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E20 - AQA Spoken Language Study
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'A really exceptional SoW that would be a real pleasure to teach... Makes a potentially difficult assessment accessible.'
N Osborne, English Teacher, Ind. Reviewer/p>


E20 Spoken Language Study SoW

A 10-lesson SoW with resources to prepare your students for the AQA controlled assessment task 'How does talk in soap operas try to represent actual speech?' Specifically designed to engage and enthuse students:
  • Varied and interactive paired/group activities using contemporary articles, blogs and online video clips
  • Based on the first online soap opera, written by young people for young people

Provides a pathway to the assessment - students:
  • Gain a good understanding of a topical debate (public attitudes to youth slang)
  • Learn how to create, use and annotate a transcript (includes transcripts)
  • Understand the use of linguistic terms (includes glossary)
  • Develop close reading skills (accessible articles and online video clips)
  • Learn how to write clear plans and analytical paragraphs (includes PEE help sheet, model answer and peer/self assessment mark scheme)

'A creative interpretation of a very new unit which teachers and students would enjoy immensely whilst also learning a huge amount.' M Ellen, HoD, Independent Reviewer

What do teachers have to say about this resource? (4084)
'No other resource available come close to this in quality, originality and solid coverage of the topic. It enhances learning throughout by adhering closely to the AOs, whilst being sufficiently flexible for teachers' to apply their own interpretation. It matches the AQA specification perfectly. I have rarely seen a resource that matches the spec. so well. I would have no hesitation in adhering to this entire resource, happy in the knowledge that all AOs would be covered.'J Churchill, English Teacher, Independent Reviewer
'It uses a range of interesting materials, varying tasks and AfL effectively — a real focus on independent learning. I like the way the skills/knowledge was built up steadily — being a new unit for both staff and students, the writer has made the unit clear and workable. The writer has linked the tasks and materials to the success criteria, ensuring that both staff and students understand how they are building knowledge and skills towards the end product. Great use of AFL opportunites — really puts the learning into the stduents' hands. The writer has matched the resources and the tasks closely to the AOs, and the demands of the controlled assessment, and shows a good understanding of the board's rubric.' A Barnett, English Teacher, Independent Reviewer
'This is a really exceptional scheme of work that would be a real pleasure to teach... Makes a potentially difficult assessment accessible. The depth of research and use of multiple resources (newspaper articles, cast interviews, etc.), elucidated the topic effectively. The resource, as I previously mentioned, makes a subject that many teachers, myself included, will be unfamiliar with accessible. Furthermore, the contemporary sources will be easy for pupils to identify with. The nature of the sources will also divide opinion and generate lively and efficacious classroom debate. The most impressive feature was the immediate relevance of the subjects discussed. Every source used is really up-to-date.' N Osborne, English Teacher, Independent Reviewer
'This was an extremely useful scheme of work which any teacher could use. The lesson outlines were very detailed: Objectives, starters, activities (were very varied across the sch,e of work including an excellent speaking and listening 'hotseat' activity which could be assessed for Unit 2 role play); excellent choice of HWs and very useful timings for each activitiy. I particularly liked its student-friendly content; its imaginative use of structured yet relevent activities for teenagers; its excellent HW activities. It would be fun to teach and to be taught this scheme of work. The use of AOs were flagged up twice; the outcomes of the scheme were always referred to. Students would gain a good understanding of a topical debate (youth slang etc); how to use and create a transcript; understand the use of linguistic terms; develop close reading skills (articles and clips)as well as learn how to write clear plans and analytical paragraphs. [The matching to the spec was] Absolutely spot on! This was a creative interpretation of a very new unit which teachers and students would enjoy immensly whilst also learning a huge amount. Teachers with no experience of Media would find it very accessible as the BBC E20 clips are easily avaailable. I was very pleased with its accessibilty and "fun factor".' M Ellen, HoD, Independent Reviewer
'A great scheme of work very adaptable for teachers who already teach A Level Language and saves us a lot of time. It matches and interprets the spec. well as it is a well planned, organised SOW exactly matched to the controlled assessments on soaps and speech. A good way to introduce spoken language at GCSE.' P Ault, English Teacher, Independent Reviewer

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