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GCSE AQA Practice Papers for 2016 topic: Science Fiction Films
95 A4 photocopiable pages with support files on CD-ROM
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GCSE AQA Practice Papers for 2017 topic: TV Game Shows
60 A4 photocopiable pages with support files on CD-ROM
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GCSE AQA Practice Papers for the annual topic

'As close as you are going to get to the real thing...
All teachers of the spec need materials like this!'

L Bird, Head of Media & Independent Reviewer


3 Practice Papers for the exam topic

Fully prepare your students to succeed in the exam!
  • Theory tasks test all key concepts
  • Variety of design tasks covering web, print, storyboard & script
  • Original papers in the latest exam style – not available from AQA
‘I particularly liked the way the examiner's thoughts were presented and were very realistic... a great opportunity to see exactly what an A* response looks like!’ J Stenner, HoD, Examiner and Independent Reviewer

Everything you need:
  • 3 practice papers with pre-release briefs
  • Student-friendly mark schemes – great for self-assessment!
  • Full sample answers for 2 papers at different levels A*–C
  • NEW 'What's the Examiner Thinking' sections with detailed examiner-style commentary

'I love it!...It’s so useful to have mock exam papers written for the actual exam topic... Accurate mock exam papers are invaluable...Practical tasks spread across all skills required...the mark scheme is written in pupil speak giving them clear ideas of how to get the best answers.' L Bird, Head of Media & Independent Reviewer
'The best ZigZag resource I've ever purchased.' L Jessop, Head of Media & Independent Reviewer

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What do teachers have to say about the 2013 papers?
"It is always wonderful to find a resource that saves you researching and preparation time! The briefs which follow the usual format for pre release materials from the exam board are exciting and relevant. The topics and questions within offer the chance for students to be able to investigate uncovered areas of the market... There is a variety of tasks - I like the idea that they may create a video podcast and this is something I had not thought about. Resources like this are about idea generation and actually getting the ball rolling with regard to research and planning this unit... The mark schemes are student friendly and act as a guide to preparing their answers for the questions, or leading the students through by teacher guidance."S Crawte, Head of Media Studies & Independent Reviewer
"The exam marking scheme is written in pupil speak... relevant as an independent revision tool for higher ability pupils... the mark scheme could [also] be used and explained in class alongside the mocks in the lead up to the exam... Within the marking guidelines relevant theories and typical expected answers are listed, I think students would find this of great benefit (as would teachers in knowing what to deliver for the higher answers.) There is also some sound advice given on page 12 regarding approaching the paper for highest marks... I like the sample answers and the challenge to pupils to decide a mark... Having well written mock exam papers is invaluable to aid progression. I would like students to have regular access to the mark scheme and apply it to their own work as the exam approached and also it could be applied to additional task written by teachers themselves... Additional design tasks on page 38 are very good."L Bird, Head of Media & Independent Reviewer
What do teachers have to say about the 2014 papers?
'I found the resource incredibly useful, mainly because, with the GCSE topic changing every year, it is really helpful to have ready made resources to save teacher time in the busy lead up to GCSE exams. Often Media teachers aren't specialists and it takes time to think up creative and engaging sample briefs therefore this is a welcome pack... I really liked the sample answers at different levels - these take real time to produce. Although peer marking is useful students often feel inhibited so to mark a "strangers" answer is ideal and allows them to be really objective... The sample answers and clear student friendly mark scheme are fantastic for AfL, peer and self assessment. This is an ideal way for students to improve their exam responses. With the topic changing every year there is a lack of past papers/exemplar answers so this resource fills that gap... The questions read just like AQA exam questions for previous units and the mark scheme is a fantastic student version of it. The exemplar answers and examiner responses also sound knowledgable and like someone who has marked media papers before.'P Town, Media/English Teacher & Independent Reviewer
'A simple yet effective resource that will come in handy for exam preparation... I really like the clear layout for the mark scheme, it is very student friendly. This will allow it to be used for peer assessment... The variety of example answers for the design task - showing alternative options for storyboard / website/ script... Example answers are beneficial to the students, allowing them to see what an 'a' grade answer would actually look like, especially when it comes to production tasks, where students aften lack confidence... tasks and preliminary material are representative of those in the exam.' – E Richardson, Meida Teacher & Independent Reviewer
'Extremely comprehensive... I particularly liked the way the examiner's thoughts were presented and were very realistic... Going through the paper question by question would really help students achieve a higher grade than if they went into the test blind - in other words a great opportunity to see exactly what an A* response looks like!I like the way the resource makes students see responses from an experienced examiner's perspective and raises much greater awareness of the assessment objectives - students also get a clearer idea of what competent use of terminology looks like in practice... The annotation of the storyboard was excellent and of particular note. All comments were constructive and informative! This resource is clearly fitted to the specification and highlights the assessment objectives really well, raising student awareness of these vital aspects of the specification... Definitely on my list for resources to purchase next academic year! A thoroughly useful, creative and student friendly focus on the assessment objectives, with a realistic and attainable set of tasks.'J Stenner, Head of Creative Media, Examiner and Independent Reviewer
'The Examiner's comment section is a fantastic idea, which enables us to understand in more detail how an exam paper is marked and the reasoning behind it... a great deal of people, especially those new to teaching Media Studies for this specification would find the guide to approaching the Unit 1 exam invaluable.Exciting Prelim material which instantly engages the mind in thinking about target audience and ideas for promotion. The tasks set in [paper 1] stretch the student and the mark scheme explains in detail the expectations for each level - something that can be applied to any topic... The exemplars for this particular paper are of varying grades and the Examiners comment are specific to this... An excellent resource, which helps teachers prepare for the exam topic saving vast amounts of time. The tasks can be set as a mock paper or simply just a task to be completed in the lesson or for homework. Thank you to the person who wrote this resource - please write more.'S Crawte, Head of Media Studies & Independent Reviewer

