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Practical Skills for AS AQA Geography
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Practical Skills for A2 AQA Geography
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Practical Skills for A Level AQA Geography (AS + A2)
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Practical Skills for AS/A2 AQA Geography

A remarkably detailed resource covering the entire AQA Skills Checklist for the new specification.

What makes this resource special is that it covers so much – there are so many different kinds of graphs and maps explained, with examples of how each is used in Geography.

Incredibly comprehensive… I really like the way it's not just information but also activities to encourage learning of the skills. The data used in the different graphs all relates to the AQA units… Useful hints and tips for not just producing graphs, but also interpreting them effectively… Some of the harder skills are reinforced by short activities within the text, which is very helpful."

V Burgess, Geography Teacher and Independent Reviewer

Very wide range of maps and graphs, including: line graphs, bar graphs, pie charts, kite & radial diagrams, measures of central tendency & dispersion, correlation & comparative tests (e.g. Mann-Whitney U), OS maps, town centre maps, weather maps, GIS, use of data, use of ICT, annotation of diagrams, best fit lines, drawing conclusions from results, satellite images, cross sections, population pyramids, using maps, hydrographs, significance levels, use of overlays, scatter graphs…

Tried & tested!
  • Written by an experienced teacher & examiner!
  • Exam-style questions for best opportunity for top grades!
  • Excellent for visual learners!

What do teachers have to say about this resource? (4356)
'Very good - step by step guide on all skills... It gave students questions and answers for them... Super coverage... Provides independent learning.'J Campbell, Head of Geography & Customer
'Excellent resource. Covers all skills on the AQA syllabus in depth with some activities for students. Ideal resource to support the skills paper... I particularly like this resource because it will allow us to make sure all skills are covered and students have access to resources which help them revise techniques and practice them... It will save a lot of time regarding resource preparation and provides resources that can be used to enable high levels of success for students.'K Taylor, Subect Leader for Geography & Customer
'Fantastic - A life saver! Worth every penny! All the skills required are clearly set out, logically explained with practice exercises plus exam style questions which could be used for mock papers... Gives them confidence - especially for statistics.'Mrs F Hall, Head of Geography and Satisfied Customer
'I particularly like this resource because I can photocopy examples for students to work through after Ive taught a skill... Extends examples of statistical skills which can be hard to find... This provides straightforward clear examples to help students consolidate their learning.' E Brown, Geography Teacher & Customer
What do teachers have to say about this resource? (4357)
'Thorough and well organised. A useful teaching resource. Easy to use in class or for prep... It is organised into clear sections and makes good use of worked examples and questions... Gives them practical skills tips and lets them practise questions... It's ready to use material with a clear structure and is easily accessible to A level pupils.'A McKenzie, Customer, Head of Geography at Repton School

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