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Getting Started with Science at A Level: Bridge the gap between GCSE and AS
49 photocopiable A4 pages
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Getting Started with A Level Science

Bridge the gap between GCSE and AS

Great introduction for all Sciences; brings all students up to speed with the scientific principles required at A Level. Students simply look up the core stills with clear examples and this avoids you repeatedly answering common questions! Acts as a reference guide throughout AS and A2 studies.

  • Build practical skills
    • Scientific method explained
    • Health & safety best practice
    • Advice on measuring & recording accurately

  • Improve essential Maths
    • Base and Derived SI Units and key formulae, plus how to use them
    • Presenting and interpreting data

  • Improve scientific writing
    • Important scientific terms explained with examples
    • Tips for writing good exam answers and using appropriate scientific terminology
    • How to research and reference, including use of the internet

‘We issue each student one of these when they start Sixth Form. They use this to develop generic scientific skills such as drawing graphs and tables, manipulating information, etc. They use it as a guide throughout their AS and A2.'
M Smith, author


What do teachers have to say about this resource? (4295)
"An excellent resource. It offers an informed insight in to the level of skills needed in this difficult step up to A level. Too often students underestimate the step up and over estimate their ability to cope with it... I liked the guide to scientific method. Quite often students get through GCSE without understnding the scientific principles behind experimentation... It will offer a foundation to their studies which they will keep in their files and refer back to again and again until they feel confident... a study guide like this will equip them with the opportunity to go and find [things] out for themselves... a good tool to bring everyone up to the level of thinking for AS early in the course." — J Swarbrick, Physics Teacher & Independent Reviewer
"An excellent resource... A very detailed introduction to science... I liked the introduction of the roots of scientific terminology... essential to a scientist... I would use this with my year 12 in the first term and encourage them to study it in detail and refer to it often... Matches [our] specification very well." — B Timothy-Webber, Science Teacher & Independent Reviewer
"There are some really useful sections of this resource like the Scientific Method section which is ideal for AQA ISA preparation... the 'writing about Science' bit is good for A2 exam preparation when essay-style questions are covered... The representing and interpreting data bit would also be useful to read through before an exam as many students struggle with the mathematical aspects of Science... I like the language and clarity of the explanations and definitions - it's ideal for A level students." — S Charles, Biology Teacher & Independent Reviewer
"An excellent resource for A level science students who are starting an A level science course in all science subjects." — K Lewis, Physics Teacher & Independent Reviewer
"A very useful resource. Gives lots of information about what is required at A level that you could spend several lessons covering and it's there in a booklet that could easily be given out to all students at the start of the course... They would be able to refer to it during their course... I liked the amount of information contained in the booklet that is relevant to all three sciences, but also the fact that where one subject differs from the others, the differences are explained. Wish I'd been able to give this to students a couple of years ago when I was teaching at a college of FE, instead of constantly answering the same question or writing the same comment on experimental work... It explains what is required for experimental work clearly and concisely... This is a really good resource for all A Level Science students as it is generic. It could also be good for GCSE students who want to do more in their practical work." — J Hopkins, Science Teacher & Independent Reviewer
"The information was very useful for pupils... It was well set out and easy to use... It is clear on the definitions... A good reference for pupils to understand what is required of them at A-level." — P Holden, Biology Teacher & Independent Reviewer
"A very useful introduction and reference book that could be used throughout the sixth form... I like the fact that it covers skills and areas not dealt with in many other published resources. It progresses well from ideas met at GCSE level... The sections on referencing and the use of the Internet are very useful as they are underdeveloped skills in many students... It is of value to students of all abilities." — M Francis, Head of Science & Independent Reviewer
"Many of the basic skills covered in this resource are common to biology, chemistry and physics; and acquiring such skills is a necessity for success in these subjects... The scientific method section... should build well on what students have previously learned... The section on interpreting terms in exam questions was an excellent idea... I have never seen a comprehensive set of terms explained like this [for A Level]... By getting to grips with subject-specific basic skills such as scientific literacy and numeracy, many of the barriers that limit some students' progress will be removed. Students who have improved their understanding of scientific writing, maths and practical skills will be able to better access learning opportunities in lessons, lab sessions and from text books." — C Workman, Chemistry Lecturer & Independent Reviewer
"Good introduction for Science pupils coming into year 12. Could be used in Skills lessons and as a starting point for practical ISAs." — C Owen, Biology Teacher & Independent Reviewer
"The explanations of the key words was very good, and would be useful for our students at the start of GCSE... Work on units is important and often misunderstood by students." — S Norman, Head of Science & Independent Reviewer
"It will be ideal for students with Double Award Science going on to one or more AS Sciences. Very helpful and the exercises can be started with the students their first week of term! ... Representing and Interpreting Data section will be useful for those with B-type maths grades, and good reference for all students... For the less literary students the section on Scientific writing will be helpful, and the internet research topics will help all students... It'll give them a basis for all their own investigations, and will be good to read before they tackle secondary research, e.g. on the internet." — A Cassell, Chemistry Tutor & Independent Reviewer
"It is an EXCELLENT resource and one that is very comprehensive and useful for teachers and pupils. It fills what I perceive is gap in the current market... It is brilliant that there are practices questions as a means to check understanding and that the answers are included... easy to follow... It is clear in what it sets out to do and achieves this." — I Hamilton, Biology Teacher & Independent Reviewer

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