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Elodie's Diary - Listening Activities
76 A4 photocopiable pages with audio tracks on CD
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Elodie's Diary

Listening Activities

Uniquely interesting for students whilst providing perfect exam preparation!

Spark your students’ interest with this real-life diary following Elodie’s 3-month placement in England. Prepare them for the exam and improve their listening skills with 97 audio tracks and accompanying exam-style exercises.

"C’était une expérience inoubliable pour moi... On peut dire que j’en tire beaucoup de positif." Elodie

  • 19 diary entries, each with a Foundation exam-style question.
  • Each diary entry is followed by a dialogue between Elodie and a friend. These contain engaging details about her life in France and give a unique insight into a French person’s view of English culture and lifestyle.
  • All with multiple exam-style questions (Foundation and Higher).
  • Flexible: transcripts available to support listening and practise reading skills.
  • Full answers.
Covers EVERY new spec AQA and Edexcel topic (for Reading & Listening)!
For G&T:
  • Extension activities throughout to practise writing in French
  • Go online to read extra entries in Elodie’s blog

Resource includes: Photocopy masters + 2 audio CDs. Also includes VLE versions with links to individual worksheets & mp3 tracks.

What do teachers have to say about this resource? (3807)
"This is a very good resource that covers all Edexcel GCSE topics with a range of exercises!... [It] could be used with lower and high ability students. Some exercises are similar to exercises that could appear on an exam paper which could allow students to practise exam techniques."L Jaillet, GCSE French Teacher and Independent Reviewer
"The authentic nature of the material and the fact that it 'sounds' young, almost chatty, which makes it more relevant for the students...The resource re-uses questioning styles (pick out the picture, complete the table, fill in the gaps, true or false) which gives students good examination preparation, as these are the type of questions they are likely to meet in the examination."S Webster, AQA GCSE French Teacher and Independent Reviewer
"I thought that this was an outstanding resource, pitched at the right level for mixed ability GCSE students. Considering the calibre of GCSE cohorts vary from year to year, the depth and scope for challenge and wider learning in this resource is very good...I was overwhelmed with the Personal, Learning and Thinking Skills which this resource embellishes. Reading through the activities and questions in the resource, you can tell that the author has made a conscientious and valient effort to engage, stimulate and challenge GCSE students of varying abilities. The GCSE exam boards could definitely learn a thing or two from the style and layout of this resource to improve their own listening questions in future exams. Without a doubt, this resource adds immense value to students' learning across all levels and abilities at GCSE. I was pleasantly surprised at how engaging and motivating the tasks were and therefore self-differentiated in terms of allowing all students access to learning. The diary format is a effective one which allows for progression through the topics in tandem with Elodie's own personal journey. It's almost as if the students experience the success along with Elodie!"S Darnell, MFL Teacher and Independent Reviewer

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