subject knowledge of the pupils and consolidate the information they have learned in lessons. It's good because it allows them to respond to exam questions fully equpped... I felt that this resource fit the specification and i would use it with my classes and set portions of it for enhanced learning through out the course... I would buy it as good quality revision materials that fit the exact specification and appeal to the kids are hard to find!" — K Coleclough, Head of Religious Studies & Independent Reviewer
What do teachers have to say about this resource? (4540)
"Liked the different types of execises and good level of pictoral/visual exercises... Easy to understand... Students could work on sections at home as an additional piece of revision, or within the class as a group... it could be an aid to teachers wanting to mix up the lessons with a combination of teaching styles... I think this would benefit the students in the long term." — N Malik, RE Teacher & Independent Reviewer
"The variety of different ways of revising is brilliant, and emphasises to the students both the different methods of revising as well as the knowledge needed... Good use of modelling and examples for what is expected for each resource, particularly useful for weaker students. I particularly liked the resources that suggested using a television style debate between a Christian and a non-religious person to help revise the arguments for different issues." — K Chape, Religious Studies Teacher & Independent Reviewer
What do teachers have to say about this resource? (4541)
'Good - good layout, appealing to all students... good range of activites - encompasing different learning styles - visual, kinesthetic + it covers the whole syllabus... It engages the student straight away with the learning activites, and is useful revision of each topic.Can dip into the activites in lessons too. Very useful resource for a teacher. Good deep thinking exercises... Clear and concise - as it needs to be for students to engage them... Excellent - covers all the topics in this unit.'– D Brodowska, RE Teacher & Independent Reviewer
'Great initiative with fantastic ideas for revision. On this level, it is one of the best revision resources I have seen... I particularly appreciate and love the use of different learning styles the greatest strength... I also like the attention to differentiation... It will give students who would rather not learn in class the opportunity to chose a task that caters for their learning needs... It is challenging to most able and least able students. It give examples that can be followed - good modelling.'– L Nyuyse, Head of Department & Independent Reviewer
What do teachers have to say about this resource? (4633)
"I like the bit about 'how to learn,' rather than 'what to learn'... I like the fact that there are alternative types of exercises - students are not bored doing the same thing. Students like a mix-up of delivery in order to keep interested and motivated to learn." — N Malik, RE Teacher & Independent Reviewer
"Very good with plenty of easy to understand and clear instructions about the class revision tasks... I liked the use of the 'conversation' revision technique because it allows pupils to use their imagination and be empathetic from a religious perspective." — C Allen, Teacher & Independent Reviewer
"I like the range of activities... valuable as a revision resource." — K Patterson, Director of Humanities & Independent Reviewer
What do teachers have to say about this resource? (4666)
"It is concise, and uses activities to help consolidate the learning... I liked the activities and word banks - explained things really well without being too technical... some of the activities make the student think through the concepts and help consolidate the learning."D Brodowska, RE Teacher & Independent Reviewer
"A useful resource for structuring students' revision and for building their confidence in the process. The tasks rely on previously learned knowledge but require the students to use it in new ways which should help develop their confidence in this area... I like the way the tasks are specifically focussed on revision, and each task showcases a technique that could be adapted to other content by teacher or able students... These tasks could be used in classtime or individually by students at home and will enhance their skills as well as their learning of content... The resource links well to the knowledge points on the specification and the core content is covered."A Robertson, chief examiner for a major board & independent reviewer

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