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GCSE AQA A Resource Bank - Unit 1 - Restless Earth
87 photocopiable A4 pages
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GCSE AQA A Resource Bank - Unit 1 - The Coastal Zone
136 A4 photocopiable pages with support files on CD-ROM
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GCSE AQA A Resource Bank - Unit 1 - Water on the Land
105 A4 photocopiable pages with support files on CD-ROM
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GCSE AQA A Resource Bank - Unit 2 - Development Gap
132 photocopiable pages with support files on CD-ROM
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GCSE AQA A Resource Bank - Unit 2 - Population Change
119 photocopiable A4 pages with support files on CD-ROM
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GCSE AQA A Resource Bank - Unit 2 - Tourism
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GCSE AQA A Resource Banks: All 6 topics
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Bumper Resource Banks for AQA A Geography

Motivating and stimulating activities for the new GCSE AQA A topics - specifically for the new specification from 2009 onwards!

Each resource is broken down into 3 sections:


Familiarises students with the necessary vocabulary.

Variety of exercises including:

  • Differentiated Crosswords
  • 'Odd one out'
  • Dominoes
  • ... and more!


Guides students through how to learn about and use case studies.


  • Recent case studies specially selected to match specification requirements
  • Activities and exam-style questions


Specific guidance to prepare students for the exam.


  • Practice exam questions with mark schemes
  • Command and trigger words
  • Peer and self assessment
  • Sample and model answers with examiner commentary

Unit 1: Physical Geography

  • The 3 core parts, plates, volcanoes and earthquakes, are dealt with separately so that activities are accessible before the whole topic is taught. Special and clearly labelled 'combination sheets' are included for revision!
  • Detailed answers included

  • Includes additional differentiated practice exam questions with diagrams & photos of landforms & processes.
  • Detailed answers included

  • Includes special fieldwork-based activities for this popular fieldwork topic!
  • Detailed answers included

Unit 2: Human Geography

  • Case studies include up-to-date 2011 examples; exam technique section gives essential practice of graphs showing the correlation between different measures of development.
  • Detailed answers included

  • Case studies include North African migrants to Italy during Arab Spring; exam technique section essential practice of graphs such as DTM and Population Pyramids.
  • Detailed answers included

  • Includes a variety of case studies from around the world!
  • Detailed answers included

