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Geography ICT Worksheets for Year 7
78 photocopiable pages with interactive crosswords on CD-ROM
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'Active learning to meet curriculum requirements'
M Finlay, Head of Geography & Independent Reviewer

Year 7 Geography Worksheets

'Well presented and informative… Good variety of information… Links in with new emphasis on independent learning and Learning to Learn.'
E Churchill, Head of Geography and Independent Reviewer


'A good resource… I do like the evaluation sheets [which] could be used for lots of different activities… Covers many KS3 topics with key words and case studies… and fulfils many ICT criteria as well.'
L Keeley, Head of Geography and Independent Reviewer


Meet your Geography curriculum requirements for ICT in a constructive and interesting way! These activities treat ICT as a tool, using ICT to do Geography – always keeping the focus on the Geography.

47 flexible, stand-alone activity worksheets for ICT-based Geography lessons.

  • Aimed at lower ability students in Year 7
  • Tried and tested in an ICT specialist school

Helps students understand how Geography impacts on their lives. Develops specific skills including mapwork, using images and graphs, and making presentations. Gets students working with case studies, such as flooding in Bangladesh, the Beijing 2008 Olympics and London 2012 Olympics.

  • AfL evaluation sheets included
  • Each worksheet addresses different aspects of Functional Skills
  • Cross-referenced to the 2008 National Curriculum

Follows the topic order of geog1 textbook (OUP, ISBN 978-0199134499)
Topics: Connections, Settlement, Retail, Rivers, Floods, Sport, Earthquakes, Volcanoes

What do teachers have to say about this resource? (3643)
"Incredibly accessible and easy to understand... It is clear in its purpose, objectives and intentions and as such lends itself to making the life of a time-starved teacher much easier. Although it is a resource based largely on the purpose for use alongside ICT, it is also easily used in a classroom without computers: an all-round fantastic resource... so thorough and clear in stating its purpose, both for teachers and pupils. The learning objectives given are clear and as such, teachers are able to at-a-glance see how it will fit into their curriculum. Another advantage of having such clear learning objectives is that it also provides a prompt for teachers to share these, and other, learning objectives with the pupils, thus encouraging pupils to take responsibility for their own learning... It allows pupils to work at their own pace and as such is a great tool for homework activities, or for the classroom where pupils move on to the next activity as and when they are ready... There are a great range of activities within this resource, allowing greater access for pupils with different preferred learning styles something which is important in all classrooms. Therefore, pupils are given the opportunity to let their strengths shine through, and also to let their weaker areas show up so that the teacher may assist... an excellent resource which all schools teaching to the National Curriculum could benefit from." — A Theed, Geography Teacher & Independent Reviewer
"A good resource... I like the crosswords to use as starters or plenaries and especially the framework for students to make their own wordsearchs. I do like the evaluation sheets as they are generic and could be used for lots of different activities... It does fulfil many ICT criteria as well and covers many KS3 topics with key words and case studies." — L Keeley, Head of Geography & Independent Reviewer
"Well presented and informative... Good variety of information... Links in with new emphasis on independent learning and 'Learning to Learn'." — E Churchill, Head of Geography & Independent Reviewer
"Excellent resource... the worksheets are very accessible for all abilities... these resources could be used for classwork or homework. There are also many ICT activities which are simply explained and allow pupils to demonstrate their skills and evaluate performance... Pupils evaluate their work in a structured way to allow reflection on ways to improve next time... It develops skills and offers active learning to meet curriculum requirements... Very user friendly... Particularly suitable for lower ability pupils and allows teachers to enjoy ICT resources... I want to use it for Year7 pupils to incorporate ICT into topics and also set as homework activities." — M Finlay, Head of Geography & Independent Reviewer

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