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Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde Activity Pack
82 A4 photocopiable pages
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Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde Activity Pack

If you plan to use this novel at GCSE level, then buy this resource!
This is one of our best ever publications and reviewers strongly agree…

A wealth of differentiated activities to teach this Literary Heritage text, with at least three worksheets for every chapter.
"Excellent ideas for incorporating this novel into the new specification, with very helpful, specific ideas for using it in controlled assessment. Would give pupils more than enough scope for dealing with a controlled assessment task."
N Stirk, English Teacher and Independent Reviewer

Each Chapter begins with a summary with key comprehension questions followed by additional tasks and worksheets. Tasks include core questions and special extension questions which consider the whole text so far. Worksheets include 'character spotlights', at the beginning of the text leading onto 'exam focused worksheets' later.

The special 'exam focused worksheets' worksheets are structured so students can build a range of skills, focusing them on being able to answer extract-based questions and questions on 'the novel as a whole' — fulfilling essential requirements for exams and controlled assessment.

Specifically for AQA Unit 3
Extra special worksheet for comparison with Shakespeare — ideal preparation for controlled assessment.

  • Key research activities to develop an understanding of the background and context of the novel
  • Key Extract sheets integrated throughout for students to annotate, with specific tasks to develop examination skills needed for essay writing.

"Covers the novel in great depth and would prepare students for a range of GCSE tasks — controlled assessment AND examinations. Also useful in teaching pupils analysis and how to annotate a text which is a useful skill in English and Literature."
N Stirk, English Teacher and Independent Reviewer

For each exam board the mode of assessment is considered and specific material for this is included.

  • Assessment Objectives in 'pupil-speak'
  • Supporting guide to how to approach 'whole text questions'

What do teachers have to say about this resource? (3777)
'A well thought-out and considered resource that guides pupils through what can be often seen as a somewhat daunting text! The staggered learning is good, i.e. focus on individual chapters/groupf of chapters before launching into the novel as a whole. It builds confidence in learning well. Good use of scaffolding in terms of essay plans etc. to aid pupils' honing of skills. Clearly mapped to the AOs, giving clarity.'C McDonough, English Teacher & Enrichment Coordinator, Independent Reviewer
This is one of the best resources I've ever reviewed for ZigZag and I'm looking forward to using it with my own students. Thank you! The activity pack offers a real range of interesting and imaginative approaches to gaining a deep understanding of the text which never loses sight of assessment. Students will feel that they are making progress with the text; teachers will know that they are. Brilliant guidance on old chestnuts like PEE. All students know about PEE; many use it poorly and so a task to help students to use this technique effectively is a distinct bonus. It certainly matches the requirements for AQA.' M Courtney-Holt, English Lecturer and Independent Reviewer
'I liked the layout of the resource as it made some of the activities more appealing to students. It was comprehensive covering each chapter in detail. The activities enable students to focus on what is important — language and context for example, so in exam they have the right approach. I think as well it helps students to gain a thorough understanding of the text and get to know it well.' P Ault, English Teacher and Independent Reviewer
'This is an excellent resource. The range of activities and ideas makes this complex novel accessible for a wider range of pupils and gives teachers great scope for dealing with the novel. Provides clear guidelines but opportunities for pupils’ own ideas. Some very good speaking and listening tasks and lovely thematic worksheets.' N Stirk, English Teacher and Independent Reviewer

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