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Heroes Study Guide
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Heroes Study Guide

"It's your best resource yet that I've reviewed...

What an amazing resource… it matches all the AOs in detail and has interpreted them extremely well"
C Hornby, English Teacher and Independent Reviewer


Matches new 2010 specification criteria for Edexcel & WJEC

DYNAMITE for the new specifications! Reviewers agree…

Includes original character and scene illustrations


  • Detailed notes on every aspect of the novel to aid strong comprehension
  • Questions and tasks throughout to support learning, test knowledge and for effective revision
  • Thorough examination guidance and practice

Importantly includes:

  1. Exceptional differentiation via 'First Impressions' and 'Assessment Objectives in Pupil-Speak' for weaker students and special tasks for the more able!
  2. Exam material specific to each examination board, WJEC & Edexcel
  • Guidance and tasks to ensure students are comfortable using the PEE framework for essays

Special Different Cultures notes specifically for Edexcel's genre categorisation of this text

Covers Everything
  • plot overview
  • character summaries and analysis
  • useful quotations and chapter summaries, all with analysis
  • historical and literary contexts
  • themes
  • language
  • setting
  • imagery
  • symbolism
  • structure
And More!
  • exam and essay guidance
  • Foundation and Higher sample exam questions
  • sample model exam answers with mark schemes
  • analysis of responses using the mark scheme criteria
  • writing exercises including 'How to improve this…'
  • comparative exercises
  • discussion points throughout
  • creative writing task

For each exam board the mode of assessment is considered and specific material for this is included.

This guide adheres to the requirements of the new specifications for GCSE Literature. The summary grid below indicates which units allow for the study of this text and the methods of assessment.

  English Literature English Language English
Edexcel Unit 1: Understanding Different Cultures Unit 2: The Writer's Voice — Section A: Studying written language (reading) Unit 2: The Writer's Craft — Section B: Reading (prose)
One of seven texts prescribed for an exam. One of seven texts prescribed for an exam. One of seven texts prescribed for an exam.
WJEC Unit 1: Section A — Different Cultures Prose Unit 3: Literary reading & creative writing — studying written language(extended literary text)  
One of five texts prescribed for an exam. Optional text for controlled assessment.

*For OCR Language and English, centres can either choose from the prescribed texts or they can choose their own text.

What do teachers have to say about this resource? (3649)
It covers every aspect of the novel in detail including context and influences of the author. Each chapter has a detailed analysis of chapters and characters, of imagery, symbolism etc. It would give the students a thorough knowledge of the novel and how to adapt this knowledge to an exam question.Sarah Fallon, Teacher and Independent Reviewer
'Excellent - the guide is really comprehensive, you wouldn't really need anything else to teach the module! It definitely enhances learning - especially through the model answers at the end; a feature I really liked. This matches the GCSE Lit and English specs - it hits the AOs well. Well thought-out and constructed.'E Gardiner, English Teacher, Independent Reviewer
'I thought it was really useful and gave a detailed analysis of the novel. I am new to teaching this novel and feel as though this will provide me with a really good basis to start with. I really liked how extensive the contextual information is, The chapter synopsis is excellent and will be useful not just for me but as a handout for pupils. The language of all of the resource is accessible to all abilities of pupils. I really like the focus on the characters and then the related task as this is exactly the sort of task pupils will have to do in the exam. I think the fact that the teachers in my department will be able to have ready-made exam focussed resources will enhance the learning of our pupils. As previously mentioned the tasks run along the lines of what pupils will be expected to answer in the exam. They are also expected to have an overview of the novel as a whole, and to be able to identify and discuss thematic aspects, all of these are covered by this very good resource.' C Kelly, English Teacher and Independent Reviewer
'This is an excellent resource, thorough, comprehensive and extremely valuable. I particularly like the blend of detailed revision notes and discussion points / questions to facilitate independent learning. WJEC GCSE is interpreted very well in this resource. It accesses higher tier effectively by giving detailed analysis of each chapter — valuable to students in answering extract based questions. Particularly beneficial are the exemplar responses and especially the guidance on how students can raise the grade achieved, which utilise the best of AFL. I would thoroughly recommend this resource and intend using it with several members of my department when the new course starts in September.' E Hewitt, English Teacher and Independent Reviewer
'Thank you sooo much! What an amazing resource that is so detailed and covers all the AOs. I'm so glad I reviewed this new and updated edition — it's a vast improvement on the old one. I also loved the sample answers to exam questions — it was great to see this included. The resource covers every AO in detail, making sure that nothing is missed. It gives the teacher the confidence that they have enough knowledge of the text to then take it away and turn that knowledge into fun, engaging lessons. It matches all AOs in detail and has interpreted them extremely well — especially AO4 (not too much, but just enough info to hit the requirements). I will most definitely buy this — it's your best resource yet that I've reviewed.' C Hornby, English Teacher and Independent Reviewer

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