How to get an A* for both GCSE Language and Literature (ZigZag Education)

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How to get an A* for both GCSE Language and Literature
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How to get an A* for both GCSE Language and Literature

Irreverent & funny, the author pushes students to question core assumptions about peers and performance while teaching them how to earn that A* with style.

Covers Language and Literature for all exam boards with new Spoken Language section

  • No teacher preparation required!
  • Sample answers help students model good practice
  • Help your gifted and talented students achieve their full potential
I loved this resource! Inspirational and invaluable. M Evans, English Teacher & Independent Reviewer

What do teachers have to say about this resource? (3738)
"Very carefully pitched. Great as a handout to support top sets, or as worksheets to differentiate lower sets. It uses motivational language without being patronising. There is something to support every unit from WJEC. Plus exam samples." E Evans, English Teacher and Ind. Reviewer
"Excellent. A unique piece which manages to remain up to date and has a personal tone that will engage the most able. Numerous examples A* exams answers which students see and exclaim What? Can I write that? Am I allowed? It encourages risk taking and genuine creativity. Genuinely excited about a resource which matched my own beliefs!" B Maywood, Deputy principle and satisfied customer
"It is an excellent resource, it covers all the elements of the course and gave examples which were excellent. It's better than some resources because It give specific resources, terminology and ideas that focus the A* teaching." N Shirman, Head of English and satisfied customer
'I feel that it is a particularly effective resource and that every English Department should have a copy. There is a good variety of advice and resources for candidates completing the specification that is closely linked to the demands of the course. Reference and exemplification of key linguistic terminology is effective for GCSE candidates and A Level Literature and Language candidates who may not have covered some of these features previously. The use of recommended reading lists is particularly useful for extension work with adequate preparation for A Level study. The use of brief commentaries for each text is valuable for curious students interested in developing their own knowledge and wishing to explore the English Canon. Similarly, the activities suggested within the pack are excellent for exposing candidates to more challenging texts... and highlighting effective features/audience effect allows candidates to use this as an independent revision/learning resource to use outside of the classroom (in addition to classroom activities). I feel it is one of the most accessible resources of its type available and is particularly useful in helping address the demands of A/A* attainment at GCSE English. H Jackson, HoD, Independent Reviewer
'An amazing resource! So much information and so many examples. Fantastic! The educational value is enormous. the content is absolutely faultless and would be enormously useful for teachers. A wonderful resource; it almost takes away the requirement for investigating new approaches to engage students as there are so many different approaches. The varied 'tasks' would be great to use for homework, or in some cases for lesson planning, as they are so in tune with the spec.' J Churchill, English Teacher, Independent Reviewer
'Extremely comprehensive. It covers everything in the greatest of depth. It provides more than sufficient guidance and ideas to make a difference. It is a great support which leaves virtually no stone uncovered. It could also be used by the teacher as a way in to topics with such a range of ideas and thoughts. I just love the thoroughness of its approach. I feel it would support new teachers as well as students. The website suggestions are also useful. There are just plenty of ideas to improve and get to know work better.' P Upton, HoD and Independent Reviewer
'I thought it was written in a very energetic manner... With the additions [for the new specs] I would still say the whole booklet is very accessible to all (it uses language students would understand), and gives extra guidance to teachers as to how to follow and implement some of the new areas of the spec. The amount of detail that was given was also excellent for the whole spec. It's good to have it updated for the new spec; it gives a broader look into what is new and what has been kept the same. Matches the spec perfectly and breaks down the spec for students to use and understand. I thought the use of humour was a good way to catch and keep the attention of students. It enhances learning a great deal — as well as students being taught in school, this gives them the extra push they need to complete work at home. Also some of the tasks are great homework tasks. Brill for students to use!' C Barker, English Teacher and Independent Reviewer
'This is a very useful resource for students aiming to achieve A* and willing to work independently. I particularly liked the provision of superior examples of writing and GCSE A* responses with advice on how students can emulate their style. It enhances learning by offering guidance on higher order skills — consistently addressing criteria of A*. This resource matches the 2010 specification as it provides guidance and practice tasks on each of the varied genres covered by the new specification. Speaking and Listening A* characteristics are superbly addressed — as are both imaginative and transactional writing. The guidance given would be valuable for both exam preparation and controlled assessment. It has some very valuable ideas and advice that students could use to move towards achieving A*.' E Hewitt, HoD and Independent Reviewer
'A very user-friendly resource that is beneficial for both students and teachers... It would be very valuable — particularly with extraction groups or in order to differentiate within a mixed ability classroom. The student-friendly language is very useful, especially in terms of breaking down the mark scheme. It can be easily adapted to suit any spec. It challenges students and also allows for them to work independently.' C Hornby, English Teacher and Independent Reviewer
'A delightful concept — a challenging range of topics for the very top A* grade pupils. The focus on the difference between an A grade and an A* grade was very useful, as well as the grade descriptors in pupil -friendly language. The chatty tone was also good for GCSE pupils.' L Kirby, English Teacher and Independent Reviewer

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