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Of Mice and Men Activity Pack
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Of Mice and Men | GCSE Activity Pack

Excellent… As always, a great resource by this author.

N Stirk, English Teacher & Independent Reviewer

Includes specialised worksheets to meet the needs of the new specifications and to reinforce students' contextual knowledge, firmly placing the novel as a 'Different Cultures' text.

The beauty of this resource is that the wealth of engaging activities, including an activity for every main event, allows the teacher to dip in and find a stimulating worksheet at any time!

Includes a special set of exam worksheets and a new multiple choice quiz providing a fun way to test knowledge.

I don't have any suggestions for improving this resource – it should stay exactly as it is. I see it's by the same author who's written other excellent resources. It's a real pleasure to read his material since he maintains such a high standard of quality.

N Stirk, English Teacher & Independent Reviewer

Also includes worksheets on:

  • The American Dream
  • Social Status
  • Migrant Workers
  • The Great Depression
  • Racism
  • Friendship
  • Dreams
  • Loneliness

  English Literature English Language English
AQA Unit 1: Section B — Exploring Cultures Unit 3a: Understanding spoken & written texts and writing creatively — Part A (extended reading) AQA Unit 3a: Understanding creative texts (literary reading)
One of four texts prescribed for an exam. Optional text for controlled assessment. Optional text for controlled assessment.
Edexcel Unit 1: Understanding Different Cultures Unit 2: The Writer's Voice — Section A: Studying written language (reading) Unit 2: The Writer's Craft — Section B: Reading (prose)
One of seven texts prescribed for an exam. One of seven texts prescribed for an exam. One of seven texts prescribed for an exam.
OCR Unit 3: Prose from Different Cultures Unit 1: Extended Literary Text and Imaginative Writing Unit 1: Reading Literary Texts — Prose
One of six texts prescribed for an exam. Optional text for controlled assessment.* Optional text for controlled assessment.*
WJEC Unit 1: Section A — Different Cultures Prose Unit 3: Literary reading & creative writing — studying written language(extended literary text) Unit 3: English in the world of the imagination - Reading (literary heritage poetry and Shakespeare)
One of five texts prescribed for an exam. Optional text for controlled assessment. Optional text for controlled assessment.

*For OCR Language and English, centres can either choose from the prescribed texts (Romeo and Juliet and Julius Caesar) or they can choose their own text.

What do teachers have to say about this resource? (3602)
"Excellent. It helped us to write a SoW quickly and successfully. A real time-saver and grade-improver." A Pattinson, Deputy Head of English and Satisfied Customer
" I can always recommend Zigzag materials because they are so useful." Dr S Rollins, English Teacher and Satisfied Customer
It displays a clear understanding and appreciation of the demands of the new syllabus. E Stasteforth, Head of Department and ZigZag Customer
'Clarity is the key strength of the resource, coupled with a comprehensive yet accessible coverage of characterisation, setting, language and structure of the novel. The layout of the resource was attractive to the age group targeted by the resource and could be built into a clear revision pack of research tasks and analysis of quotations. The steer towards regarding the text from a cultural perspective plus the well-structured activities reflect the move from content-based to skills-based literature teaching.' T Kenney, Head of English, Independent Reviwer
'I really liked the worksheets and I think the students would enjoy working with them. They cover all the aspects which are necessary for the exam preparation.' L Hagan, English Teacher and Independent Reviewer
'I thought the resource was good and appropriate to the level written for. The details provided at the start of the resource highlight how it matches each spec and this is very helpful. I thought the teacher introduction was detailed and helpful as to how to use the resource. I also thought the breakdown of how it applies to different specifications was very helpful. The resource enhances learning due to the specific questions asked to evoke responses from students — it will lead to great discussions about the characters. Extension activites were good for faster/G&T students.' C Barker, English Teacher and Independent Reviewer
'Another great resource from PR! I really like the style this writer has in preparing teaching materials. The worksheets encourage students to truly explore the language and writing. The tasks are engaging and creative, allowing students to practise a variety of skills in their reading and writing. I also like the activities which widens students exposure to texts and asks them to make comparisons — good for stretching the more able.' A Baiden, English Teacher and Independent Reviewer
'Excellent. I found this a very detailed, professional and well presented resource. I really liked how the content was linked to the new specification and how each section was linked to the AOs for literature. The sections are clearly focused on key aspects of the text, very detailed analysis of characters and plot as well as related to exam questions and technique. Well matched to new spec — very helpful. Points out that the text can now be studied in a range of ways and from a different angle than teachers are perhaps used to. [It's] nice to have a fresh perspective on this — makes it seem more manageable.I have taught this text for the past 5 years and have a lot of resources for it but I really found this resource offered a fresh perspective, some lovely ideas for teaching and a helpful approach to tailoring my teaching to the new spec.' N Fleming, Assistant Subject Leader for English and Independent Reviewer
'An essential purchase for any English department. This is yet another excellent resource from this author. I'm never disappointed by any of his/her work. The resources match the specification brilliantly; this is explicitly shown by the way that all activities are linked to Assessment Objectives and these are clearly displayed in a table at the start of the pack. This resource is brilliant. I will find it most useful!' J Sharrock, English Teacher and Independent Reviewer
'I thought the resource was well-informed, well researched and professionally presented. The Different Cultures and Literature section was interesting and very helpful in that it covers the requirements new curriculum specifications. This should be helpful to teachers who are not fully confident of the new specifications that are required.' R Getty, English Teacher and Independent Reviewer
'An excellent resource for all GCSE specifications. I liked the layout, colours and activities which are comprehensive and accessible to a range of abilities. It matches the AO's as students need knowledge and understanding of the novel and guidance for writing about it under exam conditions. There is a good balance between oral and written activities. Superb!' S Fallon, English Teacher and Independent Reviewer

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