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Imaginative Writing… For KS3/GCSE
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Imaginative Writing... for KS3 and GCSE

New NC!

This resource uses the most imaginative ideas to inspire students' creativity. Students will be writing in different styles and for different audiences with flair.
  • 16-lesson SoW with engaging worksheets and examples for KS3/4
  • Lesson plans with starters, introductions, mains, plenaries and homeworks
  • Fully referenced to the National Curriculum and Writing AFs

What do teachers have to say about this resource? (3541)
"Fun, inspiring and varied in the types of activity on offer. The sheets are accessible and unfussy and the teacher support sections are excellent." E Evans, English Teacher and Satisfied Customer
'I liked the way teachers' planning sheets were readily prepared and the variet of practical ideas for teaching writing skills. It enhances learning by guiding students through planning their writing with specific activities aimed at enriching their writing product. I personally feel it is more valuable for Year 9 (Key Stage 3) and Foundation students at KS4. It is very valuable in the initial stages of students developing writing skills in preparation for GCSE.' E Hewitt, HoD and Independent Reviewer
'Clear and precise, these lessons are well-prepared and easy to deliver. The ideas are imaginative and interesting. There are resources that are accessible and appropriate for a range of ages and abilities. The resources cover a wide range of the skills necessary for both end of KS3 and GCSE writing assessments. They also provide pupils with writing skills applicable to real-life situations. The clarity of the language is a real positive and will enhance the learning experience for less able pupils. I think that it matches our KS3 needs particularly well. I sometimes feel as if we run out of interesting ideas for writing tasks and this resource contains materials that we could use alongside any number of the novels that we study. Some of the tasks are complex and demanding enough to be used at GCSE and could even be extended to be used as a piece of coursework. This is a valuable and well-organised resource. The inclusion of the assessment focus in the lesson plan is particularly useful for setting lesson objectives and I think that the ideas are original and inspiration which exactly the sort of resource we want to use when teaching writing skills.' C Kelly, KS3/GCSE English Teacher and Independent Reviewer
'I thought that the resource was very clear and that there were some fantastic imaginative writing ideas. I liked how the resource references the National Curriculum and that it is cross curricular. I particularly liked that the resource encouraged students to think 'outside the box' with their writing and be original and not to use clichés. Very useful and original.' L Griffiths, English Teacher and Independent Reviewer
'I liked the underlying humour dealing with subject matters like the preparing for a date — yet still retaining factual teaching points. Each type of writing is covered in detail. There are ideas for children to look at sensory based language (often good when they cannot develop their writing) and also how to set out letters, writing to advise etc. This enhances their knowledge about how to write for different audiences. It matches National curriculum targets and could be adapted for Key stage 4 GCSE. The tasks are divided logically for ease of assessment. I also liked the cross curricular ideas and the sound bites which are memorable and aid learning. The starter and extension activities are excellent.' S Fallon, former KS3 Teacher and Independent Reviewer
'A very imaginative resource which would be enjoyed by both teachers and pupils... I enjoyed reading it and found it inspiring. It has all the elements of a good teaching resource: comprehensive, self-explanatory, well-organised, lots of examples, allowing flexibility... It was very refreshing to find a resource which allows exploration of creative writing in an imaginative and fun way, yet meets curriculum requirements for English.' D Massey, Creative Writing Teacher and Independent Reviewer

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