CIE Literature: Thomas Hardy

Thomas Hardy

Notes and Activities for CIE A Level

Intelligent, detailed commentaries provide interpretations of all 23 poems. In-depth analysis of content, context, language, form & structure. Includes links to web resources for wider reading & further study

  • Activities introduce contextual concerns and encourage in-depth analysis of the poems
  • Includes vital revision techniques

Perfect examination preparation for CIE Literature:

  • Explicit advice on how to approach the examination
  • Examination-style practice questions for familiarisation

What do teachers say about this resource? (4252)

'A useful resource which fills a huge gap in the market that other similar publications have missed. By targeting the CIE specification, and also by providing a detailed analysis of lesser known poems, this resource has a distinct advantage. I particularly liked: the detailed level of analysis provided for the poems; the fact that all poems, even the more obscure poems, are examined in detail; the provision of external links to readings of the poems, alternative opinions and further reading material; and, the use of images - the text is broken up with visuals and captions that add in extra and useful information. The Examination Practice section will enhance students examination technique as well as providing an idea of the types of questions that may be asked.' A Kane, English HoD & CIE Teacher, Independent Reviewer

'This is a helpful, thorough resource with the added advantage of not being too wordy. It get to the point and its points are helpful, especially with regard to rhythm and rhyme which are often stumbling blocks for teachers and students alike and, which are - of course - important in Hardy's poetry. The resource matches the specification better than any other I have found.' P Lovelock, CIE English Teacher, Independent Reviewer