What do teachers have to say about this resource? (3644)
"Overall a very positive resource - provides lots of great ideas for completing this topic in a fun and engaging way... great resource which will save any teacher hours of work... lots of different ideas will appeal to all different types of learners... I really like the great range of activities and ideas which have been produced, which all seem easy to use which is always a bonus for teachers... the practice questions and easy to follow mark scheme is a great help when helping pupils to practice how to answer questions... great use of pictures - and it appeals to a range of learners which is always good... this matches this particular unit of work really well... I think this is a great resource - which would enchance teaching and learning of this topic. I will definately be using this in the future... I hope there are more of these produced for the other topics in Geography"— H Tench, Head of Geography & Independent Reviewer
"The assessment for learning activities were educationally valuable and the format was user-friendly from both student and teacher perspectives... allows students to check their progress and see how far they have progressed with the knowledge they have applied... the powerpoint presentations were crisp, clear and the pictures would spark some interest and discussion in a GCSE group... [Earthquake effects and responses activities] separate the effects and responses of tectonic hazards, which is nearly always tested on the AQA exam, so I thought this had a lot of value and it was in a straightforward format... the 'outburst' presentation was an excellent idea, very useful as a starter with good educational value... The resource caters to more visually based learners... Students are required to know volcanic and Earthquake hazards on a range of scales, the case studies and research ideas allow this to occur. the advantages and disadvatages of living in tectonically active areas is adressed and the resources are up to date and relevant... I would buy the resource because the resources add educational value and it would save a lot of time." — D Mullarkey, Geography Teacher & Independent Reviewer
"Plenty of information, plenty of variety in the tasks and teaching resources... I particularly liked the section covering Primary + Secondary + Response... Makes the pupils think about the processes which in turn will help them to understand the processes involved in what can be a complex topic." — N Roe, Head of Geography & Independent Reviewer
"Lots of variety giving the teacher plenty of opportunity to select the techniques most appropriate to the class. It was very much a bank of resources you could dip into but includes updated and reworked case studies (Chaiten + Haiti). The groundwork for the simple games - dominoes, crosswords and guess the word have been done for you - all related to the spec... A variety of approaches make it appropriate for different learning styles." — M Ollis, Head of Geography & Independent Reviewer
"Good resource, highlights key areas students need to work on and has suitable activities... Odd one outs, wordsearches all great in practising key words and saving teachers prep time... Bingo cards are great... Practice questions are good with a peer-friendly markscheme and sample answers to help understand markscheme... Case studies for the memory game are good... Very useful in practicing key words and learning case studies... Matches the specification perfectly." — L Keeley, Head of Geography & Independent Reviewer
"An excellent resource. There are a wide range of activities to try and these fit perfectly with the revised curriculum as they encourage active learning. Some activities like bingo and dominoes may be familiar but there are lots of new ideas I haven’t tried before. It is so helpful to have this type of resource for GCSE level... I particularly like the fact it is designed for the AQA A GCSE course perfectly, stretching pupil learning and reinforcing key terms. Pupils will remember terms more easily using these active learning techniques... Pupils can use these activities to revise theory taught in class. They appeal to a variety of learning styles, auditory, visual and kinaesthetic and will help embed key terms in pupil memories... The resource matches the specification perfectly and uses the terms and issues covered within the specification." — M Finlay, Head of Geography & Independent Reviewer
"I was impressed with this resource. It is well thought out, very user-friendly and offers lots of different ideas to use with pupils of different abilities at different stages in the unit. The teachers' notes and answer sheets were also clear and useful... I particularly liked the varied nature of the resources and the fact that these ideas are repeated with different topics within the unit... this offered scope to use the strategies at different stages - as openers, revision etc - and the pupils would become familiar with the method of learning... The resource enhances learning by introducing and consolidating key ideas and case studies using simple games such as bingo, dominoes and taboo and goes on to develop ideas for revision and examination techniques. It would appeal to pupils of all abilities as the tasks can be tailored to their ability (the teacher notes help to differentiate the resources accordingly)... The resource matches the specification well, covering all the key aspects... The terminology corresponds accurately with the specification and the examination style questions are appropriate... an excellent revision pack prior to pupils taking the module." — K Palfreyman, Geography Teacher & Independent Reviewer
What do teachers have to say about this resource? (3742)
"A great resource full of a variety of different activities which could be used at any point during the topic either as a hook or revision tool... Fieldwork investigation allows students to practise key skills... This resource meets all of the key ideas of the specifications... Allows students to learn key terms as well as promoting more independent learning... An excellent resource which would be well used the GCSE classroom." — E Allsopp, Geography Coordinator & Independent Reviewer
"An excellent resource with a good deal of variety which easily satisfies the criteria of the course. It is easily adaptable with clear concise vocabulary and easily readable font. It covers the more unusual aspects well, particularly the management of water and dams... Dominos appropriate + effective and can be used for any level including homework... Topical flood of Madeira v good... Works on dams very good – especially appreciated by teachers who have migrated from another spec as they are only covered by AQA... Section on exams skills particularly appropriate... Advice for case studies good, I like the fact that they are related to Mind Mapping and fishbone strategy." — M Ollis, Head of Geography & Independent Reviewer
"This is an extensive resource and will provide teachers with a huge range of options for teaching and revising the water on the land topic." M Finlay, Head of Department
What do teachers have to say about this resource? (4494)
"Great, very detailed with fun activities in class or for home, as well as loads of exam questions... Included activities I'd never heard of such a outburst and the idea of memory sheets with facts... Good use of current info, e.g refugees from Libya... Enables students to develop there understanding of key terms anc case studies within the topic. They also develop their exam technique and understanding of what is required by peer assessing questions using the markscheme... Matches the specification perfectly, and the writer has included all the case studies we currently teach so it is great." — L Keeley, Head of Geography & Independent Reviewer
"I loved it... Like the PowerPoint of photos, this encourages pupils to describe what they see, and then create a headline about the photos. This really allows creative thinking as there is no right or wrong answer... The activities that will be on the CD could quickly be uploaded to our school VLE which would prove really useful as revision tools. A lot of the activities encourage interactive learning in lessons, and those sections that focus on exam questions will definitely improve exam technique... It's great to have starters and plenaries already prepared, such as the dominoes and the wordsearch. This resource also has exam style questions which could be used during the teaching of the topic or as an end of unit test." — C Wilshaw, Head of Geography & Independent Reviewer
What do teachers have to say about this resource? (4170)
"An excellent resource engaging students in the study of Tourism. The range of activities means that they can be used as hooks for the topic and practical learning resources... Activities are able to be accessed by students of varying abilities... This resource will enable students to get more activity involved in their own learning. It will enhance the understanding of key terms and the importance of being able to use them within class work, case studies, controlled assessment and their exams... a good range of activities which anyone could use. It will allow for this topic to become more interactive for students." — E Allsopp, Geography Co-ordinator & Independent Reviewer
"Very good... a variety of applicable resources to both foundation and higher level... a variety of resources puts the teacher in charge and gives the opportunity to select those most appropriate for your teaching group... The multilayered approach - word searches, sorting exercises through to extended writing and consolidated through examination type questions the answers are also an essential and appreciated addition... choice is given especially with a variety of case studies." — M Ollis, Head of Geography & Independent Reviewer

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