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A Streetcar Named Desire Comprehensive Activity Pack for A Level English
62 A4 photocopiable pages
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A Streetcar Named Desire: Activity Pack

for A Level

Carefully considered and comprehensive activities facilitate in-depth analysis of the text. This pack's real strength lies in its unique organisation: 1 page of stimulating activities is provided for each Literature AO for each scene.

  • Works through the text chronologically
  • Uniquely structured to meet the demands of each AO
  • Includes questions for 'Stretch & Challenge'
  • Coursework guidance for AQA LITB2
  • Examination advice and practice materials for AQA ELLA1

"Extremely thorough & reassuringly clear in the meeting of AOs."
P Upton, English HoD, Independent Reviewer

""Incredibly detailed. I liked the breakdown by scene as it is easy to find what you need. It certainly covers the AOs... address[ing them] with real clarity. I am amazed at the amount of work that has gone into this resource."
J Simons, English Teacher, Ind. Reviewer

What do teachers have to say about this resource? (4152)
"Excellent: it is incredibly diverse with so many ideas and prompts, which makes it ideal for both Literature and Lang-Lit teachers. Teaching Lang-Lit for the first time this resource has proved invaluable and a real life-saver. It has taught me a lot." T McGivney, English Teacher and Satisfied Customer
I particularly like this resource because"I particularly liked this resource because it was very focused on the assessment objectives for the course. [ZigZag] are very skilled in matching resources to the specification but also ensuring that the activities are engaging." G Newton, KS5 English Coordinator and satisfied customer
"I liked the division into the different assessment objectives - particularly useful when preparing pupils for coursework and needing to make sure that each of the AOs are covered sufficiently." L Kirby, English Teacher and Ind. Reviewer
This is an excellent comprehensive resource, with lots of scope for class discussion. It also provides a full range of set tasks. As it can be used for both English Literature and Language & Literature specifications, it is a very good resource for whole department use. J Hunter, Lecturer, Independent Reviewer
'Out of all the resources I have reviewed for ZigZag, this is by far the best. It's close tracking of the AOs throughout the play makes this an invaluable resource. 'C Loyden, English Teacher, Independent Reviewer
'This is an excellent resource that is thorough and well-resourced. The approach to the text via the AOs is incredibly useful. The tasks are engaging, fun and appropriate to the text. The focus on developing the pupils terminology is a particularly impressive part of this scheme of work. I will really enjoy delivering it to my pupils.'B Hart, Deputy English HoD, Independent Reviewer
I thought this was an excellent resource - a vast array of activities which are varied and engaging. A lot of additional information is provided to aide the teacher in a confident delivery of the material and which will challenge the most able students. An outstanding resource!L :Mellor, Teacher and Independent Reviewer
'A very powerful resource which enhances learning. The way each scene is treated with reference to each AO means that no aspect of study and learning required is overlooked. The resource encourages critical thinking and independent learning and ensures a personal response to the play. An excellent resource.'P Lovelock, English Teacher, Independent Reviewer
'I think the resource has been excellently devised with level of study in mind; it is a resource that would be impossible to tire of due to its variety of tasks & foci. This resource is invaluable when it comes to a sustained awareness of the AOs & is therefore of great significance to assessment for learning. I particularly like the explicit links to AOs.'Z Crosse, English Teacher, Independent Reviewer
'Extremely thorough and reassuringly clear in the meeting of AOs. I particularly like the scene-by-scene breakdown, looking at each of the AOs in turn. It leaves no stone unturned for the specific objective and scene under scrutiny. It would leave students in a good position to take on other scenes and other texts on their own. 'P Upton, English HoD, Independent Reviewer
'Incredibly detailed. I liked the break down by scenes as it is easy to find what you need in certain pieces. It certainly covers the AOs... address[ing them] with real clarity. I am amazed at the amount of work that has gone into this resource.'J Simons, English Teacher, Independent Reviewer
'The resource really highlights the authors in depth knowledge of the text. The numerous questions are very detailed, probe the issues and provide a close focus on the language and techniques used by Williams. The fact that critical terminology is emboldened in the text emphasises the need to understand and refer to these terms in students own writing. Also the questions that focus on the socio-historic context, the connections with other texts and the genre of tragedy are a bonus. The resource enhances learning by focusing closely on the examining criteria. Questions are categorised under the different assessment objectives, drawing attention to critical terminology, language, form and structure etc. 'A Kane, English Teacher, Independent Reviewer

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