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Revision Activities for GCSE OCR B - All Four Units
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Revision Activities for Unit B601 Philosophy 1
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Revision Activities for Unit B602 Philosophy 2
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Revision Activities for Unit B603 Ethics 1
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Revision Activities for Unit B604 Ethics 2
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"A very good, likeable resource that includes a range of well thought out and purposeful activities that would engage pupils with active revision."
A Chapman, Head of Religious Studies & Independent Reviewer


Revision Activities New 2009 Specification

GCSE OCR B: Philosophy & Applied Ethics

Revision resources to cover the whole of each module. Written for Christianity with comparisons to other religions, allowing students access to the top marks. Written by a principal examiner.

Engage and interest your students with innovative classroom revision activities. Retention and interest guaranteed!

  • Key Words and sentence-matching exercises for clarifying definitions
  • 'Target Shoot' and card sort activities for classifying views
  • Special exercises focus on d and e questions - new samples answers with walk though writing frames
  • One-page checklist for each topic
  • Focus on Christianity

Ready to use in the classroom – all worksheets and answers included.

What do teachers have to say about this resource? (3270)
"I really liked the way the 6 mark questions are explained... I really liked the target shoot and the arrows were really informative... I like the series of card games." — M Rossi, Head of Humanities & Independent Reviewer
"Absolutely fantastic set of revision activities to accompany all topics for B601. Perfect for a new course and extremely useful for both students and teachers to aid and consolidate learning... It has a range of excellent activities that have engaged all of my students and have helped me use new ideas for the new GCSE... It is spot on! It matches my specification and has helped my students understand and develop their thinking skills in the moral issues we study." — S Spikin, Head of RS & Customer
"I was especially impressed by the thoroughness of the revision summaries and the clear link to the revision activities... it saves me a whole bunch of time, and it's directed at my own specs, which means I don't have to adapt them... Easy to acess revision and activities at home before actual exams... Buy the revision summary and activity books - the two compliment each other well... Matches the specification perfectly." — I Russell, Head of RS & Customer
"A very good, likeable resource that includes a range of well thought out and purposeful activities that would engage pupils with active revision. This would be benficial to specialist and non specialist colleagues alike... It will enhance learning by providing easy to access and readily available resources to revise key elements of the new spec, and by engaging pupils with easy revision ideas that would be perfect for starters and plenary sessions." — A Chapman, Head of RE & Independent Reviewer
"An excellent resource clearly designed to fit in with the specification... The close matching of material and the specification makes it easy for the teacher to go through revision step by step in a thorough way, making sure all aspects of the specification have been covered... a variety of revision activities to keep students engaged... Students have an opportunity to consider their own ideas and Christian ideas which is an essential part of success in this specification... The approach allows for differentiation of learners ensuring all make progress through the revision process." — G Edwards, RE Teacher & Independent Reviewer
What do teachers have to say about this resource? (3509)
"Very informative and the tasks were well contained and the explanations clear... I liked the key words and the thinking circle activities with the arrows... enhances their learning by ordering their thinking and giving them confidence that they know the whole topic areas as the revision and information is extensive... I would buy it for the main teaching of these topics as homeworks or in response to a particular discussion or stimulus they have been studying... A very informative and good resource that offers stability to students of a high level in order fo them to pass their GCSE sucessfully." — M7nbsp;Rossie, Head of Humanities & Independent Reviewer
"I like the resource, and think that it is suitable and appropriate and is a good revision aid... I liked the range of content and activities to engage students of all and different abilities. The 'I can' summaries to aid knowledge and understanding of what is required for exams... Useful revision activities and summaries to support independent revision or structured tasks in class. Would make a useful reference tool in class to support teaching and learning and supplement available textbooks or as standalone teaching / revision resource to compliment schemes of work. Would be useful to guide non specialist teachers of this spec as it is a good ready made resource for busy departments and staff... the resource matches and interprets the content and demand of the new specification very well and provides good revision activities appropriate to the specification and covers the required knowledge and understanding in a fun and engaging way with variety of tasks and activities." — A Chapman, Assistant Principal & Independent Reviewer
"The exam questions with possible answers are useful as it underlines good practice and good responses to questions posed in the exam... Good use of visual aids throughout... clearly geared for the exam specification." — A Jones, RE Teacher & Independent Reviewer
"The resource is excellent. It faithfully follows the OCR specification and the activities are linked to specific areas of the specification, ensuring students fully understand the demands of the different types of questions that will appear on the exam paper. The exam style questions are also linked specifically to the type of questions that students will be faced with in the exam... I liked the activities linked with exam questions as students often need most help with this area of the specification... I like the target shoot activities for use with lower abilities as they can check their answers with a teacher before sticking them onto the target... The activities are focused on ensuring understanding of key issues and Christian beliefs and teachings surrounding these issues... The d) style questions with responses already written are excellent for use with lower abilities to demonstrate how they need to answer these questions. I also like the follow-on activities that allow students to try answering these questions for themselves but in a structured way that will make success for these students more likely... Some of the writing strong e) question activities will facilitate debate before students begin to answer the questions. This enhances learning as students can discuss a variety of opinions that they can then include in their answers... The exam questions are in the same format as they will appear in the exams... students have enjoyed doing the activities." — G Edwards, GCSE OCR B Teacher & Independent Reviewer
"Very useful indeed for students and teachers alike. Good material... I liked the strong focus on exam skills... Focuses on skills for exam and helps structure good, clear answers and forming opinions (useful for question (e))... Excellent match to the spec - good focus on the difficult (e) question... I like the key words lists - very useful. This resource gives good material for use in class, not just for revision." — M Lindsell, Head of RS & Independent Reviewer

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