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AQA A Lit: Love Poetry Through the Ages for A Level
108 A4 photocopiable pages
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Covers all periods using a range of poets: Chaucer, Shakespeare, Spenser, Donne, Rossetti, Hardy, Owen, Heaney, Duffy and loads more!

Love Poetry Through the Ages

"A superb resource – excellent!" – S Fallon, English Teacher and Independent Reviewer

"An absolutely fantastic resource" – L Topping, English Teacher and Independent Reviewer

Comprehensively covers the poetry component of AQA LITA3, through carefully planned exercises. Students analyse a broad range of poems collectively, helping them to appreciate how differing poems link together.

A huge bank of poetry included!

Includes extensive materials on:

  • The Sonnet and Epic, and their changes over time
  • The difference between 'form' and 'structure'
  • Sub-themes: 'love and death', 'love spurned', 'self love', etc.

Vital examination materials include sample plans, sample answers, and student checklists to ensure full coverage of the AOs.

"I liked the range of poems & the ways in which they were linked to historical periods. The resource provides teachers with a good range of poems to choose from so it becomes a good resource bank. The essay plans were also useful… this will be very helpful."
C Webb, English Teacher and ndependent Reviewer

"A superb resource – excellent! It gives a thorough background knowledge to love poetry from early to contemporary. The different poetry choices are excellent & will support teachers throughout this very broad topic. I liked the examples for language, form & structure as students find these very difficult."
S Fallon, English Teacher, Independent Reviewer

"An absolutely fantastic resource that covers all eras & ideas relating to 'Love Through the Ages' extremely well. I particularly like the assessment sheets for students that allow personal checklists & target setting areas. We sometimes forget that these students are mostly just out of GCSE thinking & this familiar link to target setting at A2 is ideal for student progression & tracking. I think this resource matches this specification perfectly. It adds new scope on the theme of love & links love to different aspects of both society & time. The variations on love as a subject are great."
L Topping, English Teacher, Independent Reviewer


This resource has been written to comprehensively meet the requirements of the new A Level English specifications.

What do teachers have to say about this resource? (3668)
"Comprehensive but avoids poetry collections that easily bore." C Davies, Head of English and Satisfied Customer
"Excellent, comprehensive, accessible for students and teacher. Obviously compiled by somebody with good knowledge of the course and particularly helpful to me teaching the course for the first time. It saves a lot of work finding suitable resources for yourself and the students like it!" K Scarff-Hurst, Head of English and Satsfied Customer
It makes teaching the vast range of love poetry simple and clear.S :Hyde, Teacher and ZigZag Customer
'A very comprehensive resource. I liked the focus on form, language and structure as well as some of the poem choices. I felt the "ages" were all catered for. I also liked the student revision tables and the practical application of some terminology. A strong subject knowledge of this particular area was shown that may boost those unused to teaching this course own delivery of material.I think this resource is very good at focusing students on the key aspects and preparing for exam which is very useful given the magnitude of love through the ages which has such a wide range of possibilities. A useful companion that matches the AQA A Literature specification well.'P Ault, English Teacher, Independent Reviewer
'Overall, I found this resource extremely user-friendly. I feel much more enlightened about the course expectations and criteria. The resource enhances learning by breaking a large amount of content into small manageable chunks without overwhelming the students. The planned mind-maps offer students a practical way to group their ideas in the exam. The exemplar essay response, if shared with the students, could be a wonderful way to help them learn how to structure their ideas. The assessment objectives are given right at the start of the resource and have even been re-worded in student speak which I found wonderful for me as a teacher. The objectives are returned to throughout the resource and I think this is commendable especially when annotated on the exemplar essay response.'K Hall, English Teacher, Independent Reviewer
'A useful resource for teachers and students. Clear, wide ranging. I liked the model essays and essay plans. Also really like the selection of poetry (not obvious choices) and really good to strengthen wider reading. The essay checklist for students? own essays is also very good, linking to the AOs. Wider reading is essential for students of this exam and I know that many find it hard to do this independently. The pack ensures that they have a wide selection of poetry to draw on and ensures the tracking of poetry through the ages. They need to be able to place their wider reading within the literary context and period and I think this pack helps them do just that. Opportunities for self evaluation very good so that students ?own? their work. The essay advice is very good. 'P Sims, English Examiner & HoD, Independent Reviewer
'A very useful resource [with] great selections of poetry.'C McConnell, Acting Deputy Head of English, Independent Reviewer
'I thought that this resource was well laid out and well thought out. I felt that the choice of poems covered will work well with my A2 learners and that is a very good, balanced and interesting resource that will achieve what it sets out to do. I feel that it really helps the learners to not only compare and contrast poetry from various periods it also gives them a visual record of how to separate the poetry in a timeline which i feel is a really useful revision tool.'J Gllespie, English HoD, Independent Reviewer

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