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WJEC GCSE 2011 topic: Revision Guide for Music Videos and Fan Websites
82 A4 photocopiable pages with an A5 student booklet
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'Motivates and encourages students to revise independently.' .'
Roisin Logue, HoD & Customer

'It is very focused on the exam... They have lots of questions for each section of the exam paper... Use it to raise grades.'
Kath Ree, HoD & Customer


WJEC GCSE Revision Guide 2011:

'Music Videos' and 'Fan Websites'

It is fantastic – buy it. We do every year and it has really impacted on our teaching and results. – N Arys, Head of Media Studies and Customer

An updated revision guide for the 2011 special topics. Student booklet in both A4 and A5 form, along with a separate section with advice for teachers. Gives students a clear overview of what to expect in the exams and helps them set themselves clear goals.

Ensure students are fully prepared for the exam, from key terms to analysis and pre-production skills.

  • Key terms activities give students the language they need to discuss the exam topics
  • Illustrated guide to shots for music videos
  • Step-by-step analysis of contemporary music videos, focusing on key aspects of genre, narrative and representation

Essential Practice

  • Exam-style Qs & pre-production tasks
  • Annotated sample answers help them to recognise what makes a good answer

  • NEW! Student-friendly mark schemes show how marks are awarded and self-assessment checklists give students specific targets to improve their answers

    Also includes essential background knowledge: Decade-by-decade account of the industry, from Elvis to iTunes / Structure of the industry from majors to independents, 'the industry in crisis' and convergence of media / Regular tasks throughout

    'Excellent, it has everything we need... well organised & focused around the exam.'
    Peter Knowles, Head of Media & Customer

    What do teachers have to say about this resource? (3892)
    "Fabulous... The main source of their revision... It has various activities, reminds them of revision skills, sample questions and answers." — D Beazeley, English & Media Teacher & Happy Customer
    "Easily accessible for the students... it can have a direct impact on students grades because its linked to the exam board [specification]." — D Chart, Head of Media & Happy Customer
    "Well-organised and well formatted for teachers and pupils... Lots of practice questions help pupils structure revision... a comprehensive and easy to use revision resource." — D Thomas, Assistant Headteacher & Happy Customer
    "Excellent... tailored exactly to the requirements of the GCSE course... I particulary liked that it broke down the questions on the exam paper and dealt with genre, narrative and representation... this resource will be extremely beneficial to pupils studying GCSE Media Studies. It can be accessed by a wide range of abilities... Each question on the exam paper was alluded to and explored." — S Morgans, Media Studies Teacher & Independent Reviewer
    "A well organised resource which is focused around the exam... An excellent resource and a range of tasks, perfect for AFL... I have used ZigZag for the past 2 years and our GSCE grades keep improving." P Knowles, Head of Media at Llanidloes High School, Customer
    "I liked the section on convergence & Glastonbury. The importance of convergence has been highlighted by the new specification and this will be helpful to both teachers and students... Tasks / questions and stimulus answers help to enhance learning." — S Rees, Asst Headteacher, Subject Leader for Media Studies, Indepedent Reviewer, and author of previous editions
    "Very useful... I particularly liked how it incorporated new educational developments, e.g. self-assessment reviews and sharing marking criteria... It is excellent for revision and exam practice and incorporates recent educational developments/focus such as access to marking criteria and self-assessment and target setting... Matches the specification very well as it helps students become familiar with the style of questions available on the exam paper... inclusion of assessment criteria will help enhance students and (new) teachers' understanding of the new syllabus... a real time-saver for teachers." — A Meldrum, Head of Media Studies and Independent Reviewer
    "Excellent and comprehensive, well organised and addresses all key concepts from exam specification. The structure of the resource is clear and sensible and takes the learning from covering the basic concepts in relation to this topic to developing a high order knowledge and skills... clear, easy to understand and leads reader through... gives focus and direction... sample answers and questions allow for modelling etc and to use AfL effectively in lessons... all key concepts are addressed and I found it interesting the way a range of theories are relevant to this topic... I particularly liked the focus on Organisations / Institutions, which is an area I always find difficult to research and deliver and the exam board say is often an area of weakness in candidate responses... I like the examples given, and there are a range of music genres referred to... Would I order it? Definitely! This resource is a life saver for this course, especially as it is a new spec with new exam paper structure etc. Will save me hours and hours of preparation time and has boosted my confidence in delivering this section of the course... Please publish this! Teachers of this course will be grateful for it." — B Johnson, Teacher in charge of Media & Independent Reviewer
    "Very useful and contained a wide range of tasks and resources... I also liked that all references to music and artists are current, allowing this resource to be used again in the future. I liked that the examples used were from a wide range of genres, R&B, Pop and Rock to capture all interests. I also liked that this resource can stand alone, space is provided inside the booklet for pupils to write answers, or complete tasks keeping their revision in one resource... This resource enhances learning as it gives pupils potential mark schemes to exam questions, so they can see how to build marks by giving fuller answers, a great aid in differentiation. The resource also builds up knowledge of a topic, before posing the question, and then giving a sample answer for comparison... [The structure is] clearly defined and suggested websites and further reading is very useful... The exam questions and tasks set reflect well the range and style of questions that may be asked." — H Davies, Media Studies Teacher & Independent Reviewer
    "A very informative resource. It is very clear, easy to follow and understand... There are lots of tasks which enable the learner to test understanding... The example exam questions have been carefully broken down, which clearly show how the learner should apthe questions... I particularly liked the way the 'history of' was written. It was easy to understand, giving examples which learners would have heard of, i.e. Elvis, The Beatles as well as including music artistes of their own generation. The technological aspect was interesting, as I would suspect that the learners would think that CD's and MP3 players were the only forms of technology! It is aimed at the target audience of GCSE by including relevant information they would be interested in, at the same time including historical events, which would allow interaction with parents to support independent learning... it was written so well and the tasks were fun." — S Crawte, Head of Media Studies & Independent Reviewer

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