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Gothic Horror Short Stories Resource Pack & SoW (for Year 9 Gifted & Talented)
63 photocopiable A4 pages
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Gothic Horror Short Stories – Yr9 G&T Resource Pack & SoW

"Facilitates the transition from KS3 type study of a text to a more in-depth, sustained analysis required at KS4"
K Thomas, Author


Prepare your more able KS3 pupils for A* thinking!

Pupils study 4 Gothic Horror stories all carefully selected for their interest. These short, accessible texts invite analysis of complex aspects such as narrative structure and language.

  • 10 lesson SoW culminates with students writing a critical essay.
  • 20 progressive worksheets develop skills and allow a comparison between texts and modern and pre-20th century language.

'I appreciate the connections to the AFs and Literacy Framework: it's a scheme that would look good in the department handbook, as all the government boxes are neatly ticked! The peer assessment in particular is a really straightforward and helpful method of engaging the students with the success criteria.'
A Powell, KS3 Teacher and GCSE Examiner, and Independent Reviewer

'The resource had interesting, unique ideas... It would be very effective with a high ability Key Stage Three group as stated… I particularly liked the idea of the modern and the traditional short story compared and contrasted. This will move pupils into understanding a critical essay layout, etc. – crucial for GCSE.'
A Langridge, English Teacher and Independent Reviewer


All 7 Reading Assessment Focuses completely covered!

  • All 4 short stories included!
  • 10 lesson plans including Starters, Plenaries and purposeful Homeworks
  • 20 varied worksheets with answer provided
  • Peer Assessment tasks – help pupils meet speaking and listening criteria
  • Fully referenced to the Assessment Focuses and Literacy Framework

Positively endorsed by Marcus Sedgwick and Celia Rees

ALL 4 short stories included with the resource:

  • 'The Heart of Another' by Marcus Sedgwick
  • 'The Tell-Tale Heart' by Edgar Allen Poe
  • 'Writing on the Wall' by Celia Rees
  • 'The Ghost in the Bride's Chamber' by Charles Dickens

What do teachers have to say about this resource? (3691)
"Excellent resource to engage students and add further challenge in the classroom." K Greaves, English Techer and Satisfied Customer
'It really is very comprehensive and some of the resources I would use elsewhere too e.g. the sheet explaining different types of shots. The questions provided allow for individual reflection, but could also be used for regular discussion opportunities. The resource does promote a certain amount in independence in the research tasks, and the essay preparation is well-structured and scaffolded. I'm sure many would be delighted to come across something so comprehensively planned for them.'A Baiden, English Second in Dept., Independent Reviewer
'This resource is well-structured with a clear purpose. Engaging texts selected and some really excellent supporting materials. It's also a good topic for both boys and girls.' M Mallows, English Teacher and Independent Reviewer
'I like that the resource is aimed at higher ability pupils and feel that the wording used on the plans, the complexity of the ideas (such as finding the different parts of the story) and the stories themselves are suitably challenging for higher ability pupils. This scheme enhances learning through narrative structure, suspense, tension, language and language changes through the short story convention. It also tackles complex aspects of the short story.' A Langridge, English Teacher and Independent Reviewer
'I quite liked it. Overall, it has structure and a sense of leading students through progressive lessons that ultimately result in writing an essay. I also like the choice of texts. The lessons are written in a straightforward manner... I like the differentiated objectives using "all, most, some" — saves teachers time!' A Powell, KS3 Teacher and GCSE Examiner, and Independent Reviewer

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