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Private Peaceful KS3 Activity Pack
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Private Peaceful

APP Pack

Activity pack with special APP grids to make assessment simple and easy. Packed with 50 creative and stimulating activities. A vast array of tasks — at least 2 activities for each chapter, including quizzes, comprehension tasks, analytical tables and film comparisons.

  • Each taskís AF clear for easy teacher planning & is labelled on each worksheet
  • Special APP grids makes assessment of the AFs simple
25 worksheets, 50 activities:
  • At least 7 tasks for each Reading AF (25 Reading AF activities)
  • 12 Writing activities
  • 13 activities for the new Speaking & Listening AFs

"The APP grids are a real strength of this resource, giving students and teacher clear direction on ssessment. Good stuff!"
A Baiden, English Teacher and Independent Reviewer


"There is a clear focus on the AFs for all 3 strands of English and the students are constantly reminded of what they are working towards for each activity. It encourages the students to make the links between reading, writing and speaking. It gives text activities which are frequently rooted in the 'real world', either historically or from the student's own experience, making many of the tasks more engaging and student-friendly." Z Marriot, English Teacher & Independent Reviewer


What do teachers have to say about this resource? (3810)
"I've really enjoyed using this resource with Year 7. We have used the pack to help us improve the assessment of students. My students really enjoyed the range of tasks that were included in this pack." A Pattinson, Deputy Head of English and Satisfied Customer
"Excellent. Gives me ready made resources - makes marking easier. I particularly like this resource because many of the worksheets target a particular assessment focus, making it very clear to the student what they have to do." L Clifton, Head of English and Satisfied Customer
I particularly like this resource because it cut out planning time for the team; more over, it set a range of tasks and offered various ways to asses work produced. R Whitby, Teacher and Independent Reviewer
'I thought the package as a whole was outstanding. A variety of activities; the presentation; as well as tying in the Assessment Focuses — this is what NC teachers are looking for. This resource ties in with the current developments in the UK at present. It is also a great time saver in terms od the assessment grids which make it easy fo a busy teacher to assess students with accuracy. It is comforting to know that with one scheme of work you can cover all AFs.' J Lopes, HoD, Independent Reviewer
'The guidance sheets st the beginning were helpful in terms of what to look for and explanations were insightful. The breakdown of the tasks and relating them to APP was good as it gave more focus to the lessons. The further breakdown of the AFs into what makes each level also helped students to know how to improve their work and reach higher levels.' C Barker, English Teacher, Independent Reviewer
'Anybody who teaches this novel should buy this pack. This resource is excellent. The tasks are challenging, engagaging and presented in user friendly style that would appeal to all students. The pack is excellent. I like the way that the writer had made the assessment objectives explicitly clear; the Assessment Focus grids are a great tool. They provide an opportunity for both peer and self assessment, allowing pupils to set specific targets. The pack ensures that each AF is met by providing engaging activities for each one. It makes each specific skill clear; pupils and students can see areas of strength and areas that need developing. All the activities allow pupils to develop the skills necessary for KS3 and beyond. An outstanding resource.' J Sharrock, English Teacher, Independent Reviewer
'Overall this is a fantastic resource that offers a wide range of activities based on each chapter of the novel. Where some so-called activity packs only provide questions, this resource has plenty of creative ideas to try out in the classroom. It really does have the "vast array" of activities promised to challenge students under the Assessment Focuses. I particularly liked the dynamic aspect of the resource: the activities take into account the different learning styles and levels of ability. Also the assessment grids are an excellent way for the teacher and student to keep track of progress. It is extremely easy to follow and the teacher has the luxury of picking and choosing activities depending on the activity and the class... Certainly worth the price. To sum up: I think it is a great resource with a range of ideas that Iíll be stealing and adapting to use for other texts.' A Kane, English Teacher and Independent Reviewer
'Really, really good. Covers loads of different skill areas. Lots of speaking and listening — which, as the author points out, is not often covered to this extent. I like the blend of reading and writing activities, the writing activities mirroring and acting as a consolidation on the reading skills. I really like the way there are several / at least two tasks for each chapter. These could be selected by the teacher or chosen by the pupil.' M Mallows, Private Tutor, former English Teacher and Independent Reviewer
'I was impressed with it — plenty of resources for consideration within. I particularly liked the link to APP — very current and helpful in terms of assessment. Also the range of resources too. It's very focused in terms of reading skills and I think the links to the new AFs for S&L are very useful. I really like the focus on structure and language (especially the AF which relates to 'authorial intention' — it's often quite hard to teach and this resource is helpful in that respect.' S Johnson, HoD, APP Co-ordinator and Independent Reviewer

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