What do teachers have to say about this resource? (6017)
'Perfectly put together... The questions and pre-release material very closely matched typical exam board questions... the best ZigZag resource I've ever purchased.'– L Jessop, Head of Media & Independent Reviewer
'Really well organised – a very clear introduction to the scheme. Set out well and really easy to follow. I like that each paper has a different practical focus (storyboards for trailer and opening of film and poster – the most likely tasks students will be asked for.) Overall a helpful resource to have in preparing students for the external assessment. I liked the fact that it has been written by someone with experience of working as an examiner. I like the student friendly mark schemes (good for creating independent learners). I like the sample answers given at different levels – would act as a good guide for both experienced and novice teachers... It is invaluable to have accurate exam practice papers to work through with students prior to the exam. Time saving, it’s good to be able to buy 3 decent exam papers and not have to research and create them for yourself. I would have confidence in using them having taught the course previously it is obviously they follow the usual layout and expectations... The suggested briefs or each paper and the structure of the questions / support from glossary are exactly what I have experienced in the past myself in ‘real’ papers. The marking guidelines although offered in student friendly terms are also in my opinion a highly accurate guide for what will be expected.'– L Bird, Media Teacher & Independent Reviewer
What do teachers have to say about this resource? (6834)
"I have been a regular user of ZigZag's resources and find the practice papers to be an essential preparation tool for final GCSE examinations; this new resource for TV Game Shows is a definite must for the 2017 Media Studies topic. The variation of tasks and briefs saves so much time as a busy teacher; alongside these are the invaluable model answers and mark schemes, there to support students and teachers in preparing for the final stage... I particularly like the sample task responses for Paper 1 which are excellent and are great model answers for students to understand how to achieve the top grades, particularly those students most capable of achieving A/A*. Another strength is that the mark schemes for both of the practice papers are extremely useful and user friendly for providing the opportunity for quick but detailed feedback to students... The ‘examiner’s’ comments are unbelievably useful in identifying how the mark scheme can be applied to students’ work; these are helpful, in particular, for developing peer and self-assessment among students. As they are easily photocopied, these can be attached to student work or distributed prior to practice/real examinations for students to understand how they can achieve at each level... The resource matches and interprets the specification well. The mark schemes largely follow the descriptors in the AQA mark schemes using the “detailed”, “good”, “satisfactory”, etc. phraseology creating cohesion between AQA materials. The inclusion of theory for A/A* criteria and likeliness to debate points (Task 1), although not essential according to AQA, is aspirational and stretching for the high achieving students. It’s fantastic to see that technical details of storyboards are highlighted on the mark schemes as being important; students/teachers can forget that this aspect is essential for communicating their ideas to the examiner... This is such an essential resource whether you are an NQT or a veteran HOD, this will make you life so much easier in terms of planning but more importantly the impact and progression your students will make through these practice papers is undeniable... I appreciate the time that ZigZag takes to craft the resources which have had a major impact on my teaching of the examination topic for Media Studies. My students have made excellent progress in the lead up to the exams with previous versions of the resource; I have no doubt that this new version for the 2017 exam topic will be just as valuable."– N Hall, Media Teacher & Independent Reviewer
"A great resource. The exam paper briefs and tasks match completely what the exam board have set in recent years. It is good to have 3 well written papers in one place. The pupil friendly mark scheme is also a fantastic resource – this year when using sci-fi practice papers I gave this to students from the off and by the end some were confidently marking themselves and each other... Like the variety in tasks and closeness to real exam style. Like the fact that there is an annotated model A* and a C papers. Like the ‘what is the examiner thinking’ annotations – students also really liked these in this year’s sci-fi pack. Like that there is a good range of scenarios in briefs... Saves me infinite amounts of time trying to write my own papers. From past experience using theses packs the mark scheme is accurate (give or take boundary changes.) We have 2 mock exam practices and I used 2 of the papers for them and the third for students on independent practice from current pack... After looking at the sci-fi paper from this week I am confident the style of questions matches well to what students will realistically get... Without a doubt and would recommend it to others also. Would recommend purchasing with the Teaching Pack." – L Bird, Subject Team Leader for Media Studies & Independent Reviewer
"A fantastically useful for resource. The exam is different each year in terms of the content (2016:sci fi; 2017: game show etc) so teachers are always faced with the dilemma of creating sample exam papers from scratch. Some subscription based websites offer such material but in no where near as much detail as any of this. Fantastic resource... I particularly liked the fact that the marked exam responses covered the top end (A/A*) and the second one covers C grade resposnes. This means that all areas of the spectrum are covered as all students will be aiming at these broad areas... The mark scheme for the exam responses (p13-18) is exceptional as it is easily accessible for all students and offers them a tick list approach to self and peer assessment... This resource enhances learning by giving students a clear opportunity for exam style formative assessment at more than one point through the year. It enables students to be trained in responding to exam questions using the easy to access mark scheme and the examiners comments for papers 1 and 2... The resource clearly matches the specification as it cover all of the key media concepts including language, audience, representation and institutions. A range of papers and questions that cover the whole breadth of the specification are included... This is a truly fantastic resource and one I very much look forward to adding to my departments resources for September."– D Corns, Head of Media & Independent Reviewer

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